Podcast #70

//Podcast #70

(March 26, 2016) Questions considered on this program: Will the refuge crises in Europe bring about the fall of Christendom? Are the demons dying of old age? What is going on with the Trump phenomenon in America? And who are the princes whom Jesus will appoint in all the earth?


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  • I’m not a political expert, in fact I hate politics! But something I noticed is the powers that be want you to believe that you have freedom of choice, YOU DON’T.
    I laughed so hard too Mr King when I also noticed that Trump the Chump was running. Hitlery is there next puppet ( kinda like a Obumer 3rd term ) They brought Trump in to insure that Hitlery gets in, so folks sit back and enjoy the show! Wait til the dumbed down Society realizes that the game is rigged.

    *Side note obumer is moving on to the secretary general position at the UN , to spread the tyranny world wide . Look it up

  • I’m not a political expert ether and I have never voted and I have no interest in politics in fact I think this political world is one of the most corrupted polluted things I have ever seen. the fight for money power and control is astounding to me its like putting a Scorpion Locusts and Venomous snakes together in one room this is what these political powers of the world show them self’s to be its all out war and everything goes and we havn’t seen nothing yet. great podcast brother Robert i was as specially interested in the question about the aging demons as this thought had never Accured to me but it was very interesting. and you are correct joseph false freedoms and exaggerated securities is all these political leaders offer and give to the people and most are blinded or choose to be blind by way of wickedness and fear and so many even welcome tyranny and control just to keep this manmade Guvernment going but i will not give these political powers any kind of real interest except to look for Signes of its impending doom and fall because we all know it will usher in Jehovah’s grand righteous kingdom AMEN!

  • Sounds like Robert has been listening to liberal propaganda. Islam has been doing this for over 1400 years. Islamic nations are stable? Iraq, Syria? What planet are you living on?

    Islam was responsible for 99.7% of the deaths caused by terrorism around the world in 2015. Look up the stats yourself if you think I’m making it up. You’ll find similar numbers for any subset of dates you want. Prove me wrong. Check my numbers. Read the Quran. Half their book is about us, the kafir. Do you want to know what they believe about us? I don’t think you do. https://goo.gl/tZdKs7

    • Ed(the other Ed)

      It’s the recent destabilization he’s referring to. First it was Al Qaida then suddenly one day it became Isis. The funding is coming from London thru drug sales to pay of mercenaries. Much like what is happening in South America with guerrilla warfare.

      • just wanted to complement your comment by posting a link for reades to see – archive.larouchepac.com/british_empire

        • Ed(the other Ed)

          Thank you. I will check it out soon!

      • Thank you, Ed. I may have developed an over sensitivity concerning this subject. Unlike many of the others here I did get wrapped up in politics for a couple years as a liberal. It lasted for several years. But as you might expect, political affiliation sets yourself up to deceive yourself.

        I noticed liberals were treating Islam differently from any other religion. They’d call out Christians without a care in the world, but every time you somebody criticizes Islam the liberals would rush to their defense. This was something that really bothered me, because criticism of religion was something I considered very important.

        Unfortunately, as I’d soon find out, the problems of liberalism was beyond anything I could have imagined. Perhaps most of Robert’s audience doesn’t really know about events that have developed recently from the progressive movement.

        It’s really hard to explain, but suffice it to say I have been dealing with these “regressives” now for quite some time, and because I am a vocal critic of Islam it made me an enemy of the same party I once supported. You have no idea how infuriating it has been dealing with these liberal apologists for Islam. I’m so used to their talking points, I when I heard Robert mention Iraq I was immediately triggered. If you only knew how much these people lie about these issues, the excuse making, the deflection, their propaganda, perhaps then you would understand why I’m a bit defensive. Thank God there are still some people out there exposing them for what they are.


        • Ed(the other Ed)

          Anzwertree, Hi again and thank you for the you tube clip, it was interesting and gave me a chuckle or two. I think it’s good thing when a person can stop, take a look and correct their stance on a viewpoint such as what you have done. I too, try and keep myself in check. But if you take it a step further, you or anyone who logs on to this website regularly or any other like it will eventually become neither a liberal or conservative or anything in between. What we will all eventually morph into is “theatrical spectacles” simply for the fact that we don’t fit in anywhere as far as the world labels go. Hang in there brother.

