Podcast #65

//Podcast #65

Although the whole notion of soliciting donations is distasteful to me and I have avoided it for a long time, this program marks the start of a so-called crowd-funding campaign that allows listeners to become “patrons” by pledging $1 per month, or more, in order to promote The Watchman’s Post on Google pay-per-click.

It is distressing to me that e-watchman.com does not have a greater presence in organic searches for keywords like “Jehovah’s Witnesses,” especially in view of the plethora of idiotic websites out there. Pay-per-click is a way to boost my online profile at this critical point in time. 

My goal for the upcoming month of December is a modest $900, which could be attained if only a fraction of listeners become patrons. My pledge to you is to use every dollar for promotional purposes – the pledges from the previous month becoming the advertising budget for  the following month. 

For your information, $300 will purchase almost 300 “clicks.” (Podbean takes a small percentage of each pledge) CORRECTION. $300 gets considerably less clicks, depending on which keywords people use. But to get front page on the the phrase “Jehovah’s Witnesses” the bid is up to $2.71. I’ll show some screen shots of my Ad Words account on the next podcast. 

Click here to become a patron of The Watchman’s Post

Just so you know this is not another Internet scam, over the past 13 years of my online presence I estimate that, counting the cost of web hosting, web master expense in the early days, software, pay-per-clicks, self-publishing two editions of the book, a dozen mailing campaigns, not to mention the hardware – computers, camera, mics, etc, etc, I have spent well over $100,000 dollars (and counting) to get my message out there.

Thank you for your support.

Robert King

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  • Regarding the first write in, I can sense she is still under the impression life needs to fit into a definitive box. Hopefully she figures out soon that mode of thought will drive her insane. Structure and consistency is a rarity out here. Sometimes we just have to be okay moving on without the answers.

  • Jonah Peter Paul

    Don’t you think you should extend the fundraising deadline?

    • ewatchman

      The Podbean crowd funding thing is set up to go month-by-month. I started towards the end of November, obviously. But next month I have to set up a new campaign. But the pledges of this month will carry over. At least, I think that is how it works. I hope, too, that patrons understand that their pledges are reoccurring monthly expenses and not one-time donations.

      I had no expectation that the $300 goal would be met this month, but in less than 24 hours the goal has almost been reached. I am pretty much blown away by the response. I already cranked up the pay-per-click machine.


      • irene evans

        dear brother i am in a quandry, i do not feel i want to contribute to the congregations ass tthe W.T is using our monies to pay out compensation to victims of abuse which i believe they have a right, but i also think about our pioneers and bethelites and our brothers in poorer congregations, at the same time i would like to contribute to your reaching others with your message, how do i contribute , thanks Robert

        • Sam

          I believe our brother’s response regarding contributing to the WT is that it is the fault of those in charge if they misuse funds. As the illustration of the master and his talents quite literally shows. As you say, our brothers do benefit from such even if some of the funds are used wrongly.

        • Jonah Peter Paul

          brother Robert had a mailbag question about this before. Here is the link. I can still remember the excellent points brother Robert made here https://e-watchman.com/should-i-donate/
          Brother Robert’s take in that is, yes there are evil slaves inside the organization which misuses the funds that are given for Jehovah but there are also faithful slaves who do benefit from the money donated somehow. Plus when Jesus praised the widowed woman who gave two small coins in the contribution box, he already knew that somehow the pharisees in the temple were corrupt because he had just cleaned the temple and yet he still praised the widow for donating.

          • irene evans

            thanks your reply is helpfull

            • Bklyn Kevin

              Zechariah 13:8“
              And in all the land,” declares Jehovah,“Two parts in it will be cut off and perish;*And the third part will be left remaining in it. 9 And I will bring the third part through the fire;And I will refine them as silver is refined,And test them as gold is tested.+They will call on my name,And I will answer them.I will say, ‘They are my people,’+And they will say, ‘Jehovah is our God.’”

            • Bklyn Kevin

              Question concerning the prophecy of Zechariah
              Robert King 2015-October 14th, 2015|
              Home/Mailbag/Question concerning the prophecy of Zechariah

            • irene evans

              thanks Kevin very helpfull

          • irene evans

            can you direct me to the scripture that says only a 3rd of Jehovahs ppl will survive the tribulation thank you

      • Jonah Peter Paul

        Thanks just thought that since you know it’s weekends some who may want to contribute may not be able to make it before the deadline. It’s not really about the amount set being made, but you know it could help others feel better as well knowing that they were able to do something, no matter how little for a great cause. If you’re going to set up another campaign that would be great. We really wanted to be be part of this month’s campaign the problem is the credit card since we are more of a cash person- we don’t use cc at all. I’m hoping next month would be different for us and we may be able to contribute.

        I’ve seen ridiculous and shallow reasons other set up a crowdfunding for and yet this cause, trying to do something for Jehovah God, trying to help save other people I mean can anything get any better than that? What is 300$ even? I haven’t seen a fundraising that small. I expected that it would be a little bigger. Anyway what matters is that hopefully it would be sufficient to be able to lead other more to this website. We did try several search keywords when you decided to make a separate website for the daily commentary but the DC appears neither on firefox or google. It upsets us that as you have mentioned, other insignificant websites appear higher up on the search results. It is frustrating and upsetting to say the least cause all these other websites do is confuse and stumble more people. They don’t really give reasonable biblical answers. They just cast doubt and the next thing you know, those who used to believe in Jehovah now worship Jesus or worse become atheists or pagans.

