Although the whole notion of soliciting donations is distasteful to me and I have avoided it for a long time, this program marks the start of a so-called crowd-funding campaign that allows listeners to become “patrons” by pledging $1 per month, or more, in order to promote The Watchman’s Post on Google pay-per-click.

It is distressing to me that does not have a greater presence in organic searches for keywords like “Jehovah’s Witnesses,” especially in view of the plethora of idiotic websites out there. Pay-per-click is a way to boost my online profile at this critical point in time. 

My goal for the upcoming month of December is a modest $900, which could be attained if only a fraction of listeners become patrons. My pledge to you is to use every dollar for promotional purposes – the pledges from the previous month becoming the advertising budget for  the following month. 

For your information, $300 will purchase almost 300 “clicks.” (Podbean takes a small percentage of each pledge) CORRECTION. $300 gets considerably less clicks, depending on which keywords people use. But to get front page on the the phrase “Jehovah’s Witnesses” the bid is up to $2.71. I’ll show some screen shots of my Ad Words account on the next podcast. 

Click here to become a patron of The Watchman’s Post

Just so you know this is not another Internet scam, over the past 13 years of my online presence I estimate that, counting the cost of web hosting, web master expense in the early days, software, pay-per-clicks, self-publishing two editions of the book, a dozen mailing campaigns, not to mention the hardware – computers, camera, mics, etc, etc, I have spent well over $100,000 dollars (and counting) to get my message out there.

Thank you for your support.

Robert King