    • ewatchman

      There were no terrorists in Iraq while Saddam was running the country. There were no terrorists in Libya while Gaddafi was ruling. The Anglo-American military ventures that began in 2003 with the attack on Iraq created the environment that has bred terrorism, which, of course, was the intended result.

      And only the most ignorant are unaware of the fact that London’s allies in the Middle East, primarily Saudi Arabia, are responsible for funding ISIS, which is nothing more than a mercenary army. If the individuals making up the jihadist military were not getting paid to terrorize nations they would find work elsewhere.

      • I wish terrorism was the only problem, Robert. It’s not. Terrorism is a useless word, because it’s just a giant distraction. The problem is the beliefs associated with Islam and how it leads them into conflict with their neighbor, exactly like Muhammad did.

        ISIS is not the beginning middle and end of the problem with Islam. As Harris has said, poignantly, find anything ISIS is doing right now that Muhammad did not do in scripture or would not have advocated. Good luck finding anything important. I thought you lived in Europe.

        You of all people should know the threat of Islam more than typical Americans. Muslims only make up like 1% of the population in the US. What about Germany? Do you know of the mass assault in Cologne? Is raping the kafir okay because we invaded Iraq? Who do you think we’re importing? It’s mostly young men with cellphones and all they do is complain about the Internet being slow, and who do you think decides who comes in? We sure don’t. We don’t get to decide who comes in, the United Nations decides who qualifies as a refugee, and we all know how honorable they are.


        • Ed(the other Ed)

          Anzwertree, Interesting stats in the video. Thanks for posting.

      • can you post that iraq video you did not long ago showing what life was like?

      • James

        Agreed Robert – well countered.

        While I’m sure we would all agree that Islam is for all intents and purposes Satanic, it’s also the latest bogey-man for the West to focus their hegemony towards. (for resources .. of course)

    • woe, back up. you mean to tell me people such as Islam have been killing each other for hundres if not thousands of years? get outa here, thats crazy talk! … :/


      useless word – http://www.globalresearch.ca/america-created-al-qaeda-and-the-isis-terror-group/5402881

  • Sam

    Some really insightful responses Robert… the last one especially regarding the princes on the Earth. And i’m afraid i presumptuously thought that Jesus having immortality was only because of his again becoming a spirit and that all spirit persons had immortality although relative being dependent finally on Jehovah and conditional to their faithfulness. But what you said makes sense- Jesus and his kings would become truly immortal being self sustaining.. what a gift!

  • This question coming out concerning Trump is not some random
    question, but it has been directed by Jehovah at just the right moment. The
    questioner has sensed something going on with Trump; however, both King and the
    questioner are a bit off about Trump’s upcoming role. Jehovah is using this
    questioner for the purpose of revealing the power of his foresight and for
    revealing those through whom he is providing this foresight.

    We have known for some time exactly how this next
    presidential election was going to play out, and how it is going to feed into
    prophecy, at least in terms of which party was going to win, and why. We have
    known for nearly a year what the outcome of the election is going to be. The
    American Republican Party is a pawn of the king of the north. King has
    mentioned several times throughout his work that the king of the north is
    engineering a financial crisis. The king of the north is engineering much more
    than that. It is their plan to disallow the Republicans to win this election.
    The king of the north wants the democrats and socialists to be in power when
    the financial collapse occurs in order to be a scapegoat.

    Trump, being a member of the Republican Party, is NOT going
    to win the election. However, it was revealed to us several weeks prior to this
    podcast that Trump is going to play a crucial role in the outworking of the
    king of the north’s will. Trump has already threatened to cause uprising if he
    does not get his way, and this feeds directly into the king of the north’s
    plans for economic collapse.


    I’ve mentioned in our article entitled “The Time of the End”
    that the king of the north is going to use, not nuclear strikes, but economic
    collapse, as his means of bringing down current nation-state system. Daniel
    11:2 confirms this by saying that the king of the north “will amass greater
    riches than all others. And when he becomes strong by means of his riches, he
    will rouse up everything against the kingdom of Greece.” Daniel 11:3 does speak
    about coming into America with a large army and many resources, but this
    invasion is not to take place until America has already been crippled by the
    economic collapse

    • What is the worst possible outcome for the presidential election of 2016? Assuming that an election will actually take place, that is an easy question to answer – Hillary Rodham Clinton as the next president of the United States. She is truly evil in every sense of the word, and the implications of what four (or eight) years of Hillary would mean for the nation are almost too terrible to imagine.

