Hola mi hermanos y hermanas

Back when e-watchman first came online a Mexican-American brother began translating my articles into Spanish. The site is on the domain e-testigosdejehova.com. Of course, he was disfellowshipped for his efforts. And along with the isolation his disfellowshipping brought upon him he has also suffered some severe health problems and consequently he left off the translation. But he did produce a Spanish version of Jehovah Himself Has Become King, partly as a fresh translation and partly from reworking older articles. At any rate the site has been idle for probably 10 years.

I just got a notice from by domain registry that e-testigosdejehova is up for renewal at the end of July. I am inclined to just let it expire, which would take the Spanish site offline (not the book). But, I thought if there is anyone who is inclined and capable of administering the site and willing to freshen it up by translating more recent articles I will renew the domain. Actually, you would not even have to administer the site. I could do that. If one or more persons would simply be willing to translate then I will overhaul the Spanish site and bring it back to life.

Sadly, I was learning to speak Spanish. For some reason new languages don’t come as easily to my brain as with others. But in the 80’s I lived in Houston in the predominately Hispanic North Main area and I was immersed in it. Sometimes I would sit in on Bible studies conducted in Spanish. Many brothers were bi-lingual and at one point i was starting to think in Spanish. But, alas, we left Texas and the Spanish pretty much evaporated from my mind. Anyway, I know there are quite a few Spanish bilinguals out there. Let me know if you are willing and available.

Muchas gracias.

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