Sunday, December 11

The Kingdom of the heavens is like a dragnet let down into the sea and gathering fish of every kind.Matt. 13:47.

Jesus likened the preaching of the Kingdom message to all mankind to the lowering of a large dragnet into the sea. Just as such a net indiscriminately catches large numbers of “fish of every kind,” our preaching work attracts millions of people of all kinds. Not all those attracted to the truth will take a stand for Jehovah. Many have associated with us at our meetings. Others have been willing to study the Bible with us but are not willing to make a commitment. Still others are no longer associating with the Christian congregation. Some youths have been raised by Christian parents and yet have not developed a love for Jehovah’s standards. No matter what the situation, Jesus emphasized that everyone needs to make a personal decision. Those who do are viewed by him as “the precious,” or “desirable,” things “of all the nations.”


The thing about telling a lie is, you have to keep lying and telling more and more lies to support the original lie —or else it all comes undone. That is the mess the Watchtower is in now.

Take today’s text as an example. The original lie is that Christ returned in 1914, that he has been ruling the world over the past 100+ years. That is supposedly when the harvest and the conclusion of the system began. There are literally dozens of other falsehoods attached to that, like today’s text.

Although it is not explicit in the text itself, the WT article from where it was extracted clearly implies that the angels are actively removing “unsuitable” persons from association in the organization. (See article: Are the Angels Killing Off Your Bible Students?) And the reason they are compelled to peddle this blasphemous tripe is because Jesus said that the dragnet comes into play during the conclusion. So, in other words, over the past century the angels have been casting and recasting the symbolic dragnet over and over again, and hauling net load after net load up onto the beach, where they then discard the unsuitable fishes from the suitable ones. And then the unsuitable ones are thrown into the fire, generation after generation, where they experience much weeping and gnashing of teeth, somehow.

Frankly, it is astounding to me that Jehovah’s Witnesses put up with being fed this swill. Is there anyone out there who has the will to use their powers of discernment? Do you really believe that Jesus Christ has dispatched his powerful angels with orders to remove persons from attending congregational meetings or cut them off from having a free home Bible study? When a young person goes off into the world is it really because the angels have debarred them from the organization? That is what the Watchtower is implying. The question is, why do you put up with it?

According to Jesus’ illustration of the sower and the seed it is Satan who snatches the seed of truth sown among those who fail to get the sense of it.  Everything in the epistles reveals that Satan is seeking to entrap and mislead us from Jehovah and Christ. Is it really true that the angels are working in concert with the demons to prevent us from associating with Christians?

And if the angels are involved in tossing away the unsuitables we might naturally wonder why they would get rid of merely spiritually weak persons and hormone-charged teenagers and leave behind cunning child predators.

Ironically, the Watchtower article upon which the text is based is entitled: Do You Grasp the Meaning? Obviously, the Governing Body does not. 

The good news is, the Watchtower’s lies and blasphemy will come to a sudden and most inglorious end. It will end when Christ sends forth his angels and they uproot the weeds that have taken root among us. That is when the whitewashed wall will crumble and fall and the stupid prophets will be no more.

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