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What is the (Second) Coming of Christ?

There is a snippet of an article appearing this week on the home page of JW dot org that poses the question: What is the Coming of Christ?  Long-time readers of e-Watchman likely realize this is my special field of interest and research. I have thoroughly examined the relevant scriptures on this fascinating topic, as well as the Watchtower’s teaching on the subject. So, let’s [...]

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The sixth angel poured out his bowl on the Euphrates

This is part five n the ongoing review of the July 2022 Watchtower.  15. How do we know that the end of Babylon the Great is near? To answer that question, it is helpful to remember that the ancient city of Babylon was partly protected by the waters of the mighty Euphrates River. The book of Revelation compares the millions of supporters of Babylon the [...]

2022-04-30T20:47:08-04:00April 29th, 2022|Categories: WT Review|

Has the United Nations become the eighth king?

Part Four in the series of articles reviewing the July 2022 Watchtower.  Picking up with paragraphs 11 and 12 combined:  11-12. Second, as represented by the feet of the immense image, Anglo-America is the last world power foretold in the Bible. It will not be succeeded by another political power. Rather, it will come to a swift end at Armageddon when God’s Kingdom crushes it and [...]

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The Anglo-American dyad – the iron and the clay

This is Part Three of the series of commentaries on the July 2022 Watchtower. Under the subheading How the Enemies of God Will Come to Their End, paragraph nine states:  9. Read Daniel 2:28, 31-35. We see this prophecy being fulfilled today. Nebuchadnezzar’s dream pointed to what would happen “in the final part of the days,” after the start of Christ’s rule. Jesus’ earthly enemies would [...]

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When you see these things happening…

This is part two of the series of articles examining the July 2022 Watchtower.  Under the subheading, How to Perceive Christ’s Presence as King of God’s Kingdom, paragraph six says: Near the end of his earthly ministry, Jesus foretold certain world events that would help his followers know that he had begun ruling in heaven. Among other things, he mentioned wars, famines, and earthquakes. He also [...]

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Is the Kingdom in Place?

This post is the first in a series of articles making a critical examination of the July 2022 Watchtower beginning with the article: The Kingdom Is in Place.  Those who will be blessed to survive the end of Satan’s world may well look back upon what they had once ardently believed and taught others and regard it to be the biggest hoax ever perpetrated. 1914, like [...]

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What is the sign of the last days?

jw.org has taken to posting brief articles with short bullet points on current topics. As I have done with the Watchtower Review column for many years this post will examine the validity of the article: What Is the Sign of “the Last Days,” or “End Times”? (The recycled article appearing on jw dot org has been reviewed before but what follows is more detailed.) What [...]

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Is Bible prophecy being fulfilled?

JW.org posted a sensational cover article entitled Russia Invades Ukraine, surprisingly not punctuated with an exclamation mark, with a subtitle posing the question: Is Bible prophecy being fulfilled? The first paragraph states:  In the early morning hours of February 24, 2022, Russia began a military invasion of Ukraine, despite the efforts of world leaders to avoid war. How might this military conflict affect the world? The [...]

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100 Seconds to Midnight

The JW.org home page features an article entitled: Are We Running Out of Time? The sub caption on the article page states:  The predictions of the Doomsday Clock will not be fulfilled, because God promises a bright future for mankind and the earth. First, what exactly is the Doomsday Clock, and what are the predictions implied by the clock’s settings?  Published by the Bulletin of [...]

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How strong will your faith be?

The Zoom Watchtower study this week poses a very pertinent question: How Strong Will Your Faith Be?  The opening paragraph poses a couple of hypothetical questions.  Do you sometimes feel anxious when you think about the events that lie ahead of us —the destruction of false religion, the attack of Gog of Magog, and the war of Armageddon? Do you ever ask yourself, ‘When the [...]

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