The September episode of the e-Watchman podcast considers questions such as: Why hasn’t God ended this wicked world already? 2) What does it mean that the olive oil and the wine will not be harmed? 3) Caller asks: Why doesn’t Jehovah speak to people any more? And where did Jehovah come from?

New programs are produced on a monthly basis. If you have questions regarding the faith of Jehovah’s Witnesses or issues regarding the teachings or policies of the Watchtower, or perhaps general Bible questions, please feel free to submit them for consideration. Questions are either answered via podcast or in the Mailbag.

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My son, if you accept my sayings

And treasure up my commandments,

 By making your ear attentive to wisdom

And inclining your heart to discernment;

 Moreover, if you call out for understanding

And raise your voice for discernment;

 If you keep seeking for it as for silver,

And you keep searching for it as for hidden treasures;

 Then you will understand the fear of Jehovah,

And you will find the knowledge of God.

 For Jehovah himself gives wisdom;

From his mouth come knowledge and discernment.

 He treasures up practical wisdom for the upright;

He is a shield for those walking in integrity.

Proverbs 2