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This is the fourth installment of the consideration of the Bible study material for the week of October 17-23. This series of articles are archived under the WT Review category. 

There is no question that the sudden appearance of a group of anointed Christians in the late 1800’s, who were fired with the desire to preach the Watchtower’s unique message was an extraordinary development.

Through the long period of domination by the great churches there was very little evangelism. A few groups emerged here and there, such as the Waldenses in Italy and southern France and the Lollards in England, but over time they died out. It simply wasn’t God’s time to let the light shine.

But the environment was just right for the Bible Students to thrive. The appearance of the Watchtower movement found America and Europe to be fields ripe for harvest.

24Thomas Edison had just shown the world how to harness electricity, inventing the light bulb and phonograph, among many other things. Soon electric motors powered massive printing presses that could be run day and night in lighted printeries. Russell put the printing press to good use and also the telegraph was used to wire sermons to newspaper companies that were paid to publish his weekly sermons. The horse and buggy soon disappeared with the invention of the automobile at the dawn of the 20th century. Along with motion pictures and radio, all were used as tools to disseminate the Watchtower’s message.

Now millions of Jehovah’s Witnesses carry smart phones and tablets and have at their fingertips access to the Bible and explanatory information in hundreds of languages. Truly, the good news of the coming Kingdom has been preached in all the world, as Jesus said that it would be.

But in his wisdom Jehovah has not revealed all the truth. He has, in fact, allowed for Satan to wield a “deluding influence” over the entire organization of Kingdom preachers. Paul foretold that Jehovah would allow a man of lawlessness to exist as  an “operation of Satan,” to cause a lie to stand until the manifestation of Jesus Christ. Here is what Paul wrote: “But the lawless one’s presence is by the operation of Satan with every powerful work and lying signs and wonders and every unrighteous deception for those who are perishing, as a retribution because they did not accept the love of the truth in order that they might be saved. That is why God lets a deluding influence mislead them so that they may come to believe the lie, in order that they all may be judged because they did not believe the truth but took pleasure in unrighteousness.”

The “lie” that they have come to believe is not the age-old lies espoused by Christendom, such as the trinity lie or the immortal soul lie. The context reveals that “the lie” that God allows has to do with the coming of Christ. Paul specifically forewarned the brothers that there would be a false proclamation that the parousia has begun and that the day of Jehovah is here. Here is what he wrote: “However, brothers, concerning the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered together to him, we ask you not to be quickly shaken from your reason nor to be alarmed either by an inspired statement or by a spoken message or by a letter appearing to be from us, to the effect that the day of Jehovah is here. Let no one lead you astray in any way, because it will not come unless the apostasy comes first and the man of lawlessness gets revealed, the son of destruction.”

At the risk of repeating myself, it should seem to be an undeniable fact that while the Watchtower has championed the basic doctrinal truth and trained, equipped and impelled an army of Kingdom preachers, it is also the source of seemingly inspired statements and spoken messages as well as a steady stream of written material that is touted as food at the proper time from the faithful and discreet slave, heralding the parousia as an accomplished reality. The Watchtower even claims that those dead in Christ have already been “gathered together to him” from 1918 onward.

The Watchtower, of course, claims that the clergy of Christendom make up a composite man of lawlessness. But there is no evidence to suggest that the great churches have sponsored any sort of campaign to announce that the day of Jehovah is here.

William Miller

William Miller

The fact is, an American farmer, one William Miller, first proposed that the seven times of Nebuchadnezzar’s madness could be used to calculate the time of Christ’s return. His prediction that Christ would return in in October of 1844, which resulted in the aptly named Great Disappointment, was merely the beginning of much end-time speculation, which captivated the fertile mind of a young Charles Taze Russell.

No doubt C.T. Russell sincerely believed the seven times was a key to unlock some supposed secret chronology. However, there is ample evidence now that demonstrates that the Watchtower is not being straightforward. Take for example the picture caption that states: “In 1914, the Bible Students began to discern the sign of Christ’s invisible presence.”