        I am very well aware that there has been a deal made between satan and Jehovah God so that his people may be put to the test just like Job was. But I also know that those who have suffered a lot like us or even more like us are offered this lifeline, the foreknowledge about what is about to occur in the future and definitely there are other lowly ones, humble ones, confused ones, stumbled ones out there who need to find your website, who need to have their faith strengthened, who need to be reassured that Jehovah is still there and that he will soon take action. You did everything within your power but it seems like the search results are being sabotaged. We are puzzled too. Isn’t one of the reasons you changed your website was to garner a higher ranking in the search results?

        • Sam

          from what I understand, payment doesn’t go out until the 1st of every month

        • D34D 4L!3N

          you can use a prepaid gift card if any are at a store near by. it cost 5 bucks but good for online use if u want to avoid mail

  • Sam

    If you were to do these podcasts more regularly as you say, that would be fantastic. They are so very encouraging!

  • Heath

    Hello everyone…Robert hope all is well, I was happy to contribute while there’s an opportunity to do so. I just started anew employment that will give me more time for spiritual growth and in writing, its been a long time coming..I hope Jehovah’s spirit is and remains with you all.

    • Heath

      Actually my work was taking all my time, I had nothing left and I had to make a decision on what I wanted and continued to pray about it..finally something came along that sounded pretty good so we’ll see how it goes..I was a little discouraged for awhile because the demands of my employer continued to increase more and more while I scrubbed my Google plus to start over and its been a fight to get it back, I hope the decision was right it was for Jehovah I made it..

      • ewatchman

        Glad to see ya, Heath. I have wondered where you have been. This old system can just swallow us up. Good to see you are still fighting the fine fight.

        Thanks for your generous support too. I was so encouraged by the support from you all that I received just within the first 24 hours that I upped the goal to $900 for December, and also already increased by advertising budget on Google adwords. Thanks everyone!

        • Jonah Peter Paul

          Told you so.. 300$ is nothing when it comes to online advertising. A relative of mine with a good paying job who set up an online store didn’t make it past a month or two. The fees with the website alone killed her ambitions. She did pay a lot for advertising but it wasn’t enough as well. You have to continuously do these things it’s not just a one time thing and you magically get a large audience. But the fees are really crippling even just for advertising alone. You said it yourself in your podcast when you tried to advertise with the pay per click, it automatically charged 500$ from your credit card in just a short time. That is why we were wondering why you set up a goal of only 300$.

          The time we have is short. Everything our brothers and sisters need to know are already provided in this website all it needs is more advertising! We believe that many others do see the importance of supporting this cause and hopefully through Jehovah’s help, the goal for December would be met as well and may your website be able to save more brothers and sisters in the very near future mass stumbling.

        • Heath

          Thanks Robert, its good to see you too, I’ve been away awhile. I’m sure the goal will be a success, there’s alot of people that believe in what your doing and want Jehovah’s witnesses to hear it. It good to be back I hope to get busy and be an encouragement to you all as well. I hope Jehovah blesses you all in the weeks and months to come..awesome job on the website Robert

        • Leonard k

          i have high hopes for your new campaign brother Robert i pray it will be far reaching to all those in search for jehovah’s holy word. may jehovah’s blessings be with you and all of your blessed efforts.

  • I was not going to originally post anything here, but after actually listening to the podcast, I have to say that I am absolutely astounded at the level of egomania that is required, particularly by a servant of Jehovah, to utter the phrase “It’s not acceptable to me that my website is languishing in obscurity.” It is your job to provide information and make it available, and is it not Jehovah’s job to make sure the information gets to those who need it? Is not Jehovah capable of making his own words known to those whom he wishes? You concern yourself with what is acceptable to you, when the question you should be asking is, “what is acceptable to Jehovah?”

    When Moses led the Israelites out of captivity, they were impoverished, coming out of bondage. Instead of telling Moses to burden his people further by taking what little they had, did not Jehovah provide the resources that would be needed to accomplish his will? Jehovah has proven himself more than capable of providing what is necessary when he forced his own enemy, the Egyptians, to hand over their valuables to his people so that they might have a contribution to his work.

    That’s not to say that asking for $1 a month is unreasonable, it’s not, and my problem isn’t particularly with your asking for donations. Did Jehovah have Moses do all the work of making the tents and the utensils and everything else alone, or did he have those with talents use them to accomplish the work? You, however, have even admitted to being a lone ranger, refusing the potential contributions of others to Jehovah’s work (and it is Jehovah’s work, not yours). Maybe one day you will again be able to see past the end of your nose, because your own ego wasn’t always this way. I hope that day doesn’t come too late.
    Please do not misinterpret what I have to say here as hostile. The effort you put forth in getting out the word is very important, and I respect you for the role that you have played in the outworking of Jehovah’s will. But please keep in mind that Jehovah will cause the haughty one to become low and the humble one he will raise up.

