Podcast #25

//Podcast #25


Program considers questions pertaining to the new world order, king of the south etc; Gog of Magog; is Jesus Abaddon? (Similar question regarding Abaddon YouTube video included) Will Jehovah’s Witnesses be the only ones saved? And more.

Plus, a grunge/dance rendition of Psalms #67

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  • Bklyn Kevin

    Fatal heart…

    Who could know the duplicities of one’s own heart .
    The heart is the most wondrous organ in our body and influences us to do good things as well as bad things….
    It is more than just a muscle pumping blood and oxygen as well as nutrients.

    Did you ever notice when you are angry your heart beats at a rapid pace influencing you to proceed with your present thought whether it be rational or not?

    Yes the heart can be treacherous, but yet at the same time it helps us to be in touch with our innermost deep feelings, now this is where logic comes in and it should guide our heart, you see” with logic the heart could become balanced and at peace. Look at it this way…. Your logic is the captain and your heart is the vessel now should the vessel guide the captain?’ most certainly not. Your logic is the captain and is in charge and should steer the vessel.

    So don’t let your heart steer you’ but let your logic guide your heart, however we should listen to our heart but let logic make the final decision, and logic is based on rational thinking not impulsiveness.

    • irene evans

      Kevin , do you know about mechandise with the J.W .ORG logos and Sophia and Caleb are being sold by various companies one of which is Amazon, they have T-shirts, towels . they are quite expensive, does the W,T benefit financially from the sales of these items, and if so, it puts me in mind of when Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple

  • e.v.g

    I prefer 60’s and 70’s bands but grunge is ok, that was my era.

  • Sam

    I’d definitely be interested in hearing more musical renditions 😀

    • e.v.g

      Me too.

  • Robert, I’ve been going back and enjoying the older podcasts in the evening. I didn’t know that you must have been a Rock star in a past life, I enjoyed your grunge/dance rendition of Psalms #67 at the end ??????

    • ewatchman

      Yeah, I called myself the One Man Theocratic Garage Band – non disbanded

      • Soooooooooo…………
        I’m guessing that it would be safe to say your a “One hit wonder “??

        • ewatchman

          I don’t know, a lot of old geezers come out of retirement and get their bands back together for one last gig. It would be especially easy for a one man band to get back together. lol

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