This is a lie. As I have repeatedly pointed out, the Bible Students were under the delusion that Christ’s invisible presence had begun in 1874. The Watchtower had continued to hold to that lie for more than 15 years after 1914! But contradicting their own statement in the caption, the 33rd paragraph states:

Unfulfilled expectations were another test. Though the Watch Tower had rightly pointed to 1914 as the year when the Gentile Times would end, the brothers did not yet understand what would take place in that year. (Luke 21:24) They thought that in 1914, Christ would take his anointed bride class to heaven to rule with him there. Those hopes were not realized. Late in 1917, The Watch Tower announced that a 40-year harvest period would end in the spring of 1918. But the preaching work did not end. It continued to prosper after that date passed. The magazine suggested that the harvest had indeed ended but that a period of gleaning remained. Still, many stopped serving Jehovah because of disappointment.

As all of Jehovah’s Witnesses know, the foundation of the Watchtower’s 1914 doctrine is based upon the chronology that is tied to the destruction of Jerusalem that brought an end to the dynasty of kings that began with David, the second king of Israel. But the application of common sense easily dispels that belief. That is because when Jesus told his apostles that the temple was going to be thrown down without a stone left upon a stone they obliviously knew the Lord was not talking about the temple that Nebuchadnezzar demolished five centuries past.

A few days later when they asked him when the destruction was going to come about, Jesus explained that Jerusalem would be surrounded by encamped armies and the holy place was going to be desolated, and Luke’s account goes on to quote Jesus as saying: “And they will fall by the edge of the sword and be led captive into all the nations; and Jerusalem will be trampled on by the nations until the appointed times of the nations are fulfilled.”

It is simply preposterous to suppose that the apostles understood Jesus to be speaking of a past event related to Babylon’s conquest. Besides, Jesus clearly said “Jerusalem will be trampled on by the nations” —not Jerusalem has been trampled upon by the nations, or will continue to be trampled, as if the trampling had already begun and was ongoing. Had the first century disciples living in Jerusalem believed Jesus was referring to history instead of foretelling the things to come it is doubtful they would have fled Judea when they first perceived that the disgusting thing had stood where it ought not —in the temple. And to be sure, the Watchtower does not explicitly claim that the apostles believed such a thing.

Amazingly, though, the Watchtower requires that Jehovah’s Witnesses believe what would have been regarded as sheer nonsense by the apostles in the first century. Such is the power of the “deluding influence” the Devil presently wields over the organization.

As we know, Jesus took the opportunity to not only outline events that would precede the fall of Jerusalem and the end of the Jewish system, he also related the sign of his presence and the conclusion of the system.

Thus, the appointed times for the nations to trample Jerusalem have to do with developments that will impact Christ’s congregation. That is apparent from the 11th chapter of Revelation, which was written after the holy city had been razed by the Romans, but which speaks of the temple courtyard and holy city being trampled upon by the nations for 42 months, also expressed as 1,260 days —the very chronology used to divine 2,520 years as the appointed times of the nations!

As the lesson points out, a great test arose after Pastor Russell unexpectedly passed away and power struggle ensued at Bethel and Rutherford and seven others were railroaded off to the Atlanta penitentiary. There is no question those unforeseen events served to sift and refine the Bible Students. However, there is another aspect to consider. Paul foretold that in order to implement his operation Satan would employ “every powerful work and lying signs and wonders and every unrighteous deception for those who are perishing, as a retribution because they did not accept the love of the truth in order that they might be saved.”

Obviously, the demons knew that 1914 was a fixed year. They fixed it! As demonstrated, the seven times have nothing to due with the appointed times of the nations. It is a lie. But in order to keep the delusion in force the Devil orchestrated the Great War to breakout on schedule. And he obviously maneuvered things to bring about the persecution that landed Rutherford in prison for a few months. But over the course of the decades since then up to the present, those things have served as powerful, deceptive, lying signs and wonders, since they have been perceived as fulfilling various prophecies, when such is not the case. But the result is that Jehovah’s Witnesses are convinced that the presence has begun and the day of Jehovah is here.

The real test of faith will come when Christ actually comes to initiate a surprise inspection.

