1. Do you feel paragraph 27 (below) is accurate?

2. Do you have a more accurate Daniel image (legs down) than the one above? 

3. Are these statements accurate: WW1 was fomented to weaken any threats to the British Empire. WW2 was fomented to further weaken and make nations more indebted and to (re)establish a nation of Israel in Palestine that will be the future home of some false messiah and world court?

Pay Attention to Daniel (paragraphs 27-29)

27) At the dawn of the 20th century, the British Empire ruled over every fourth person on earth. Other European empires controlled millions more. But World War I resulted in the emergence of groups of nations in place of empires. After World War II, this trend accelerated. As nationalism developed further, the number of nations in the world grew dramatically. The ten toes of the image represent all such coexisting powers and governments, for in the Bible the number ten at times signifies earthly completeness.

28) Now that we are in “the time of the end,” we have reached the feet of the image. Some of the governments pictured by the image’s feet and toes of iron mixed with clay are ironlike—authoritarian or tyrannical. Others are claylike. In what way? Daniel associated the clay with “the offspring of mankind.” Despite the fragile nature of clay, of which the offspring of mankind are made, traditional ironlike rulerships have been obliged to listen more and more to the common people, who want their say in the governments ruling over them. But there is no sticking together of authoritarian rule and the common people—no more than there could be a uniting of iron with clay. At the time of the image’s demise, the world will indeed be politically fragmented!

29) Will the divided condition of the feet and toes cause the entire image to collapse? What will happen to the image?

The illustration and information block above is taken from the Watchtower’s Pay Attention to Daniel’s Prophecy, which was published exactly 20 years ago. However, since then the Watchtower has revised their interpretation slightly. In the June 15th, 2012 Watchtower, the Governing Body dropped the idea that the iron and clay feet symbolized merely a generic “politically divided world” and instead have come around to the idea that the Anglo-American duo is what is represented by the iron and clay.

Unbeknownst to millions of Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Watchtower’s latest readjustment was something originally presented to the leadership in 2005 by e-Watchman in Jehovah Himself Has Become King, which was distributed among all members of the then-Governing Body.

Admittedly, it is a relatively trivial change. Of much greater significance is what the Watchtower has so-far failed to recognize concerning the meaning of the image itself.

Think about this —Daniel explained to Nebuchadnezzar that he himself was the head of gold. And the prophet went on to explain that the various other metals symbolized Babylon’s successors. Jehovah’s Witnesses are inclined to think of the image that way —as the successive rule of various empires. That is why in the paragraph above it says: “Now that we are in the time of the end, we have reached the feet of the image.”

But thinking of the image as some sort of timeline presents one enormous flaw. Are we to imagine during the days of Babylon the head of gold existed without a body? Or for that matter, how could the image stand if it had no legs or feet? 

Furthermore, the image would appear to be inverted. For example, is not Babylon the foundation upon which other empires were built? Did not Persia simply occupy Babylon, and Greece took over the administration of them both. Why then isn’t Nebuchadnezzar pictured by the feet of the image?

The truth is, the image is only intended to portray the final developments preceding the coming of the Kingdom, which is what Daniel had said to the king when he was first brought before him to interpret the dream: “But there is a God in the heavens who is a Revealer of secrets, and he has made known to King Nebuchadnezzar what is to happen in the final part of the days.” —Daniel 2:28

The fact is, the Revealer of secrets has not disclosed the meaning of Daniel’s prophecy to Jehovah’s Witnesses. Daniel was told to seal up the book until the time of the end, also called the final part of the days. The Watchtower’s fatal folly is their undying attachment to 1914 as the beginning of the time of the end. Because of that error, everything is askew.

The correct interpretation of the significance of the colossal metallic image must take into consideration that Revelation reveals the existence of an eighth king who springs from the seven. Of course, Daniel lived after the first two empires had already come and gone; namely, Egypt and Assyria. That is why Daniel only presents us with five kingdoms, which we understand to be Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome and the Anglo-American empire. What about the eighth king? Is it of no significance? On the contrary, the eighth king is what is represented by the image itself. That is why Daniel said that the dream reveals what is to happen in the final part of the days. That is when the eighth king springs to life.

Appropriately, the image rests on the feet of iron and clay. In the more detailed prophecy of the kings of the north and south, both kingdoms are said to collaborate in putting in place a disgusting thing. It seems most probable that the Watchtower is correct in identifying the United Nations as the disgusting thing.

However, they are demonstrably wrong in saying that the UN is currently the eighth king. And the notion that the League of Nations was the original eighth king is simply absurd. (Did the League of Nations Fulfill Prophecy?) Anyone willing to reason on the matter can easily see the Watchtower’s interpretation cannot possibly be correct since the appearance of the last king initiates the hour of judgment.

As regards the Watchtower’s comment concerning the spread of nationalism, that is true. The First World War saw the break up of the long-standing Hapsburg and Ottoman empires and prevented Germany from becoming such. And the British Empire was dissolved in the wake of the Second World War.

However, as the inheritor of the Roman Empire London still rules the world by means of the monetarist system. To underscore that fact, most nations have a central bank. All the nations of the European Union are under the authority of the European Central Bank, which establishes the volume and price of the Euro. The United States Federal Reserve Bank, which came into existence in 1913, functions similarly. The Fed is a privately owned corporation whose anonymous shareholders are undoubtedly the same handful of aristocratic families aligned with the British and European monarchies. So, the most powerful nation on earth is forced to borrow money from a private banking cartel that is one of the foundational pillars of the British Empire.

It is that financial, monetary system, that is in a terminal phase, propped up by an increasingly accelerating rate of the creation of more debt and money. Its inevitable collapse will bring the nations to ruin and bring into existence the eighth king. Then will begin the final part of the days. Most profound, the role Daniel played as the “very precious man” and particularly his interaction with the angels, foreshadows the chosen ones during the parousia

As for Israel becoming home to a false Christ, that is a matter of speculation. I wouldn’t rule it out though, especially since Israel is the focus of evangelical hoaxsters. Zionism is, in fact, a scheme of the British Empire going back to Darby and British Israelism. 

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