  • Rob

    If the king of the South is America, bastion of freedom and champion of the people, how can the BRICS nations (with their New Development Bank, etc.) be the ones engaged in the pushing? I get that this is a direct threat to the hegemony of the powers that be, but… Wouldn’t it make more sense that American republicanism (king of the south) makes a comeback and the people rise up against the empire? I don’t know if Trump wins, but if he did and there were to be a path towards economic recovery, you could even see cause for a cry of peace and security? In this scenario I can’t see where Trump would be around after the “flooding over”.

    I have no idea, definitely interesting though.

    • Daniel 11:10 states that the king of the north will go back and wage war all the way to his fortress. The fortress of the king of the north is that which serves as a protection for the king of the north – namely the king of the north’s wealth and resources. The king of the north did this back in 2008 with the 1st tremors of financial collapse – it waged war all the way to its fortress in the sense that the financial collapse even crippled Wall Street.

      In response to this, America began enacting socialist agendas such as tighter restrictions on banks and big corporations. These regulations are at odds with the financial oligarchy’s greed and served as the beginning of the pushing. The king of the north’s response to this will eventually be a world-wide economic collapse that will leave the nations defenseless so that the king of the north can then “enter into the lands and sweep through like a flood” (Daniel 11:40)

      • Just a follow-up to this, because some might be thinking “how can the pushing have already started if we’re not yet in the time of the end?”

        While it is true that the actual time of the end begins with the establishment of God’s kingdom and coincides with the beginning of the appointed time of the nations, the time period between the American Revolutionary war and the establishment of God’s kingdom acts as a preliminary to the time of the end in the sense that many of the events that have been taking place during this time period are setting up the world scene in preparation for the events to take place during the actual time of the end. Apparently, for that reason, Daniel sometimes includes this time period when he is referring to the “time of the end”

    • Bklyn Kevin

      The Brics is a relatively new financial institution that was developed in order to combat the financial oligarchs of London who have continuously raped the nation’s through their worldwide fraudulent banking system, now many nations like Russia, China, and Iran no longer wish to be a slave to these financial oligarchs who have been dictating the development of their country’s and that poses a direct threat to the empires world dominance, at this point there is a financial pushing between these nations for financial world dominance and the Anglo American duo are not just going sit by and Idly watch their empire crumble and allow the Russians or the Chinese to be the next new superpower financially or militarily.
      Because once the Anglo American Financial system collapse they will surely take it to the next level in order to secure their domination by thermonuclear war .https://e-watchman.com/updates/

    • ewatchman

      It is interesting.

      The way I see it, though, America is more than a single nation. It is a system. A concept. America is really a creation of Europeans. Not merely the colonists, but the underlying philosphy which founded the nation was based upon the Renaissance and developed over centuries by forward thinkers who wanted to get out from under oppression. The monarchies of Europe were so entrenched it was not possible to do so. But when the new world was discovered it was seized upon as a way to develop a new society. Hence, the American system was eventually born. However, over the past century the empire has gradually corrupted and perverted the American system of nation building with the Empire’s system, the British system of free trade, which puts nations secondary to corporate profits.

      But although America has been ensnared in the net, other nations, like China most notably, are developing rapidly and promoting mutual development between nations of equals, picking up where the US left off 40 years ago. The American system is what the BRICS represent, and ironically what the US is now opposed to due to having been subverted by the Empire – the king of the north

      • as Kevin B. has pointed out, the U.S. is a daughter of London

  • Rob

    Dear Brother King,

    That makes a lot of sense, thanks for the explanation. I recently read the following, it seems that Tarpley has Trump pegged as…

    “possibly the favorite of a shadow government faction who control him. This group wants to use him for strikebreaking, international confrontations, the enforcement of austerity and the imposition of an expanded police state.”

    Tarpley notes that,

    “Hitler did not ride to power on the basis of election success. To the contrary – the Nazi seizure of power in 1933, was enabled by an organized coup d’état which came in the wake of an election they had convincingly lost in November 1933.” …it’s on tarpley.net

    My take away?

    We have an impulse in us all, that yearns for freedom and justice. And, …”it does not belong to man who is walking, even to direct his step.” -Jeremiah 10 verse 23

    I learned here, that the final test involves NOT wondering admiringly at the risen beast, the final 8th king. “Do not put your trust in princes, Nor in a son of man, who cannot bring salvation.” -Psalms 146 verse 3

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