Podcast #63

//Podcast #63

The September episode of the e-Watchman podcast considers questions such as: Why hasn’t God ended this wicked world already? 2) What does it mean that the olive oil and the wine will not be harmed? 3) Caller asks: Why doesn’t Jehovah speak to people any more? And where did Jehovah come from?

New programs are produced on a monthly basis. If you have questions regarding the faith of Jehovah’s Witnesses or issues regarding the teachings or policies of the Watchtower, or perhaps general Bible questions, please feel free to submit them for consideration. Questions are either answered via podcast or in the Mailbag.

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My son, if you accept my sayings

And treasure up my commandments,

 By making your ear attentive to wisdom

And inclining your heart to discernment;

 Moreover, if you call out for understanding

And raise your voice for discernment;

 If you keep seeking for it as for silver,

And you keep searching for it as for hidden treasures;

 Then you will understand the fear of Jehovah,

And you will find the knowledge of God.

 For Jehovah himself gives wisdom;

From his mouth come knowledge and discernment.

 He treasures up practical wisdom for the upright;

He is a shield for those walking in integrity.

Proverbs 2


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  • James

    Excellent podcast brother!

  • My grandmother would have a fit if she was alive to see the state of things now. Something feels different about the atmosphere today. But then maybe that’s just projection.

  • Jonah Peter Paul

    Another great podcast brother! So happy to have seen it posted here, you especially know why. We enjoyed the updates about ISIS and the current situation of the world. We totally get the things you said about the ridiculous claims of many powerful countries that they couldnt defeat ISIS considering how strong these countries are as compared to a small army of rebels. Of course now they are stronger and are well funded by you know who. Anyway I have been wondering about the meaning of Revelation chapter 6:6 too and what you said made perfect sense! I had that in mind too but at least you have confirmed that it probably meant hyper inflation as opposed to a total famine outbreak. We see that happening now in Venezuela and many other countries. Money indeed is starting to lose its value. The info that you share are very helpful most especially because it helps us with our unconventional preaching work. When we read the news, we are reminded of the things you have mentioned either in your articles or on your podcasts. Great answers too in the last 2 questions. It drives me crazy as well just thinking of when Jehovah really begun existing or what he was doing before he decided to make everything else or how did he really exist. Its something I try not to think about. We also just want to mention that we are really inspired by your zeal to do more for Jehovah. Your work which you have been doing for so many years is already commendable and amazing but knowing that you have been dealing with certain difficulties while doing it is what makes it more inspiring for people like us. Because of seeing your hard work and zeal, we are inspired to do more.

    • Back more than 20 years ago the US tricked Saddam into invading tiny little Kuwait. The Kuwaitis were slant drilling, pumping oil out of Iraqi territory. So, Saddam asked the US ambassador to Iraq if the US would respond militarily if he invaded. They assured him they would not. He believed them. But they lied.

      Immediately the US and the UK unleashed the first round of shock and awe. The Iraqi army beat a hasty retreat out of Kuwait. And on the road through the desert there were hundreds of trucks and tanks and other military equipment and thousands of soldiers. The US went in with their Warthog tank killers and gunships and slaughtered virtually every Iraqi in retreat. The now call it the Highway of Death.

      I bring this up only to point out how the US could easily wipe out ISIS with their overwhelming military might. It is a hoax. Just like Osama bin Laden was a hoax.

      • Going on the assumption ISIS exists, which seems to be likely. The problem with taking out groups like ISIS is you don’t have to be affiliated with them directly to be influenced by their principles because it involved the spread of ideas. Ideas about martyrdom, paradise, fighting against the infidel, etc.

        Let’s say ISIS isn’t a hoax. Could destroying them using brute force potentially make the problem worse? Well, each ISIS member you kill, plus all the innocent civilians killed in the process, how many additional ISIS supporters would that encourage to adopt the gorilla business model and take the place of the ones killed?

  • Merton

    Regarding question 1 about ‘why hasn’t God ended this system yet?’ There cannot be any doubt left in our minds that following the rules and conditions God lays out IS the best and only way we can live our lives and be happy. And for this to be realised, I think things have to get so bad, so terrible, we need to be brought on the brink of extinction. Then we will realise that if humans rule for themselves, decide how they should live for themselves then this is the outcome: extinction. When faced with this realisation, then and only then will humans submit themselves to God’s rulership. Until then, we’ll still have people thinking they can solve mankind’s issues.

    In other words, WW3 needs to happen. Death, destruction etc (all done by humans/demons ruling this planet) needs to take place before we fully accept God as rightful ruler. All human solutions need to be exhausted before God rules so that we don’t have the Garden of Eden issue ever come up again.

    And i think we’re starting to see that people in the world are increasingly frustrated that governments and leaders cannot solve some of these big issues involving the world. They are beginning to believe that this system currently in place will never be able to ultimately solve the problems continually plaguing mankind. They just need to know that a certain someone does have the answers 🙂

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