    • ewatchman

      Unlike the Watchtower, I don’t presume to expect God to do everything, or anything for that matter. I take sole responsibility for what is published and I also have taken the initiative to promote it, whether through mail outs or various means on the Internet. Would it be more acceptable to you if I said that it is not pleasing to Jehovah that e-watchman is not so easy to find? Don’t you think that would be presumptuous of me?

      Because my work is all about how the future is to unfold though, ultimately only the end result will prove whether God has been my backer or not. Until then it is as Paul wrote:

      “A man should regard us as attendants of Christ and stewards of God’s sacred secrets. In this regard, what is expected of stewards is that they be found faithful. Now to me it is of very little importance to be examined by you or by a human tribunal. In fact, I do not even examine myself. For I am not conscious of anything against myself. But by this I am not proved righteous; the one who examines me is Jehovah. Therefore, do not judge anything before the due time, until the Lord comes. He will bring the secret things of darkness to light and make known the intentions of the hearts, and then each one will receive his praise from God.”

      • Jonah Peter Paul


      • Jonah Peter Paul

        Saw this earlier today and already typed a reply. It’s good that I held
        back though cause it’s always best when the answers come straight from
        you. This person’s comment is highly exaggerated and unwarranted and no
        wonder why. Unfortunately many ambitious people really do not get what
        it is like to have the assignment given to you. They think it is all
        about receiving the credit and fame which is the exact opposite of what
        it really is.This person is one of the “watchman wannabes”
        unfortunately. This person together with 2 others do have a website
        where they claim ridiculous and hilarious nonsense. They claim that the
        organization was used by Jehovah but then they disobeyed him so He moved
        on next and appointed you but according to these wannabes you were
        “hard headed” and Jehovah seemed bipolar so He changed his mind “again”
        and now they are the new recruits who were assigned, supposedly by God
        himself to replace you. I wonder who would God assign after he changes
        his mind again. What a gross misuse of God’s holy name. One of these
        supposedly “replacements” of yours has already commented once and tried
        to use your website to promote their hilarious claims but when it didn’t
        work, now they resorted to attacking you, hoping somehow that they’d
        get some attention. We really feel sorry for them. But on the other hand
        this person seems to have a lot of faith don’t you think? He/She
        unrealistically expects Jehovah God to do everything within a flick of
        an eye and work miracles and wonders so that you wouldn’t have to drop a
        sweat or do anything except sit pretty.

      • Mr. King,
        You are absolutely right, it would be presumptuous to say what is acceptable to Jehovah. You quote Paul as saying “I do not even examine myself,” yet that is exactly what you are doing when you decide what level of popularity is acceptable for your site.

        You say you take sole responsibility for your own work so that Jehovah doesn’t have to do anything? How is it possible for an imperfect human to take sole responsibility for their own work except for with their death? Jesus died for the very reason that we are incapable of taking sole responsibility. Eve wanted to take responsibility for her own actions rather than relying on Jehovah’s decisions and look what it did to her! Even Jesus, God’s only-begotten son and heir of God’s Kingdom did not take sole responsibility for his assignment. If he had, how would he ever have been able to raise himself from the dead? The very core of the battle between God and Satan is whether or not God’s creation needs him. Mr. King, I’m sure that Satan is more than delighted to hear those words uttered from someone who is anointed.

        Every time I have ever heard anyone correct you, you immediately take a defensive stance, even if the correction is a side note in an otherwise supportive message. Is that the stance a Christian, particularly one who is anointed, is supposed to take? Or are Christians supposed to reflect on correction as an expression of love and make adjustments when necessary? The only correction I have ever heard you take positively have been minor technical corrections about the grammar or wording of a document or some such nonsense.
        Just because you are being corrected does not mean that Jehovah has abandoned you. Indeed, rather, it means that Jehovah loves you and has taken the time to send a messenger so that you may make needed adjustments. When Jehovah sent Nathan to confront David about his sins with Bath-Sheba, did he pout about it and act defensively? No! He accepted the correction and repented. Sure, David suffered punishment for what he did, but ultimately Jehovah forgave him and did not abandon him. David’s kingship was not revoked simply because he was imperfect. (2 Sam 12:1-14)

        Likewise, you have contributed much to the outworking of God’s will. I would not be where I’m at in life today if it were not for you. I had questioned 1914 long before I came upon your website. You put the work out there, and Jehovah led me to it. At that time, your website was not as popular as it is today and you were relatively unknown. That is proof that Jehovah gets the message out to those who need it. As long as you’re putting the information out there, it is Jehovah who guides those to it who need it.

        • ewatchman

          Tara, I am glad you feel that Jehovah is involved in matters connected to e-watchman. I have seen a lot of evidence to convince me of that too.

          Nevertheless, when I say I take responsibility for everything, that is merely stating the obvious. The keys on my keyboard do not just type themselves. Money to promote the site doesn’t just miraculously appear. I have to work to make things happen. I hope God blesses my efforts. I hope it is meaningful and accomplishes God’s will. I hope I can keep going to the end.

