Podcast #1

//Podcast #1

This is the first of a renewed commitment to my regularly producing podcasts in order to answer questions from you, the listener. This episode considers questions regarding whether Jehovah’s Witnesses ought not to leave the Watchtower organization in view of its error and corruption. And is the Watchtower Babylon the Great?


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  • Jonah Peter Paul

    Brother Robert congratulations on the successful move and reopening of your website. We are so happy it is back online! Feeling lost without this place. My husband was the one who found out it was already open and you could see how happy he was. First thing he checked are the podcasts and told me right away that I shouldn’t worry because they are all here! Thank you! For us this is the most memorable podcast you have ever recorded. It was specially for people like us! Was able to share it too on facebook, finally! The site looks very different and I miss the old one ;( Missing the large and creepy graphics and bible verses but I’ve gotta learn to get used to this one, maybe soon. Also liked the new verse you put “So, then, I have become your enemy because I tell you the truth” BOOM and BAM!!! It’s all happening now we can see it. And guess what, haven’t even had a taste of peace of mind still. The world as we know it is ending and Mr. and Mrs. Last of the Last still hasn’t gotten heaven’s attention. Sad but I hope He gives us strength to continue anyway.

    • Leonard k

      the new site is looking great and working well for me. theres much more here on the new site that makes it much easyer to share brother roberts work under jehovahs direction. congratulations brother robert you really have done a wonderful job thank you.

  • MMW

    It took for me a few hours to get through this
    podcast due to my poor hearing. But I have to say I like the explanation
    especially the clarification in regards to the Babylon the Great about which
    people are still confused

    Obviously it makes sense that “get out of her MY
    people” can only happen when the God’s Kingdom is fully established in
    power against power of the Red scarlet
    beast/Satan and its ally the Babylon the Great. And as of today the power of the world is still holding by Satan

    And so when JEHOVAH will establish HIS
    power He then will RE-purchase HIs
    people out of her captivity(domineering power) – all HIS people, at One Time, likewise happened under Cyrus ruling

    But for now since Babylon the Great doesn’t
    have yet enough power and authority to totally dominate Jehovah’s Witnesses –
    we are still free from at least 100 years to proclaim God’s Kingdom, to fully
    serve HIM thus it conforms that we were not and are not yet in her captivity, neither we were in 1914(during the last 100 years).

  • Bklyn Kevin

    Where do I go from here?.
    QUESTION: I’m an active JW, for about 37 years now and ex-elder that has a lengthy story to tell, and now find myself at the crossroads to where I can’t even use anything but the Bible in the ministry, with possibly parts of the “Reasoning” book. The meetings are a struggle, now that I’m fully awake concerning the “operation of error” present in the WTBS, and the lingering pagan and occult symbols left over from Freemasonry. And I am sick to my stomach about the 10 year association with the UN. Please, I need help on where to go from here. Intense and fervent prayer have gotten me this far.Read more>


    Also read > Should I stay or should I go?. https://e-watchman.com/should-i-stay-or-should-i-go/

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