With the global scope of a migration/immigration “crisis” do we find any reference to prophecy regarding this major trend? 

Bible prophecy focuses almost exclusively on developments that have to do with the coming of Christ —either his first or more especially, his epic, Second Coming. The long-running prophecy of the kings of the north and south divulges some clues that may shed some light on the present state of affairs. Of course, it is vital that we properly identify the two kings.

First, consider one aspect of the prophecy regarding the king of the north: “The king will do as he pleases, and he will exalt himself and magnify himself above every god; and against the God of gods he will speak astonishing things. And he will prove successful until the denunciation comes to a finish; because what is determined must take place. —Daniel 11:36

As the word of truth, all Bible prophecy is harmonious. First, consider what the Watchtower teaches. Since the publication of Your Will Be Done on Earth in 1958 and the subsequent serialization of it in the 1959-60 Watchtower Magazine, the WT has identified Russia and the USSR as the king of the north —having become such after the Allies defeated Nazi Germany, which was supposedly the king of the north from the time of the First World War. After the disbanding of the Soviet Union in 1991 in 1999, the Pay Attention to Daniel publication stated they didn’t know who the king was. But now after a 20-year gap, the Governing Body has announced at the Annual Meeting of 2018 that Russia is the king of the north. Curiously, they have not published anything in writing in explanation.

Now consider what is stated in Revelation concerning the seven-headed beast that returns from a deathly blow to the head: “I saw that one of its heads seemed to have been fatally wounded, but its mortal wound had been healed, and all the earth followed the wild beast with admiration. And they worshipped the dragon because it gave the authority to the wild beast, and they worshipped the wild beast with the words: “Who is like the wild beast, and who can do battle with it?” It was given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies, and it was given authority to act for 42 months. And it opened its mouth in blasphemies against God to blaspheme his name and his dwelling place, even those residing in heaven.” —Revelation 13:3-6

Simple logic dictates that there can only be one king that exalts himself above all others. Daniel foretells that the king of the north will prove successful until the end. That is why there is no mention of the king of the south when Michael vanquishes the last kingdom —a simple fact lost upon the seers of Bethel. If the king of the north speaks astonishing things against Jehovah —the God of gods, logically the recovered beastly head that is given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies against God is the same entity. These matters have been presented most recently in this article.

The Watchtower’s interpretation does not allow Bible prophecy to harmonize. That means it cannot be valid —it is false. Not only has the beast not suffered the mortal wound and recovered, but the king of the south has not been subdued and made to pay tribute to the king of the north. These things betoken cataclysmic events in the future.

Who is the king of the north? For the past 250-300 years, it has been the British Empire. Don’t be fooled by the fact that there is no entity in existence that goes by that name. Sure, the colonial system that was called the British Empire no longer exists. Historians say it was disbanded —like the Soviet empire. In reality, the empire merely transformed itself. As evidence of that fact, a key pillar of the foundation of the British Empire was the drug business.

The East India Company was given the charter to grow poppies in India and process it into opium to sell in China. One of the main banks in the British global monetary and financial system today was set up in Hong Kong in 1865 to process the money and gold extracted from the lucrative dope trade. That bank was HSBC, otherwise known as the Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation. And HSBC is still very much at the center of the money laundering business today, which is an integral part of the trillion-dollar global drug business. (HSBC Is the Face of Britain’s Dope, Inc – PDF) And London is the center for the illicit narcotics business.

After the invasion of Afghanistan in the wake of 9-11, poppy production exploded —especially in the British-held region of Helmand. While politicians may express their mystification over the phenomenon, obviously the Queen’s royal marines are still very much fighting the opium wars and not on the side you may think. The dope business not only provides immense riches for the elite, but their narcotics also stupefy a large segment of the population. That is what the oligarchy call a “win-win” scenario. Meanwhile, everyone seems to be running cover for the drug pushers and nation destroyers. The so-called deep state and fake news outlets are nothing more than the long-reaching tentacles of the British Crown and the City of London.

Now consider the next verse in context: He will show no regard for the God of his fathers; nor will he show regard for the desire of women or for any other god, but he will magnify himself over everyone. But instead he will give glory to the god of fortresses; to a god that his fathers did not know he will give glory by means of gold and silver and precious stones and desirable things. He will act effectively against the most fortified strongholds, along with a foreign god. He will give great glory to those who give him recognition, and he will make them rule among many; and the ground he will apportion out for a price.” —Daniel 11:37-39

What are the most “fortified strongholds”? It would have to be the nation-states themselves. Since the Declaration of Independence by the British colonies in North America, sovereign nations have become the only powers that can limit and even crush the private money interests, which is the British Empire today. The Empire has acted effectively against national governments in many ways. Take the money-laundering for example. Banks are strictly regulated and can be fined, or its officers imprisoned for violating money-laundering laws. To circumvent national regulations the British Crown have set up various offshore banking centers to carry on illicit operations out of reach of law enforcement. The British Cayman islands have almost as many hedge funds operating there as there are inhabitants.

One of the essential requirements of national sovereignty is border integrity. No border —no nation. The stated goal of the empire is to dissolve national borders and the nation-state system. Hence, the fabricated immigration crisis that is engulfing Europe and the USA —brought on by the deliberate destruction of nations in Northern Africa, the Middle East and Central America —is intended to obscure national borders. And of course, many of the so-called immigrants are merely serving as couriers –importing the Empire’s dope. 

This is nothing new. The British Empire has drawn up a good portion of the world map. The borders of the entire Middle East and a sizable area of South Asia were laid out by the British. After the First World War, the British took over control of what had been the Ottoman Empire. Nations like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are mere satrapies of London’s empire and their leaders, like many others, are richly rewarded for recognizing the Crown. 

The 10th chapter of Isaiah is a relevant prophecy. Although it is ostensibly directed against the insolent king of Assyria, it more especially speaks to the last kingdom. After all, the Assyrian Empire and the British Empire are merely different heads of the same demonic beast. And the eighth king is destined to spring from the seven. So it is, that, the refugee crisis is part of a much larger scheme to obliterate national sovereignty, which is a preliminary to the one-hour rule of the eighth king.

Interestingly, these words are attributed to the arrogant Assyrian: “I will do this by the strength of my hand and with my wisdom, for I am wise. I will remove the boundaries of peoples and pillage their treasures, and I will subdue the inhabitants like a mighty one. Like a man reaching into a nest, my hand will seize the resources of the peoples; and like one gathering abandoned eggs, I will gather the whole earth! No one will flutter his wings or open his mouth or chirp.” —Isaiah 10

Does this seemingly obscure prophecy in Isaiah foreshadow events in the future? Yes. That is evident from the context and especially the 11th chapter of Isaiah, which has to do with the Messiah smashing the nations with the rod of his mouth. The Assyrian represents the last king.

Much of the world has already been plundered by London’s global financial system. That is why there are Central American refugees flooding north. The nations are in the final stage of complete dispossession. How low can the banks go with negative interest rates? How many more trillions can be borrowed? Obviously, it is the end game. Once the debt implosion occurs money will become worthless —but the debt will remain. The whole earth will be plundered like gathering eggs from a nest of a hapless bird. Bankrupt national governments will be dissolved. Their borders permanently removed. Their national treasures liquidated. All peoples will come under the rule of the most tyrannical government that will ever have existed on this earth. Then will begin the hour of judgment. 

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