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  • Thank you for all that you do for us who are looking for the truth

    • ewatchman

      You are welcome to leave a link here that people can click to see what you do for those looking for the truth. ;~)

      • Thank you.
        I translate some of your articles in French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.
        Spanish looks a little like Italian, but I certainly make a lot of error. As for Portuguese, I use yandex, Reverso and Google. But if somebody speaking these languages has some time to control, it would be appreciate.
        My site is

  • Burt Reynolds

    Hello Robert, But has the watchtower championed the basic truth? They have preached that Jesus is already seated on this throne. He is not. They have preached that Jehovah will destroy the wicked system and Satan along with it. That’s true but not the whole story and is a lie by default of information withheld. But they have also alluded that the witnesses will not be touched but that the destruction will come upon Christendom. True in part. The issues about the annointed: A tangle of half truths and lies. There is to be no world war three, Jehovah would not allow it. Very little of what they have preached is without the blight of lies. So what is the work that they are doing that sets them apart because if the watchtower had its way, no one would survive and there are many end of the times religions. The one difference for sure is the name. Even now, few witnesses understand that no one is driving the train and so many will die because of the deceit. So what is it that they have been preaching that fulfils the prophesy? The name of God? They have shamed his name beyond redemption and turned many who may well have taken to Jehovah, away. The lie is allowed Because they did not accept the love of the truth….but the witnesses are not aware of the lie. How then will a clear, fair definition be made so that the truth is apparent if even those of the annointed will be deceived? If even the annointed can be deceived, then how are they, we, to identify the truth? Love can be deceived, as can trust. What is to be the sign of truth?

    • ewatchman

      By ‘basic truth’ I mean doctrine. Doctrine does not rely on an interpretation, as does prophecy. The Devil is in the details of prophecy, literally.

      • Burt Reynolds

        Thanks. So what is the doctrine? Simply that the day of Jehovah is coming?

    • 1914for100Alex

      Hi Burt. Hope you don’t mind me putting in my 2 cents worth on your question “how then will a clear, fair definition be made so that the truth is apparent..?” I think the answer to that lies in, as Robert pointed out, their doctrine. At first glance, it’s a pretty short answer. But if you think about it, who knows the Bible better than anyone? Your average JW can run circles around just about anybody when it comes to quoting scripture and reciting Bible stories. They’re also the only ones teaching the correct identities of both Jesus and Jehovah. They know the Bible inside and out. When you add all these things up, you would think that when the big lie is exposed everyone is going to realize it and abandon the WT. Sadly, that won’t be the case. Many will choose the WT over what the Bible actually says. And they should know better, given all the reasons I stated earlier. That’s the test. It’s what you do when that truth is made apparent by the WT lies being exposed. That’s it. It’s on the individual to recognize or accept others telling them they’ve been lied to. Every JW will be faced with the questions of who are you really loyal to, with all the basic truths you’ve been taught, and knowing who Jehovah really is, and knowing what the Bible says?

      • and during the tribulation those living their brothers and those persecuting Chrust followers

      • Burt Reynolds

        Thanks you 1914. That’s really helpful. I’m beginning to rest more easily. Thanks.

    • Searcher

      Dear Burt,

      Let me try and answer your question with a question. What does it mean to us as Christian’s living at this time to only have incomplete knowledge (or as the NWT puts it partial knowledge), what qualities is Jehovah searching for?

      “Love will never end. But all those gifts will come to an end—even the gift of prophecy, the gift of speaking in different kinds of languages, and the gift of knowledge. These will all end because this knowledge and these prophecies we have are not complete. But when perfection comes, the things that are not complete will end. When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, and I made plans like a child. When I became a man, I stopped those childish ways. It is the same with us. Now we see God as if we are looking at a reflection in a mirror. But then, in the future, we will see him right before our eyes. Now I know only a part, but at that time I will know fully, as God has known me. So these three things continue: faith, hope, and love. And the greatest of these is love.”1 Corinthians 13:8-13

      Of interest: in the apostle Paul’s era mirrors were polished metal so the reflection was quite poor unlike the reflection found in modern mirrors made of glass.

      • Burt Reynolds

        Thanks searcher. Are you saying then that we identify our intent to Jehovah by faith hope and love and that the comprehension of him in truth will come to us, or be plain to us, made manifest to us at the time so that we can make our choice at that time in clarity of understanding?

        • Searcher


          dear Burt,

          I’m sure you will find this article helpful

          • Burt Reynolds

            Thanks searcher for showing me this. It certainly was an awe inspiring read and gave me a lot of understanding and comfort. Many thanks.

    • Joel

      Hi Burt.

      In answer to your query about ‘what sets JWs apart from any and every other religion? Well, please consider the following:

      1. They are the ONLY religion that fulfills both Isaiah 43:10, and Acts 15:14.

      2. They are the ONLY religion that understands that God’s Kingdom is NOT a condition in one’s heart, nor is it the realm of Christian religious beliefs. It is a REAL HEAVENLY GOVERNMENT that will soon intervene big time in the affairs of sinful mankind. —See Daniel 2:44; Isaiah 9:6, 7.

