As Jesus viewed Jerusalem for the very last time he wept, saying: “If you, even you, had discerned in this day the things having to do with peace—but now they have been hid from your eyes. Because the days will come upon you when your enemies will build around you a fortification with pointed stakes and will encircle you and distress you from every side, and they will dash you and your children within you to the ground, and they will not leave a stone upon a stone in you, because you did not discern the time of your being inspected.”

Later the astonished apostles asked Jesus what would be the sign of his presence and the conclusion of the system of things. Among other things, Jesus alerted his disciples that when they saw a disgusting thing standing in the holy place they should flee the holy city and Judea without delay.

And, of course, after the Romans inexplicably withdrew, later they returned, and exactly as Christ foretold the Roman army hastily denuded the countryside of trees and erected a fortification of pointed stakes around Jerusalem, entrapping those who failed to escape when the opportunity to do so existed.

When foretelling that the disgusting thing that causes desolation would stand in a holy place, Jesus referred to the prophecy of Daniel, saying: “let the reader use discernment.”

Since this is one of the few aspects of prophecy that Jehovah’s Witnesses believe has not been fulfilled yet, what ought readers discern as regards the prophecy of Daniel?

Apparently, very little – at least according to what the Watchtower has published to date as regards the disgusting thing standing in a holy place. According to Bethel the disgusting thing was first set up in 1919 as the League, and then again in 1945 as the UN.

Yet, in recent years the Society has admitted that the disgusting thing has not begun to stand in a holy place yet.

Regardless, Daniel 12:11 indicates that the removal of the “constant feature” of Jehovah’s worship and the “placing of the disgusting thing that is causing desolation” is the same event. This is verified at Daniel 8:13, which reads: And I got to hear a certain holy one speaking, and another holy one proceeded to say to the particular one who was speaking: ‘How long will the vision be of the constant feature and of the transgression causing desolation, to make both the holy place and the army things to trample on?’”

Of course, the Watchtower has numerous contradictory interpretations of parallel prophecies; evidenced by the fact the Governing Body insists that the holy place that is destined for desolation, about which Christ spoke, will find its fulfillment in the fiery destruction of Christendom in the near future; whereas, the very prophecies of Daniel that foretell the desolation of the holy place, to which Jesus directed the reader to have discernment, are applied to the Watch Tower Society of decades past. Clearly, the Watchtower has not followed Jesus advice to use discernment.

The visionaries of Bethel have even claimed that the “constant feature” was removed on two separate occasions – once in 1918 and then again during WWII – this in spite of the fact that Bethel contradictorily boasts that the Watchtower has never failed to go to print, even during the hardships of both world wars. Even under the brutal persecution of the Nazis the preaching work of Jehovah’s Witnesses did not stop. In fact, it thrived.

So, in what way was the “constant feature” removed? In truth, it was not.

The 29th chapter of Isaiah sheds light upon what the holy place is that comes under siege during the conclusion of the system of things. Just as Jesus foretold that Jerusalem would encircled by a fortification of pointed stakes, so too Isaiah: “And I must encamp on all sides against you, and I must lay siege to you with a palisade and raise up against you siegeworks.”

Naturally, the seers on Bethel’s rampart see no connection between Isaiah’s prophecy and Christ’s prophecy regarding the desolation of the holy place, even though the imagery is identical.

(For those who may not be familiar with the word “palisade,” which is apparently unique to the New World Translation, it means a fence of pointed stakes set firmly into the ground as a defensive fortification or as an enclosure.)

What accounts for the blindness on the part of the men who claim to be the voice of a watchman class? Jehovah provides the answer in the very same chapter of Isaiah, saying: “For upon you men Jehovah has poured a spirit of deep sleep; and he closes your eyes, the prophets, and he has covered even your heads, the visionaries. And for you men the vision of everything becomes like the words of the book that has been sealed up…”

There is no indication in the context that those blind visionaries and prophets merely presumptuously claim to be visionaries and prophets, as the Watchtower says of the clergy of Christendom. On the contrary, the context indicates that those who hold positions as spokesmen for Jehovah’s earthly organization will themselves be unable to discern the meaning of the prophecies.

For certain, anyone making a thorough examination of the prophecies in comparison to the Watchtower’s interpretations of them, as e-watchman has done over the course of the years, ought to discern that “the vision of everything” is sealed up to them!

Jehovah’s Witnesses unquestioningly believe that Jesus Christ inspected all of Christendom in 1918 and appointed the Watch Tower Society over all of his belongings. There is no allowance within Bethel’s prophetic exegesis for any future inspection. But is that not exactly what Jesus foretold; namely, that the inhabitants of Jerusalem did not discern the time of their being inspected?

The Watchtower claims to be the “channel” of divine truth – God’s mouthpiece in behalf of all true Christians. That claim is not being called into question merely because God has manifestly concealed his judgments from them. On the contrary, the 29th chapter of Isaiah reveals Heaven’s judgment upon God’s earthly mouthpiece: “And you must become low so that you will speak from the very earth, and as from the dust your saying will sound low. And like a spirit medium your voice must become even from the earth, and from the dust your own saying will chirp.”

What is betokened by such strange symbolism? It would certainly be an odd way of depicting the utter destruction of Christendom. If God’s servant, Ariel, is made low, reduced to a state as if speaking from the dust, even from the grave, given a voice by a spirit medium, it ought to invoke a before-and-after contrast in our minds. Before Ariel is besieged and trampled into the dust he must have had a high position and spoken with authority.

The context shows that the wisdom and understanding of the discreet men leading God’s people will conceal itself. Does not the Watchtower claim to be the voice of the wise and discreet slave of God? Indeed it does!

Not only that, but the prophecy indicates that the deaf and blind ones will come to their senses and the meek will rejoice in Jehovah when Ariel goes down. The Watchtower claims that the spiritually deaf and blind have already been enlightened since 1914. But if that is the case, in what way did the tyrants and braggarts come to their end back then?

As the prophecy indicates, the Watchtower has gone deep in concealing counsel from Jehovah. And they have done so by assigning the judgment of the house of God to nearly a century ago.  And although Jehovah’s Witnesses honor Jehovah with their lips, their fear of him is dominated by the commands of men. Who can deny that the Watchtower organization dictates virtually every aspect of the faith of Jehovah’s Witnesses?

The stage is now set for world war to herald the authentic parousia of Christ, which will result in the utter discrediting and complete collapse of the Watch Tower Society.

With the bragging slave silenced in the dust, then Jehovah “will act wonderfully again with this people, in a wonderful manner and with something wonderful…”


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