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//Testigos de Jehova

Hola mi hermanos y hermanas

Back when e-watchman first came online a Mexican-American brother began translating my articles into Spanish. The site is on the domain e-testigosdejehova.com. Of course, he was disfellowshipped for his efforts. And along with the isolation his disfellowshipping brought upon him he has also suffered some severe health problems and consequently he left off the translation. But he did produce a Spanish version of Jehovah Himself Has Become King, partly as a fresh translation and partly from reworking older articles. At any rate the site has been idle for probably 10 years.

I just got a notice from by domain registry that e-testigosdejehova is up for renewal at the end of July. I am inclined to just let it expire, which would take the Spanish site offline (not the book). But, I thought if there is anyone who is inclined and capable of administering the site and willing to freshen it up by translating more recent articles I will renew the domain. Actually, you would not even have to administer the site. I could do that. If one or more persons would simply be willing to translate then I will overhaul the Spanish site and bring it back to life.

Sadly, I was learning to speak Spanish. For some reason new languages don’t come as easily to my brain as with others. But in the 80’s I lived in Houston in the predominately Hispanic North Main area and I was immersed in it. Sometimes I would sit in on Bible studies conducted in Spanish. Many brothers were bi-lingual and at one point i was starting to think in Spanish. But, alas, we left Texas and the Spanish pretty much evaporated from my mind. Anyway, I know there are quite a few Spanish bilinguals out there. Let me know if you are willing and available.

Muchas gracias.

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  • Luis

    I can do it Robert. Im from Colombia and I perfectly understand English and Im a good translator. I just dont have money to maintain a website.

    • ewatchman

      Terrific. I will renew the domain then. Pop me an email. Okay? watchmaspost@gmail.com

      • Joe Dman

        Is that correct: “watchmaspost”?

        • ewatchman

          ah, no. I fixed it. Thanks

    • Andres Felipe

      Hola Luis como estas. ..Me llamo andres soy de bogota ,Colombia. Me alegra saber que más hermanos leen a Robert. He querido compartir con hermanos sobre los temas de robert aquí en colombia y que agradable sería hacer un pequeño grupo .cualquier cosa me avisas si estas dispuesto

      • Luis Meriño Vásquez

        Ok. ? my phone number of whatsapp is 3233670255

  • ewatchman

    I have been working to move and rebuilt the Spanish site and revive it. It is a lot of tedious work, sifting through dozens of articles, deciding what to keep and what to discard. In order to just get it done I have decided to not do any commentaries so as to devote my full energies to it. Probably a few more days to get it up and running.

    If anyone who is fluent in español would like to help out translating please pop me an email. There are a couple of brothers helping already, but there are literally hundreds of articles on this site, over 700. Gracias

    • Important message…..
      Since Jehovah is the ultimate healer. Daisy (Patricia) could use ALL of our prayers Today.

  • Anonymous

    Please Robert, if you decide to renew the spanish site, please, conservate the original dates when the articles was published. Is for to help to some brothers to show that the Governing body was taken some materials from your articles and published as “new light”. This can help to convice them that what you posted about the future, also must be taken seriously.


    • ewatchman

      No worries amigo, I am preserving all the publishing dates.

      • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

        Please keep doing that. Preserve all the publishing dates meticulously. I have already mailing your articles to some brothers. Dates are very important so that I can prove them.

    • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

      Hey you are doing a great job my wishes to you and for your work. Great job keep doing that. I have a doubt that some in Bethel or even a Governing body members themselves will be seeing Robert’s site. I have got doubt on Mark Saderson, because in one of the article Robert has mentioned in his article https://e-watchman.com/congratulations-mark/. So Mark would be knowing about Robert very well, so he is the one I have doubt who will be seeing Roberts website. Am I correct

  • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

    It was noted that the brother who did translation in Spanish was disfellowshipped for his efforts. I think so it was the work of Satan. People who are disfellowshipped for gross sin can be taken as a discipline by God, but there are many I have seen in my own congregation that those who are leading a loose conduct of life are not disfellowshipped but still they are in position, this may be Satan’s plantation of evil men within the Christ’s congregation that is why they are disfellowshipped but those who are really on the side of truth such as Brother Robert are disfellowshipped so that Satan tries to make such persons fall from faith,but Brothers like Robert are ever stronger in faith and that is the encouragement to all of us.

    • Andres Felipe

      Que interesante comentario : si pensamos en ello tienes razón – es mejor para satanás sacar del pueblo de jehova a hombres como Robert porque así la influencia del pecado es mas fácil para él ?

      • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

        Oh my dear brother I cannot understand your language. can anyone translate in English?

        • Joseph Stephan


          What an interesting comment: if you think about it you are right – it is better for Satan to take from the people of jehova to men like Robert because the influence of sin is easier for him ?

          • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

            Nice Joseph Stephan. Brother my wishes to you.

        • Andres Felipe

          What an interesting comment: if we think about it, you are right – it is better for satan to take from the people of jehovah a man like Robert because so the influence of sin is easier for him

          • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

            Oh yeah that’s exactly right. There is no words beyond what you said. Yeah I like to learn your language.

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