Commentary on the Psalms

Psalms #26 – O Jehovah, refine my innermost thoughts and my heart

Imagine that you go to see a physician for a routine check-up and get some tests and lab work done. The doctor looks over all of your test results and informs you that you have a few serious issues, like high cholesterol and your blood sugar levels are not normal. You would be happy to know that you have these potentially harmful issues so that you [...]

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Psalms #25 – My God, I trust in you

“To you, O Jehovah, I turn.  My God, I trust in you; do not let me be put to shame. Do not let my enemies gloat over me.” In “God We Trust" became the official motto of the United States back in 1956 and the slogan appears on all US currency, which oddly enough is not really owned by the people of the United States but [...]

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Psalms #24 – Who is he, this glorious King?

“To Jehovah belong the earth and everything in it, the productive land and those dwelling on it. For he has solidly fixed it on the seas and firmly established it on the rivers.” — Psalms 24:1-2 The opening stanza of the 24 Song is not hyperbole. It is a declaration of ownership. As the Creator, Jehovah is the sole owner of the earth and all life [...]

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Psalms #23 – Jehovah is my Shepherd

The 23rd Psalm is probably the most popular and beloved Psalm in the entire collection. Its simplicity and imagery are very moving. Too bad the translators of the original English translations did not see fit to use God’s personal name like the Hebrew in which it was composed. “Jehovah is my shepherd” is even more personal and impactful.  David, of course, was a shepherd boy. He [...]

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Psalms #22 – My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?

One of the last things Jesus said before he breathed his last breath is what was recorded a thousand years before in the opening verse of the 22nd Psalm: “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” It is impossible for a person who has been steeped in the phony trinity theology of the churches to grasp the significance of Jesus’ anguished cry. The simple [...]

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Psalms #21 – Your right hand will find those hating you

David’s ascension to kingship was a long and trialsome affair. He was first anointed by Samuel when he was a mere teenager. Jehovah’s spirit came upon him and moved him to go out onto the battlefield against the Philistine hulk named Goliath armed only with a slingshot. After he gained national prominence he was persecuted by king Saul and was forced to live as a fugitive [...]

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Psalms #20 – May Jehovah answer you in the day of distress

The Hebrew Scriptures do not have very much to say about Satan, but Jesus sure did. It was appropriate that the promised “seed” of the woman should shed light upon the enigmatic, talking serpent of Eden. The enmity about which Jehovah spoke in the garden of Eden burst out on the world’s stage when Jesus was baptized. Immediately after being anointed by God, the holy spirit [...]

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Psalms #19 – The heavens are declaring the glory of God

No doubt David had a spectacular view of the night sky 3,000 years ago as he watched over his family’s flock of sheep, day and night. But even he had no idea of how absolutely immense and utterly wonderous the cosmos really is. It would seem that the shepherd/poet was inspired to write these words especially for us: “The heavens are declaring the glory of [...]

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Psalms #18 – Jehovah comes down to fight the war of Armageddon

Over the course of history, there have been countless wars. Before Christ Jehovah was directly involved in some wars. On one occasion God even caused the sun and moon to stand motionless in the sky for the length of a whole day while Joshua and the Israelites routed the Amorites. It truly was the longest day. On other occasions God caused storms and hailstones to annihilate [...]

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Psalms #17 – I am satisfied to awaken to your presence

Statue of emperor Constantine As Christianity spread throughout the Mediterranean region Satan changed tactics and instead of persecuting Christians his earthly emperor, Constantine, befriended them and imposed what passed for Christianity upon the entire realm of the pagan Roman Empire. The scheme has had a far-reaching impact that reverberates to this day.  Several centuries later Mohammed was used by the demonic principalities to create [...]

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