Podcast #64

//Podcast #64

This episode considers questions about  the man of lawlessness, and whether the baptism of Jehovah’s Witnesses is valid. Also, what does it mean that the elements will melt? And more.

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  • Great Scott!

  • Dear brothers and sisters, who are regular readers of e-watchman, as you know the time left is very very short as world powers are coming closer and closer into a nuclear showdown. This website has all given us unique insight and has helped us learn the truth about the Watchtower and the real prophecy interpretations. We know that we all want to use this opportunity to spread the truth and promote brother Robert’s website to as many people as possible may it be Jehovah’s Witnesses, ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses or interested people who may appreciate the very important facts and information stated in this website. There are already so many articles, videos and podcast that brother Robert has created over the course of many years and the only thing left to do is promote them to people so that many others can benefit from it the same way we are. If you are in the position to help or if you are willing to, may you please add my facebook account that I use to promote e-watchman and the articles here so that as a team we could work together. In that way, if some people would question what we share, there would be many of us who are willing to provide answers and rebuttals if appropriate. I, together with last will be first 1 and 2 are helping out some people who might be interested in the articles found on e-watchman as well. We all hope we could work as a team.
    You do not need to put a photo of your face on the account. We have already started promoting the website and we accidentally met some fellow readers on the way as well who have started promoting this website too! I know how much we all want to promote this website or even place an add on the newspaper about it but not many can afford to do so. Times are different now and the methods of advertising have changed as well. We should be able to adapt to those changes and so we decided to use facebook as it is one of the most popular websites today where we have the opportunity to meet a lot of people. Our target market would be those who are doubting or stumbled witnesses, in my case I add ex-witnesses as well as I try not to judge or condemn anyone (who knows why they were DF’D right) but it will all be up to you. There may be challenges along the way and we should figure out the best strategy possible but we can’t do this alone. Me and my husband just can’t stomach to sit here and wait for WW3 By that time we’re not sure if the internet would still exist so we do now what we can do. . Also if we don’t do this, many poor Witnesses who are abused and stumbled inside the org might be turned into hateful atheists, agnostics, apostates by other JW haters/websites if they do not find out the truth or that there is still a place they can go to. If you’re not comfortable with the idea, there is no problem. There are many other ways to promote this website. Feel free to choose your own.
    I have been using facebook for some time now to spread Roberts work directed and Blessed by Jehovah and I must say I have been seeing a lot of positive responses by readers! I also use my google account https://plus.google.com/105101747300457751720/posts spread Roberts work as well! so we can make facebook accounts and google accounts and not only share with each other but really be able to reach out to many many others as well. if we can all connect on these free accounts on facebook and google i feel positive we can further spread Robert kings great works directed by Jehovah. if any one has any questions about how to make or use free facebook or google accounts please contact me and I will help you. any questions please contact me here.
    ewatchmansnews@aol.com and here is a link to my facebook page that I have dedicated to Robert Kings work. https://www.facebook.com/ You Can Also Follow Robert King on Twitter Aswell Here http://www.allexperts.com/ep/1617-126514/Jehovah-Witness/Robert-King.htm And Here is A Link To Robert Kings New Website https://e-watchman.com/ thank you all brothers and sisters and thank you Robert for sharing jehovah’s blessings of TRUTH AND ACCURATE KNOWLEDGE. may JEHOVAH our Heavenly Father bless all those in search for truth With His UNDERSERVED Love Mercy And Kindness.

  • Danny

    September 5 1975 came and went. September 5 2015, 40 years later came and went. Will you eat your hat Robert?

    • Jonah Peter Paul

      we’re still on year 2015 come on! relax. why are you so excited for world war 3? And doesn’t matter if it happens on 2015 or 2016 it’s still nuclear war, it’s still the end of the world. I can’t believe how you’re so excited to die. Read the news before you boast man!

    • rajan

      Do not ridicule or mock – we are still in 2015 and furthermore we are on the cusp of world war and it will come overnight like the Lord Jesus said he will come like a thief in the night
      when we least expect it.
      Brother Robert has given much info to us with Jehovah’s blessing and if you examine it you will find it to be true.
      May Jehovah our God grant salvation and blessings to all who seek it with a true heart.

    • Bklyn Kevin

      Be dressed and ready because if he comes in the second watch or even in the third, and finds them ready, happy they are!
      You also keep ready,

  • Shikinah

    Great post as always..thank you Robert 🙂

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