          I would correct you on a seeming misunderstanding. I did not intend to imply that God has done nothing, only that I do not presume to offload everything on him or make the claim of being inspired or whatever. For example, the WT claims that Jehovah personally prepares everything that may be delivered at an assembly or even at weekly meetings. All spiritual food comes directly from heaven. But does it? That seems to me to be presumptuous and disingenuous in the extreme. That would imply that God is responsible for all of the errors and flip flops and whatever else. Although he allows it he certainly is not the source.

          So, I prefer to not make such claims of having God’s undying support. I just keep doing what I do and leave the rest in God’s hands.

          And yes, it is unacceptable to me that Google doesn’t rank the site well. I have been trying to fix it for quite awhile, long before I started up the crowdfunding last week. Maybe the angels will intervene and give the site a boost. That would be something! But if they don’t I’ll keep slugging away one click and one kilobyte at a time.

          • Mr. King,

            I never once doubted that Jehovah was backing you or your website. I am glad to see that we are still on civil terms and I understand your point on not wanting to “offload” your assignment back onto Jehovah, I have felt that way myself at times, because I am certain that my grandmother and I also have an assignment to carry out. Although we do not have the resources that you have…putting thousands of dollars in a campaign. All we can do at this point is put out the information that Jehovah has given to us and trust that he will provide what is needed, as he always does. That is not to say that we slack and don’t do our part…but that which we are incapable of, we have faith that Jehovah will take care of. Although that which we have been given involves much of prophecy, at this particular point in time, Jehovah is trying to express, to all of us the sentiment at Psalm 55:22, “Throw your burden on Jehovah/And he will sustain you.”

            As for the matter of what is God’s word, and what is not, don’t forget that the men who pen God’s word are imperfect. Think about this: the manuscripts and scrolls that we have recovered and since pieced together into the book that we now call the Bible are not the original scrolls that were written by the writers of the Bible. We have no way of determining how much of the original message was preserved to our time. The manuscripts are copies of copies of copies of scrolls that were hundreds of years old, and that’s just for the Greek scrolls. the Hebrew manuscripts were copies of copies of copies that were much older. On top of that, the manuscripts we have of the 5 books of Moses were copies of copies of copies of a largely oral tradition. Sure, Moses actually wrote the scrolls, but the means of passing down the Torah from generation to generation was traditionally oral. On top of all that, you would be surprised at how the books of the Bible were canonized. There are those that don’t understand that Jehovah was behind the process the whole time, refining his word with each successive revision, in order to weed out that which was a result of imperfection. Nothing we do is perfect, including copying down expressions inspired by Jehovah. Imperfection is going to creep into it…it’s just a fact of life right now. But that doesn’t mean that Jehovah isn’t capable of refining it. In the case of the watchtower, it’s true they produced nothing original and simply restored that which was already known but had since been lost. But even that was inspired and directed by Jehovah. The fact that the organization is turning apostate does not change that fact.

            So, while not everything on your website or our website is completely 100% inspired because we are imperfect, that which is not will eventually be weeded out at Jehovah’s direction until those writings too are ready to be canonized into the “new scrolls” (w10 4/15 p. 11 par 17; Rev 20:12) There are already things on our website that need to be refined, and we are currently in the process of making some of those corrections. That doesn’t mean when we are finished the whole thing will be 100% free of error, but one thing is for sure…by the time the new scrolls are ready to be canonized, they will be.

            I know you’ve explained to Lillie that you don’t collaborate with others, but I think maybe it’s time to reconsider that stance. As I mentioned earlier, Jehovah did not expect Moses to assemble the tabernacle and the utensils and everything else on his own. He needed help, so Jehovah commanded him to gather “all who are skilled” to help with the work (Exodus 35:4, 10-19).

            I do not have a heavenly hope, but as you now, Lillie does. Do you not suppose that once all the anointed have been gathered together in heaven Jehovah is going to need people on the earth to continue to lead until an amount of perfection is restored to the earth. There will be many on the earth who will be left in the wilderness and need direction (Revelation 12:5, 6). Notice that the woman flees to the wilderness AFTER the anointed are snatched away to God. Is not this the time to begin preparing for that eventuality? It is going to take planning, and you said yourself that you do not foresee a role for yourself after the judgment of God is a reality, so should you not be in preparations with those whom Jehovah is calling to fulfill that position?

            • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

              After me examining e-watchman’s website since 2010 there is no doubt in me to say boldly that e-watchman’s website has Jehovah’s backing, because often I myself felt to translation of e-watchman’s website in our South Indian languages such as Kannada,Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu. Yes I am thinking of raising a fund to do so. Yes indeed e-watchman has Jehovah’s backing there is no doubt in that.

