QUESTION: Is it possible for World War Three to break out before “they are saying: ‘peace and security!’” according to 1 Thessalonians 5:3?


ANSWER: No. Paul said that Jehovah’s day was coming exactly as a thief in the night. So, once the day of Jehovah begins – that’s it. And according to Jesus, the sign of his thief-like presence will be nation arising against nation – kingdom against kingdom. So, their saying “peace and security” must immediately precede the nations going to war.

Paul went on to say that sudden destruction would then come upon them as the pang of distress upon a pregnant woman. According to that illustration, though, birth pangs do not instantaneously result in the birth of a child, but merely signal the beginning of a process. Likewise, Jesus also made reference to the start of war and other developments as “the beginning pangs of distress.”

From a political standpoint peace deals are often an immediate precursor to war. For instance, on the day that Pearl Harbor was attacked a Japanese peace delegation was in Washington D.C. Also, Hitler inked a non-aggression pact with Stalin shortly before the Nazis invaded Russia. And then there was the British PM, Chamberlain, who sought to appease Hitler and boasted in 1938 about having attained “peace in our time” – then, KABOOM! One year later Hitler launched his Blitzkrieg.

Presently at the very time the US is stealthily encroaching more and more, taking out one nation after the other in a strategy to encircle China and Russia, they are also working behind the scenes to put together some sort of peace pact between Israel and Palestine, which has been a festering pit of war for decades. After all, Obama already received the Nobel Peace prize, which he claims to be a mandate for him to earn by bringing the long-elusive peace and security to the Middle East.


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