Who will rule the world? That is the paramount issue of the day. Will it be a bloc of allied nations such as is emerging in Asia presently, an alliance of Russia, China, India and Iran? Or, will the Anglo-dominated unipolar world prevail? Will there be a one-world government in the future? What does the Bible say?

For hundreds of years, the message contained in the Bible has been suppressed and distorted by the satanic empires that have dominated mankind. Great church systems have controlled what people have been allowed to understand, which is very little. 

The Watchtower broke down many of the falsehoods that had been erected, allowing people to acquire a basic knowledge of the core teachings found in the Scriptures in preparation for the end phase. Unfortunately, however, the Watchtower has erected its own wall of falsehood fabricated from biblical prophecy. 

The good news contained in the Bible is that God has determined to set up a new government in the hands of Jesus Christ. The government is the Kingdom of God that will rule the whole world and bring peace and prosperity beyond imagination. Incredibly, though, according to the Watchtower, this monumental development has already occurred. Millions of Jehovah’s Witnesses believe and preach the message that the Kingdom of God came to power and began ruling in 1914. Except, that is not what the Watchtower used to teach. 

According to the Watchtower’s present truth, the 2nd Psalm began to be fulfilled when the First World War erupted in Europe. That is supposedly when the nations became agitated and the peoples of the world all muttered an empty thing in accord with the words of the Psalm: “Why are the nations agitated and the peoples muttering an empty thing? The kings of the earth take their stand and high officials gather together as one against Jehovah and against his anointed one.” 

How exactly did the nations take their stand against Jehovah and his anointed king in 1914? The Watchtower claims the nations expressed their opposition to God because they rejected the clear evidence that God’s Kingdom had begun ruling in 1914. It is true, that the Watchtower came under legal assault during the brief period after America’s entry into the war in Europe in 1917; even so, how could the nations possibly be expected to accept that the Kingdom had begun ruling in 1914 when the Watchtower did not even teach such a thing back then? 

How many Jehovah’s Witnesses are even aware that the Watchtower taught that Christ began an invisible presence in 1874 and that the Kingdom began ruling in 1878? It was not until around 1930 that the Watchtower shifted the start of the Kingdom’s reign from 1878 to 1914. But here’s the problem: if Zion’s Watchtower proclaimed that the Kingdom came to power in 1878, why would God hold the nations guilty for not accepting the “evidence” that the Kingdom had begun ruling in 1914? 

Clearly, the Watchtower is playing fast and loose with the facts. For a delusion to work, though, there has to be some convincing evidence. But as the saying goes, the Devil is in the details. 

Unquestionably, the First World War was a great turning point. People were traumatized by the horror of the senseless slaughter of millions of young men. After the war the nations even appeared to band together as one in the form of the League of Nations; except, the United States Senate did not ratify the treaty. And so the most influential nation in the world did not even become a member of the League. How then can it truthfully be said that the nations banded together as one against God and his appointed king? 

The truth is, Jehovah’s Witnesses have thrived in most of the world dominated by Christendom. Most nations allow Christians to openly preach and meet together without any restrictions. Again, how have the nations taken a stand in opposition to God’s Kingdom? The truth is, they have not—at least not yet. 

Although the leadership of Jehovah’s Witnesses has ruled out the possibility of a third world war, their belief, no matter how strong their conviction, has no bearing on reality. Anyone who is aware of what is happening in the world and who is not laboring under the Watchtower’s deluding influence, surely knows that a global conflict is virtually inevitable. 

Never before in history have the nuclear powers been involved in direct conflict. Even during the Cold War the USA and USSR avoided shooting at each other directly. It is most alarming that the distinction is becoming blurry. That is because not only is the West flooding Ukraine with sophisticated weapons, but American and British special forces are on the ground in Ukraine and have been since 2014, orchestrating what by all accounts is a proxy war against Russia. Some sober observers have tried to raise awareness that the situation now is even more perilous than the Cuban missile crisis in 1963 when the Soviet Union and America came to the brink of all-out nuclear war. 

Needless to say, even a limited nuclear exchange would grip the world in terror never before experienced by mankind—agitation indeed!

There is another glaring problem with the Watchtower’s 1914 teaching. The second psalm indicates that Jehovah will more or less immediately respond to the anti-God conspiracy that the nations will enter into. Verses 4-6 state: “The One enthroned in the heavens will laugh; Jehovah will scoff at them. At that time he will speak to them in his anger and terrify them in his burning anger, Saying: “I myself have installed my king On Zion, my holy mountain.”’ 

“At that time” is in relation to the attempt by the nations to throw off the imposition of God’s Kingdom rule. If the rulers of the nations were outwardly opposed to God in 1914 that generation has long since passed away without ever being terrified by the burning anger of God. 


What is the legal basis for God installing his own hand-picked king to rule the world? The psalmist explains from the perspective of the one whom God selected: “Let me proclaim the decree of Jehovah; He said to me: “You are my son; today I have become your father.  Ask of me, and I will give nations as your inheritance and the ends of the earth as your possession. You will break them with an iron scepter, and you will smash them like a piece of pottery.”