            • Erik

              brought up the subject of how those who survive the GT will need direction. Doubtless,
              in time, all those who survive will need to be instructed on new things
              especially when it comes to the issue of the resurrection. Who will teach them
              and where are they to go to receive their education? Will they be resurrected from
              one location or from various locations? Yes, many questions but we can be
              confident that under the direction of Jesus Christ they will all be answered
              and those who are assigned as teachers will be trained to take on this responsibility.
              Therefore, the only thing one needs to focus on now is making sure their
              relationship with Jehovah is strong by living according to His word and
              instructions which of course is primarily displayed by the love one manifest in
              their lives. (1 Cor. Chap. 13). Having spent time on your website it is clear
              that some of the things written are far different than what Bro. King has
              written. For example you talk about a future UN-JW alliance. While I am not
              saying that is impossible I will admit it seems to fall beyond the scope of
              probability. Of course only time will reveal the truth. But I believe the most
              important service that you and Brother King are doing is making people aware
              that the coming GT may unfold far differently than what JW’s have been led to
              believe. And if it does, they should be careful not to use that as an excuse to
              stop worshipping Jehovah and doing what they know is right. We already know
              that in the future “many will be stumbled”. Hopefully, those who are
              spiritually stronger will be there to help the many who will be confused and
              lost during the difficult times just ahead. It seems likely that the ones who
              will be the spiritual leaders during that time are those who are currently
              viewed as insignificant. No matter, it is Jehovah who will decide who are the
              ones that will have a role in the fulfillment of his purpose.

          • Jonah Peter Paul

            Oh I thought they didn’t like you? Now they want to collaborate. Just as expected, It all comes down to “we wanna be e-watchman too” or probably they want your website to be e-watchmen and e-watchwomen. Now everyone has an assignment supposedly given to them by Jehovah, everybody wants to join now. Why aren’t we surprised? Cause this isn’t the first time that this has happened. What’s very obvious though is that no one has achieved what you have, stayed this long online, made himself public, said things beforehand that eventually happened. People can’t just decide one day that they have a so called “assignment” from God and yet nothing to back that. Shouldn’t you be banning those who are trying to promote themselves/ their own teachings or other websites here?

            • ewatchman

              You are funny. You make me laugh, for all the right reasons. I think you are spot on too.

            • I have no desire to be a part of Mr King’s website. Like I said, I have my own assignment. And I have much to back it up. In addition to new insights on the prophecies, much of which complement some of King’s work, I have been given future insights into my own personal path, all of which have either come true, or are being fulfilled in remarkable ways. If Mr. King wants to isolate himself from the rest of us that Jehovah is calling forth and instead rely on his own resources then that will be the source of his reward. My own path is growing brighter and clearer with each passing day and Robert King said himself that his website is not as popular as it once was and that he hasn’t really been given any new insights over the past 10 years or so, but what can you expect when you rely on material resources and your own understanding rather than Jehovah? I came here, not to ask to be a part of your little club, but to extend an on an invitation, because with or without Mr. King, Jehovah is moving forward (and my purpose for posting here was not made clear to me until Mr. King posted his penultimate response…I was simply following where Jehovah’s Holy Spirit was leading). I am saddened by Mr. King’s response, not because I feel left out, for I know I have not, but because Mr. King has hardened his heart to Jehovah’s message and he is going to be the one left behind if he continues on this path.

        • Erik

          I find it interesting that according to Brother King the Watchtower organization will be one of the first religions to be removed during the GT, yet according to your website it will be one of the last. Only one can be accurate. It will be interesting to see how things unfold.

          • Of all the contrasting points between our view and RK’s view, I never thought about that one, but you are right. That doesn’t mean that we believe that Mr. King is wrong in saying that judgment begins with the house of God. That is clear from 1 Peter 4:17. But the judgment does not begin with the annihilation of the WT. Rather, it is a captivity into Babylon the Great via the UN and the beginning of the mark of the beast. In other words, that judgement begins with the house of God means that the JWs will be the first in line to receive the mark. This of course, occurs after the fall of Babylon the Great (which, as described in our paper, is not the same as the destruction of Babylon the Great). Rather, the unlikely JW-UN alliance occurs as a RESULT of the fall of BTG, because the UN sees the resources of the WT as an opportunity, and so it tells the man of lawlessness what it wants to hear, that God is using the UN as a means of helping “true religion” propagate and survive–and of course the WT already teaches that God uses the authorities for their own advancement. Of course, once the UN has used its “smooth speech” to get in with the WT, it quickly takes control and the original man of lawlessness gets swept away. One of the interesting things about the prophecies is that their fulfillment initially seems unlikely to those who hear it, which is what makes their fulfillment so stark.

            • Bklyn Kevin

              With all due respect what you are claiming is not even “debatable” In view of what Peter clearly explains to us.
              For it is the appointed time for the “judgment to start” with the house of God. Now if it “starts first” with us, what will the outcome be for those who are not obedient to the good news of God? 1 Peter 4:17.
              There Is no in between, Peter clearly states that the judgment begins first with the house of GOD,
              now if the judgment begins with the house of GOD first as you even admit in your comment then surely they are to be annihilated first as well, as common sense would most certainly dictate.
              And they are judged for disciplinary reasons
              However, when we are judged, we are disciplined by Jehovah, so that we may not become condemned with the world. 1 Corinthians 11:32 .
              Now After the sons of GOD had been refined they will commence in a five month preaching work concerning the final judgment against this satanic system.
              And it was granted the locusts, not to kill them, but to torment them five months, and their torment was like torment by a scorpion when it strikes a person. In those days people will seek death but will by no means find it, and they will long to die, but death will flee from them. Revelation 9:5-10.

