A continuation of the Jeremiah series. 

It has been a long, gradual process. Over the past year of lockdowns the Governing Body has regularly announced the updated death toll from Covid. (It should be noted that people no longer seem to die of any other disease. Virtually all deaths are Covid related.) Just a few months ago the Governing Body said vaccination was a conscience matter. Not any more. Now, the GB has made vaccination mandatory for all so-called full-time workers. (See attached PDF below.) 

The Watchtower has always advocated full-time service. Every summer convention there was always a special meeting for people contemplating becoming a Bethel volunteer. Now it would require Jehovah’s Witnesses to take an experimental drug in order to qualify to serve Jehovah on a full-time basis! Unfortunately, loyal witnesses will not dare question the legitimacy of such a requirement since it is coming from the faithful and wise slave of God. 

There is some chatter that Kingdom Halls may soon be re-opening. If so, will they only be open for the vaccinated? It certainly appears as if the Watchtower is going that way. What next? Perhaps an addition to the baptismal questions asking: Are you fully vaccinated? 

The artificial divide between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated doesn’t make any sense. Below the GB claim that getting the jab is a personal choice but warns that our decisions often affect others. I would ask, in what way? If you are vaccinated how does my decision not to be vaccinated affect you? If vaccinated people are protected from the virus why ought they be concerned that others are not vaccinated? Isn’t it considered the most basic freedom that we each decide what we will do with our own bodies? Or is the Watchtower now laying claim of ownership—at least over full-time servants? Who do they think they are? It is as Isaiah says: O Jehovah our God, other masters besides you have acted as owners of us. By you only shall we make mention of your name. They are dead; they will not live. Impotent in death, they will not rise up. Therefore you have turned your attention that you might annihilate them and destroy all mention of them.” — Isaiah 26:13-14

The Watchtower claims that of the 17,000+ Bethelites who have taken the shots none have experienced a severe adverse reaction. That is good. We are happy none have become ill or have died, because there have been over 20,000 deaths in the United States. Just think, none of those 20,000 people died from Covid. They were killed by the injection. To claim that taking an untested toxic elixir is risk-free is simply a lie. Is the Governing Body going to accept responsibility if any of Jehovah’s Witnesses perish because they followed the Watchtower’s medical advice? 

And what about the long-term effects? Can the Governing Body guarantee there will not be delayed adverse reactions? Of course, they cannot. 

There are some people who seem to be well informed that believe that vaccinated persons are actually incubators and spreaders of variants of the virus. If so, that would mean that the vaccinated are a danger to everyone else, not the other way around. And why is the Watchtower in lockstep with the United Nations WHO in advocating universal vaccination and suppressing all effective alternatives? 

Jehovah tells Jeremiah to say: “Will they fall and not get up again? If one would turn back, will the other not also turn back? Why is this people, Jerusalem, unfaithful with an enduring unfaithfulness?They hold fast to deception; they refuse to turn back. I paid attention and kept listening, but the way they spoke was not right. Not a man repented over his wickedness or asked, ‘What have I done?’ Each one keeps returning to the popular course, like a horse dashing into the battle. Even the stork in the sky knows its seasons; the turtledove and the swift and the thrush keep to the time of their return. But my own people do not understand the judgment of Jehovah.”’ — Jer. 8:4-7

How true, the modern Jerusalem—Christ’s congregation—is unfaithful with an enduring unfaithfulness. It is all coming to a head now and it is not very pretty. 

Jehovah’s Witnesses claim to be God’s people. That being so, and considering the fact that in four places the prophecy of Jeremiah speaks of “the final part of the days” when God’s judgments will be carried out, it means that Jehovah’s Witnesses are the people who do not understand the judgment of Jehovah. 

Considering that the Watchtower clings to the delusion that Christ came in 1914 it is an apt description: “They hold fast to deception.” 

What is the judgment of Jehovah? What was the judgment of Jehovah originally? Well, it had to do with allowing Babylon to crush Jerusalem and many other nations. That is the pattern—allowing Satan’s earthly armies to function as Jehovah’s punishing agent. That is made clear in the book of Habakkuk. 

The British Empire has always considered the world to be overpopulated. Back under the reign of Queen Victoria, before there were even a billion souls, the British aristocracy was fretting about overpopulation. Bertrand Russell bemoaned the fact that war, pestilence, and famine just were not working well enough. The population is still growing. The recently deceased Prince Phillip wished that he could be reincarnated as a deadly virus in order to do his part in culling the human herd. Some may be inclined to believe the genocidal prince got his wish. 

Evidently, the empire has been doing more than wishing. Scientists are actively working on the means to liquidate most of the people on this planet. There are a few dozen bioweapons laboratories run by the United States, including one in Wuhan, China. Apparently, China is the world’s leading exporter of everything, including deadly microbes. The experts are now admitting that Covid was created in a lab. Given the murderous intentions of the British Crown and their demonic overlords, there is no reason to doubt that the pandemic was intentional. 

What about the various mRNA vaccines? Are they bioweapons too, intended as a time-delayed weapon of mass death? A growing number of people certainly think that is the case. Interestingly, Jeremiah 8:17 states: “‘For here I am sending in serpents among you, poisonous snakes that cannot be charmed, and they will certainly bite you,’ declares Jehovah.”

When the Israelites rebelled against God in the wilderness Jehovah’s angel sent fiery serpents into the camp. Moses was ordered to construct a signal pole with a copper serpent wrapped around it. Those who had been bitten by the poisonous vipers had to gaze at the copper serpent or die. Later, Jesus identified himself as symbolized by the serpent on a stake. 

The context of the prophecy has to do with the tribulation. That being the case, Jehovah may be alluding to the jab—symbolized as poisonous snakes that cannot be charmed. Since Jehovah’s judgment is to allow genocide on a global scale, and it is looking more and more like the liquidation program is about to get underway in a big way, mandating vaccines in order to fully serve Jehovah may be the Watchtower’s, final, fatal folly. Can you imagine how disastrous it would be if millions of JW’s have to plead with God to save them from the Watchtower? 

To be continued. 

GB letter August 8 2021 (1)

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