The hour of test coming upon the world

This is an updated article that was published some time back but which was taken down, for reasons I cannot recall. According to the Watchtower 1914 was the most important date in all of human history. As all of Jehovah’s Witnesses know, virtually all prophecy has been anchored to that date. Up until about 1970, the Watchtower insisted that the great tribulation had even begun back [...]

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A lying vision and worthless divination

Friday, May 7 Satan . . . is misleading the entire inhabited earth. —Rev. 12:9. A major way in which Satan and the demons try to mislead people is through spiritism. Those who practice spiritism claim to know or control things that humans cannot normally know or control. For example, some claim to be able to know the future by using divination or astrology. Others may act as though [...]

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Jehovah has spoken! Who will not prophesy?

I am pleased to announce that a new translation of the second edition of Jehovah Himself Has Become King (2010) is available in the Slovak language. My thanks to Joel for his efforts. At this time I would like to extend an invitation to anyone who is multilingual to translate the book. I realize it is a huge undertaking, but Google Translate has come a long [...]

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Testigos de Jehova

Hola mi hermanos y hermanas Back when e-watchman first came online a Mexican-American brother began translating my articles into Spanish. The site is on the domain e-testigosdejehova.com. Of course, he was disfellowshipped for his efforts. And along with the isolation his disfellowshipping brought upon him he has also suffered some severe health problems and consequently he left off the translation. But he did produce a Spanish version of [...]

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About the Watchman’s Post

Well, after three weeks The Watchman's Post has gotten settled into a new home.  Had I known how much tedious work was going to be involved with the move I may have just kept the site where it was . But that's the way it is with everything, isn't it? And the work is not done. You might notice many of the articles still do not have graphics [...]

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At last, the Watchtower comes around…sort of

For decades it has been obvious to me and others besides, that when Jesus spoke of those who will be resurrected, saying they will be as angels - not marrying, he was speaking of those who will experience the first resurrection and not the masses who will receive an earthly resurrection. The Watchtower has stubbornly insisted otherwise, defying all common sense. It seemed to me that [...]

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The springs of the watery deep

Scientists theorize that there is a vast ocean of water stored deep below in earth’s mantle, which seeped from deep ocean trenches. Water may extend into the earth nearly 100 miles and contain three times the amount of water in the surface oceans.  Interestingly, the Bible refers to this subterranean ocean in Genesis, where it states: “In the 600th year of Noah’s life, in the second [...]

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