            • judgment is judgment….when one is judged by God, that judgment is final. It does not say that we are judged FOR disciplinary reasons, it says, WHEN we are judged, we are disciplined by Jehovah. In other words, Jehovah judges “us” as worthy of not receiving eternal destruction in Gehenna, and instead we are disciplined, and thus refined so that we “may not be condemned with the world.” There is no hope for those who are judged adversely by Jehovah.

            • Bklyn Kevin

              Perhaps I would take your assumptions more seriously if you would have provided a sound scriptural foundation.
              Now I have paid close attention to your dialogues and found them wanting for scriptural support, you can’t just throw your ideas around and expect people to take you serious without scriptural verification yet that’s what you are doing.
              I have provided you with a scriptural references to1Corinthians 11:32 concerning the sons of GOD being refined which you have disregarded and trampled on by using your own speculation/ideas
              I think you need to reexamine your motives..

            • Bklyn, you’re absolutely right about my last comment…I did a quick response without really taking the time to think about it. I came here to encourage Erik and I got defensive. My apologies.

            • Bklyn Kevin

              It’s all good !, and I’m most certainly glad you are assisting others,
              And there’s no need to be defensive as we are all here to learn about the deep things of Jehovah as to gain an accurate knowledge of Jehovah and his plan.

            • Erik

              I appreciate that you are keeping it in perspective.
              While it’s true we all may have some thoughts on how things may unfold, it appears we are all united in our desire to serve Jehovah and his son the best we can. And while it is also true that there are stark differences between the information from Brother King compared to the information found on Tara’a website (jehovahword.org) I believe they are both doing a valuable service by pointing out that the future may unfold much differently than what the average JW has been led to believe.
              Although I currently lean towards the information presented by Brother King I would be reluctant to completely dismiss any other ideas that others may have. Perhaps,parts of what they’re both teaching may occur. I believe,what’s really important isn’t about knowing exactly how things will occur but rather being prepared for the unexpected.
              We know that “many will be stumbled” because they will not be ready nor prepared for things unfolding in ways they were not expecting. In my opinion, it will be the responsibility of those who are prepared for this to help those who will not be. During these difficult times the friends will need to be reminded that it is important to keep one’s integrity and not to let these events shake us from our faith and love of Jehovah and his son. We know that sadly, some will not listen but I believe there will be those who will and appreciate the timely encouragement during that time. We, who have been directed by Jehovah to this information or have been given insight to what may unfold will have the privilege of helping those who are confused or feel lost during the GT.
              I was baptized over 40 years ago and about 10 years ago I wanted to “fade away”. I was both sadden and troubled by the way the organization handled many of the judicial cases and treatment of disfellowshiped brothers and sisters. In my younger days I didn’t
              seem to have a problem with it but as I got older my conscience was constantly pricking me. I felt I was partly responsible for some who eventually left the truth entirely. So I decided I could no longer support these often times, unfair and unloving judicial decisions. So I decided to just move and “fade away”. But about 5 years ago I somehow came across this website. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular but here it was. I was reluctant at first but I couldn’t shake the fact that the information presented had “the ring of truth”. In time, I accepted it and now realize that “fading out” would not have been in the best
              interest of those I care deeply about. I encourage anyone who is thinking about fading out” to stay put. Someday you are going to be of valuable service to all those who are not going to know what to do or even what to think when the coming GT begins. I would admonish
              all current brothers and sisters: stay put and be ready.

            • Rose Alves

              I have thought about returning to the congregation, but I would never be able to alert anyone as the elders would never re-instate me as I am considered as an apostate who is demon possessed. I also have the heavenly hope and the elders don’t allow me to partake. Unfortunately I had to partake at home at the last memorial. For them to re-instate me I would have to confess that I no longer have apostate ideas and beliefs and that I could never do. Jehovah miraculously led me to This wonderful site that has helped me to heal and has provided answers to all my questions.
              Jehovah is also using me on you tube to alert the Portuguese brothers and sisters and directing them to this website. I am translating Roberts articles into Portuguese and making videos out of them. In fact I made a video from Robert’s article “IMAGINING PARADISE” both in English and Portuguese. Here’s the link if anybody would like to watch it.

              I have also got in touch with a sister from my ex congregation who has been treated unjustly by the elders. Fortunately she agreed to chat to me and I was able to alert her of what is to occur. We spoke for three hours and she was ever so grateful and at the same time shocked. She was thinking of fading away but now she says she will stay to help those who will be needing it. She couldn’t stop thanking me. Thanks brother for your encourage story.