On the day Jesus was baptized by John and immediately afterward anointed by the holy spirit Jesus became born again, called to be a heavenly son of God. As is common among humans, sons may receive an inheritance from their fathers. In the case of the one whom Jehovah decreed to be his special son, Jesus was invited to ask his father for the world and Jehovah was pleased to give it to him. What human would be so audacious that they would attempt to deny the special son of God his legal inheritance? Yet, that is exactly what the nations will do when the time comes for Jesus to receive his inheritance. 

Since God will hold the nations accountable it is reasonable to expect that they will be put on notice of their impending judgment and the change in the administration of earth’s affairs. 

First, though, Jehovah’s newly installed king will act against enemies within his own Kingdom. Jesus related to his apostles an illustration involving wheat and weeds and a harvest. The weeds, Jesus explained, are individuals whom Satan the Devil uses to infiltrate Christ’s congregation. In the illustration, the weeds are allowed to develop and even flourish up until the harvest. The harvest is when the Lord will command his angels to remove from his Kingdom all persons who are not true to God, along with all the stumbling blocks strewn by the wicked. “His Kingdom” is the congregation. One of the apostles of Christ later explained that the judgment begins with the house of God, which is Christ’s congregation, his Kingdom. 

For among the wheat-like, faithful disciples, Jesus will share his inheritance. Just as the Father has empowered the Son to smash the nations with an iron specter, Jesus extended the invitation to his brothers to join him in the fight. The concluding verses of the 2nd chapter of Revelation are a record of Jesus’ words to the symbolic congregation of Thyatira that will exist during the Lord’s day: “And to the one who conquers and observes my deeds down to the end, I will give authority over the nations, and he will shepherd the people with an iron rod so that they will be broken to pieces like clay vessels, just as I have received from my Father. And I will give him the morning star. Let the one who has an ear hear what the spirit says to the congregations.”

The removal of wicked, faithless persons from Christ’s congregation will bring into existence the Kingdom of God on earth. Indeed, let the one who has an ear hear what the spirit says. Just as Jesus once told the Jews that the Kingdom of God was in their midst—obviously due to the fact that the anointed of Jehovah walked among them—so too, the final sealing will mean that those remaining chosen ones will be given their crowns even while they remain in the flesh. 

Speaking to these associate kings of Christ, the Psalmist writes: “So now, you kings, show insight; accept correction, you judges of the earth.  Serve Jehovah with fear, and rejoice with trembling. Honor the son, or God will become indignant and you will perish from the way, for His anger flares up quickly. Happy are all those taking refuge in Him.” — Psalms 2:10-12

For certain, Jehovah will not invite the corrupt rulers of Satan’s world to accept correction and serve Him with rejoicing. There is no basis for them to do so. However, Jesus frequently reproved and even rebuked his apostles. After his resurrection, Christ sternly reprimanded them as “senseless and slow to believe all the things the prophets spoke.” 

Paul warned Christians that Jehovah scourges all of those whom he receives as sons. The harvest will result in a severe thrashing experience for even those chosen. As Jehovah stated in Jeremiah: “For I am with you,” declares Jehovah, “to save you. But I will make an extermination among all the nations to which I scattered you; However, you I will not exterminate. I will discipline you to the proper degree, and I will by no means leave you unpunished.” — Jeremiah 30:11

The question remains, though: How will the nations be put on notice in order for them to be held accountable before the throne of God? Jesus explains: “As for you, look out for yourselves. People will hand you over to local courts, and you will be beaten in synagogues and be put on the stand before governors and kings for my sake, for a witness to them. Also, in all the nations, the good news has to be preached first. And when they are taking you to hand you over, do not be anxious beforehand about what to say; but whatever is given you in that hour, say this, for you are not the ones speaking, but the holy spirit is.” — Mark 13:9-11

Since the good news must be preached first, our being handed over to local courts and beaten in the kingdom halls must come after the preaching work is finished. Jesus was made to stand before the governor, Pilate, and King Herod—the representative of the Roman king of the north. During the time of the end, those who are made to stand before governors and kings for Christ’s sake will similarly give a witness to them regarding God’s Kingdom. No, they will not be preaching the good news like Jehovah’s Witnesses have been doing up to the present. That phase will have ended. The brothers of Christ will give witness to the fact that they have seen the manifestation of the Son of man. 

No doubt the impending collapse of the present system will result in the nations banding together to empower what the book of Revelation reveals will be an eighth king, who is destined to reign for a mere hour. This eighth king is also portrayed as the king of the north during the time of the end. The witness given by the brothers of Christ will be the disturbing reports that drive the king of the north into a genocidal rampage, fulfilling the Psalm: “They say: ‘Let us tear off their shackles and throw off their ropes!’”

By their executing the earthly kings of the Kingdom they will provoke Jehovah into an explosion of anger the world has never before experienced. Those who will have taken a stand against Christ by murdering his brothers will be terrified into oblivion. 

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