Podcast #12

//Podcast #12

This episode considers more questions on how to deal with being one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and the problem of getting baptized, given the state of error of the Watchtower Society. And how to develop real faith. Also, in conclusion Robert King relates “his story” of how God  has blessed his search for the truth and his becoming a Christian witness for Jehovah.

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  • Rose Alves

    I really enjoyed listening to your story brother King. Our history is so similar. I too was involved with the Pentecostals. I too was wanting to receive the holy spirit and understand the Bible. They prayed for me just like you, and then I burst out speaking this strange babbling. I knew in my heart that I was making it up. I was also involved with spiritism, but not for long, when i began feeling a strange eerie presence I became very afraid and cried out to God to help me. At the time I didn´t know God’s name, but I know he came to my rescue. I also was a seventh day-Adventist,. In all the religions that I looked for the TRUTH I saw tremendous immorality and hyprocrisy. It was then that I decided I want nothing to do with religion. It was four years later, that I felt there has to be purpose to life and I prayed to God, that if he had a people on the earth who was doing his will, please that he must send them to me, to give me answers to my questions. And so my prayer was answered. Half an hour later the witnesses were knocking at my door. I studied with the witnesses and the bible became an open book, no more a puzzle with contradictory scriptures. I was baptized in 2005 and I have the heavenly hope. The elders did not accept my anointing and as a result I had no choice but to partake at home. I was labled an apostate.
    I have since woken up from watchtower lies, as far as the prophecies are concerned. My faith was shattered. I cried out to Jehovah for help. I had done some research and watching ex Jehovah’s witness videos, but I notice all they did is expose the Watchtower and are very critical but offer no solution as far as faith in Jehovah is concerned.
    I felt confused, lost and desperate. I felt that I had lost ten years of my life. In my state of despair I cried out to Jehovah telling him where do I go from here: If Jehovah’s witnesses do not have the truth, then no other religion has.

    During this confusion I was watching a video and it’s contents seemed very familiar, it was then that it dawned on me that it must be an Adventist video. I left a comment under that video, comparing the attitude of the Seventh-day-Adventists members of that religion with Jehovah’s witnesses. Not even 5 minutes after posting the comment, a sister replied to my comment and begged me to contact her urgently, she explained in the comment that I had stumbled and that Jehovah’s witnesses do have the truth, the problem is that they have become corrupt, etc…

    I was busy writing to her when suddenly on the screen appeared e-watchman’s post website. I began reading the first article but it was all so hazy, I didn’t seem to understand much. I finished writing my email to this sister, and about two hours later she answered explaining everything that is going on with the Watchtower etc… It all was beginning to make some sense.

    It took me about a week after I had been reading Robert King’s book that it all fell into place. I am so grateful to Jehovah God that he heard my cry for help, by directing me to this wonderful oasis.
    In the same way that I prayed that God send someone to my home to give me answers to my many questions in my quest for truth, and he answered by sending two witnesses to my door, the same way he directed me to this wonderful site.

    Dear brother Robert I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being faithful to Jehovah, to be willing to be used by him to help those who have stumbled. You are indeed a modern day prophet. When I feel down I often play your podcasts while I am busy cooking and they help me so much. If it wasn’t for your site I would most probably have become an athiest. I am doing a lot of witnessing on the net. I have directed many people to your website and videos on you tube and will continue doing so.
    I am busy translating your book into Portuguese, so I can help the Portuguese brothers and sisters who have stumbled. It’s not easy because most of them have become bitter with the society.
    I am so grateful that I was able to understand everything why all this is happening. I suppose my love for the truth helped me not to become bitter. What also helped me is the fact that I had been in most religions looking for the truth.
    Dear brother you are a very humble man, who was willing to be used by our wonderful God Jehovah to help those who are busy stumbling.

    • Shikinah

      My dear sister Rose Alves it’s me, the one who contacted you on you tube..not sure if I replied to your last email, my apologies if I didn’t. I don’t always check them and when I do I’m inundated and takes ages.. It’s great to see that Roberts new site is up and running. Things are really unfolding at such a pace hard to keep up with it all. So glad that you now have peace of mind..Agape Shikinah x

    • Erik

      Enjoyed listening to your experience on the YouTube a while back.
      I can appreciate the struggle you went through/
      By accident (and at the right time) I came across Brother King’s website a few years ago.
      So grateful to our heavenly Father that I did.
      Perhaps it was no accident. 🙂

      • Searcher

        Who is brother king and his website?

        • He is a distant relative of John Galt.

          • patri

            Hahaha haha. Always felt that you are a philosopher at heart Robert. So funny.

  • Bklyn Kevin

    Please take note that Jesus did not let a technicality stop him self from getting baptized.

    Matthew 3:
    13 Then Jesus came from Galʹi·lee to the Jordan to John, in order to be baptized by him.
    14 But the latter tried to prevent him, saying: “I am the one who needs to be baptized by you, and are you coming to me?”
    15 Jesus replied to him: “Let it be this time, for in that way it is suitable for us to carry out all that is righteous.” Then he quit preventing him.
    Now If Jesus did not allow a technicality to prevent his baptism how much more should we follow his example.

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