            • Erik

              Hello sister Alves,
              I remember you.
              Yours was one of the first stories I came across when I was first struggling with the idea that perhaps the information presented by Brother King may in fact be true. At first, I was reluctant to accept it however every day my mind keep telling me that this information had “the ring of truth”. I was actually afraid to read more because everything I was reading made sense and I had never thought that there was any other truth out there despite the fact I had been praying to our Heavenly Father that he would direct me to truth no matter where it came from. Little did I realize that prayer would be answered. I remember what struck me about your story was the way the elders assumed that because your views were different that somehow you were not acceptable (much less approved) by Jehovah. It also made me feel badly because I use to be just like them when I was younger, zealous but not balanced in my desire to live by the truth as seen through the
              eyes of an “organization man”. As I read your story it reminded me why I had to leave. How incredibly unloving and dangerous it was for these men to assume you are not loved by Jehovah. How much better it would had been if they simply decided that your belief of being one of the anointed is between you and Jehovah only. Whether they believed it or not, here was no reason to interfere. They could have just waited and let time reveal it. Sadly, they will now have to come to terms with the fact that they had opposed the Holy Spirit if indeed you join the heavenly ranks in the near future. Imagine having to live with that for the rest of your life. As for my comment that one should avoid “fading out” so that they can help others during the GT, I realize, such as in your case, it may not be practical. Despite that Rose, I believe you still have a
              purpose to serve in the future. I believe that someday it will be obvious to your congregation that indeed you are one of the anointed. When that happens many will then come to realize that the elders had unwittingly opposed the Holy Spirit and will abandon both the congregation as well as the organization. But where will they go? Who will then help them in the search for what is truth a mist all the chaos and confusion that will be happening? Very likely it will be you if indeed you have the heavenly calling, which I believe is likely. “They will shine as brightly as the sun” Dan. 12:3. We know that applies symbolically but it also may well apply literally. When Moses came down from the mountain his face did indeed radiate thus proving to all that he was the approved servant of God. This may well occur again so that Jehovah will make it very clear to everyone at that time who really are his approved servants.
              Rose, I have visited your website and admire the work you are doing.
              You are doing a great service for many.
              My dear sister, may Jehovah continue to bless you.

            • Rose Alves

              Dear brother Eric. Thank you for such an encouraging comment. It re-affirmed what Jehovah has been showing me all along. As I read your comment the tears just flowed down my face. It was like as if Jehovah had penned those words for me, to assure me that I will be helping my beloved brothers and sisters when everything comes tumbling down. Brother Eric what a grand privilege we have to be spared of the stumbling that is to befall the majority of Jehovah’s witnesses. Every time I think of it I feel so unworthy of this privilege and all I can do is say to Jehovah: “HERE I AM SEND ME.”
              I am so happy that my video has helped you. Brother once again thank you very much for responding to my comment. I have enjoyed reading your other comments alot as well as the other brothers and sisters as well. They all serve to encourage one another.
              May Jehovah continue to enlighten you my brother in helping to alert whoever is willing to hear you and in encouraging others the way you have encouraged me.
              Your sister Rosa

            • D34D 4L!3N

              i wish i could write like u Erik. u bring tears to my eyes. knowing Jehovah has answerd your prayer hits me greatly

            • Rose Alves

              Hi Erik I have reason to believe that Robert King is a false anointed prophet. He is a messenger of Satan. He uses Satan’s world to interpret Bible prophecy. The birth pangs happen within anointed never in Satan’s world. I could never really understand how he can advice people to go back to a corrupt religion when Jehovah says to get out of her. Please contact me o have lots if things to discuss with you. rosita288@gmail.com

            • Jonah Peter Paul

              Kevin what do you expect from “plagiarized teachings” it’s either they copied it from JWorg or from e-watchman. I checked it out and and people would definitely be better off going in JWorg than in that place. They take the organization’s teachings and some of Robert’s explanations and then they add some ridiculous twists and voila! They have a God-given insight now. The timing of their existence is ridiculous as well. Robert has been here since 2002 and they suddenly appear like wild mushrooms “in 2015” claiming this and that. I bet the third world war would erupt and their website is still under construction. Really really hilarious. There’s no point in throwing our pearl to the pigs, the Bible says. And so let’s just allow him/her to humiliate herself with his/her ridiculous claims. If I didn’t find any other website out there and theirs is the only one I found, I would definitely just go running back to the Watchtower.

            • Bklyn Kevin

              There is always hope that people will get the sense of it.

            • Rose Alves

              You really have a very judgmental attitude. Kate you would do well to keep your opinions to yourself instead of belittling people. It was because of your attitude that i had to unfriend you.

  • irene evans

    does anyone have a view on the W.T changeing policies on using blood factions, and what does Paul mean by abstaining from blood, thanks

    • Kevin b

      I’ve done some research on this in the past, this is what I found.

      In 1945 the Watchtower Society banned its members from accepting any form of blood, whether it be whole or fractional. Since then the Watchtower have managed to tie themselves up in the technicalities and changing its mind on what is acceptable to what is not acceptable only for it to be acceptable in a few years time.

      Here is the Watchtower’s history on the issue of blood

      1940 Blood transfusions are acceptable
      1945 Blood transfusion are not acceptable
      1956 Blood serums should be treated as blood and are banned
      1958 Blood serums and fractions acceptable
      1959 Storage of own blood unacceptable
      1961 Blood fractions are not acceptable
      1964 Blood fractions are acceptable
      1974 Blood serums are personal choice
      1975 Hemophilia treatments (Factor VII & IX) are not acceptable
      1978 Hemophilia treatments (Factor VII & IX) are acceptable
      1982 Albumin is acceptable
      1983 Hemodilution is acceptable
      1990 Hemodilution is not acceptable (Blood Brochure)
      1995 Hemodilution is acceptable

      So after all this what is acceptable and what is not?

      Hemophilia preparations (Factor VII & IX)

      Not acceptable

      Whole blood
      White blood cell (Leukocytes)
      Red blood cells
      Storage of blood outside of the body
      The reasoning and logic behind how the Watchtower decides what is acceptable and what is not seems somewhat flawed. If we consider their current policy with regard plasma we see that it’s composition is made up of 92% water with the remaining 8% made up from Albumin, Immunoglobulins, fibrinogen and coagulation factors. So in fact every thing contained within blood plasma is on the Watchtower’s acceptable list but blood plasma on its own is not. So one can assume that as long as a patient requiring plasma receives the principle components separately there is not a problem.

      The ban on white blood (Leukocytes) cells is also illogical given that only 3 percent of a bodies total Leukocytes are contained in the blood system, with the other 97% being distributed through the body tissue. As the Watchtower now allows for organ transplants a patient receiving one will actually receive into his body more leukocytes from the tissue in the organ than they would if they had a blood transfusion. It is also worth noting that mother’s breast milk contains as much as 12 times more Leukocytes than that found in a similar quantity of blood.

      The Watchtower makes a big deal out of their stance on blood when they talk about the benefits from abstaining from it. For example they state that from not having a blood transfusion the patient protects themselves from the risk of contracting diseases such as AIDS that may have contaminated the blood. The Watchtower fail to point out that Hemophilia preparation which were the major cause of transfusion acquired AIDS is on Watchtower’s acceptable list.

      The Watchtower also fail to recognize that all acceptable blood fractions come from blood that has been stored outside a human body, which in itself is on the Watchtower’s list of unacceptable practices.

      Hopefully the blood issue will follow the path that Vaccinations and Organ Transplants took in that they were previous banned but now allowed.

      The tragedy of all this is how many faithful Jehovah Witnesses lost lives in the period when blood fractions were banned?

      • Bklyn Kevin

        Very useful piece of information to have on hand.
        Thank you for sharing , I’m definitely storing it for future reference.

    • ewatchman

      The business of using blood has been constantly changing. Back during WWII when the practice of infusing blood started to become widespread, it was pretty straightforward. But over the past 70 years the blood industry has devised more and varied uses for blood in medicine and fractions of whole blood. Now, though, some segments of medicine are coming full circle and looking for alternatives to blood. Jehovah’s Witnesses have had quite a bit to do with that turn-around. http://noblood.org/

      • Bklyn Kevin

        I strictly adhere to abstaining from blood altogether as well as its blood fractions, I don’t believe there is any gray area, the bible clearly says to abstain from blood it doesn’t say we could have bits and pieces of it!.
        However what people decide to do is between them and Jehovah.
        But People should be made aware of their options concerning this issue and the alternatives.

  • Erik

    Thanks for the podcast. I could not agree with you more.
    I was baptized over 40 years ago but though I now see things differently, I believe it would only make things worst if I walk away now. For the past few years I have asked the friends to think about the possibility of things unfolding in the future far different than what they are expecting. Then I ask the question: “Would that cause you to stop loving Jehovah or even stop doing what you know is right?”. I see it as my duty is to discreetly try and prepare them for events they are not expecting and when it does to remind them that Jehovah is still real and that he is allowing this for a reason.
    Yes, many will be stumbled but if I can help anyone to get through this then I want to be there to help them. So for anyone thinking about “fading away” I would encourage you NOT to do so. Stay among the friends because the day will come when the “voice of reason” will need to speak up a mist all the confusion that many will experience at that time.

    • D34D 4L!3N

      amen brother, i hope we can hear from each-other how we helped reason to others during the tribulation

    • Teleologist


  • great podcast Robert very encouraging just what i needed thank you!

  • Bklyn Kevin

    Robert I had tried to resend you the question that I had asked you earlier through your contact messenger right here on your website however the robot keeps asking me to verify that I am not a robot and then the message fails to be sent and I double checked everything I’m doing according to the instructions and yet the message fails to go through.
    I had made several attempts to no avail. Perhaps there is a malfunction?.

  • Bklyn Kevin

    rickey241003 years ago – question.
    how much money have you made doing this stuff rob? 😉

    Robert King3 years ago – reply
    You don’t see any advertisements of my YouTube videos do you? I make nothing. But, over the past decade, considering the computers I have used up, postage for the tens of thousands of letters I have mailed to elders around the world, Google pay per click advertisments for my site, site optimization fees, web fees, web master fees, video equipment, I know I am forgetting something – but, roughly I have spent about $100,000 getting my message out there – maybe even more. Wanna know anything else?


    • Joseph Stephan

      Gosh, if you factor in the time? Time is more valuable than money! His reward will be great in heaven no doubt.

      • Bklyn Kevin

        The one showing favor to the lowly is lending to Jehovah
        ,And He will repay him for what he does.Proverbs19:17

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