      3. They are the ONLY religion that understands that the true gospel to be preached to the world is NOT only salvation in Jesus Christ, or forgiveness of sins by his blood; but that the MAIN gospel is “the good news of the Kingdom” being preached in ALL the inhabited world. And of course, do we have to mention that NO OTHER (over 175 million Bibles distributed, religious literature in over 650 languages, etc.), and I do mean NO OTHER religion or Organization of any kind have done the incredible amazing job of fulfilling this prophecy in awe-inspiring detail than have Jehovah’s Witnesses, under the direction of the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society.

      4. No other religion has championed the truth that God’s name is YHWH (“Jehovah ” in English), that He IS NOT a Triuine God, and His name is to be made known throughout the whole world.

      5. They are the only religion that teaches the truth . . . that man DOES NOT have an immortal soul (a Greek pagan belief initiated by Socrates and Plato—then adopted into Judaism and ltimately Christianity . . . that God is NOT a triuine being who shares His diety with 2 other beings, so-called God the Father—God the Son, and—God the Holy Spirit . . . and that God DOES NOT torment people in a literal burning HELLFIRE!

      These are all lies of the Father of the lie, Satan the Devil. And he, the Devil, has DECEIVED the whole of the church world, false Christianity, yes, Christendom, into believing and propagating these god-dishonoring doctrines.

      6. They are the ONLY religion that teaches the truth that God’s original plan for the human race, before the sin of Adam and Eve, was to live in a PARADISE earth; and that the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is what makes that PARADISE a reality.

      And finally. . .

      7. Jehovah’s Witnesses are the Only religion—Christian or otherwise—that understand and teach the truth that the central belief of all christianity, the resurrection, is not a belief that all “good” or “saved” people go to heaven upon death (as most, though not all, processing Christians believe). No. JWs have discerned and championed the truth that the resurrection taught by Jesus is going to be an EARTHLY resurrection for the vast majority of people.

      So Burt, from just these few doctrinal beliefs noted above (and there are so many more), I hope you csn see that there is a BIG and MAJOR difference between the “doctrine” of Jehovah’s Witnesses and all other religions.

      The bottom line . . . Jehovah’s Witnesses are indeed the TRUE RELIGION being used by the true God to preach HIS message to this Satanically influenced world.

      That is why Jehovah is going to deal so harshly with them, because so much was and is intrusted to them.

      I hope this has helped a bit Burt.

      • Burt Reynolds

        Yes that is a lot more clear Joel. Thank you.

    • Kevin b

      Great points, and questions Burt. I like that you are a real thinker, and have a great way of putting pen to paper in a since. Alex made a lot of great points to. The WT Has made a big mess of things for sure. Jehovah will make the way out.

  • i cant find the old picture drawing of a old man sitting in a chair pointing to the numbers 1914 as if they ever pointed forward to that date as the start of Jesus rule

  • 来看看,学习学习!!

  • e.v.g

    Thanks, great article. This kind of information would be great in a talk or something. Instead, we are hearing about how we have to sit during the meetings ( no empty chairs in the front, give me a break!!!), how the org. has grown in the past decades during the book study(an unnecessary stuff i believe) this is an example of the blindness of God’s people, just mere trivial things they are focusing and the influence of the man of lawlessness that keeps holding relentlessly.

  • T L C

    I can remember studying the 7 times chronology when I was very young; 8 years old in 1986. My mother studied with me out of the Live Forever Book. I remember calculating the ages of those individuals who had been alive in 1914 and who had “seen all these things occur.” We determined that they would have to be, at a minimum, between 70-80 years old at that time. I remember being terrified that the end was going to come before I graduated high school and that I would die at Armageddon if I didn’t hurry up and dedicate my life to Jehovah. Needless to say…I got baptized the very next year at 9 years old. Fast forward to today…some 30 years later…I often wonder if my mother even reflects on those studies we had back then and realizes that nobody from that time period is alive anymore. If she did reflect she would come to see that NOBODY alive today has witnessed “all these things”, which means all these things (including WWIII, pestilence, food shortage, etc…) are yet to come.
    The scriptures clearly say that when “YOU see these things start to occur…know that the end is near” Somebody tell me…What does YOU mean? Why can’t they see that this YOU means them, as in God’s people who are alive at the present moment and reading His word??? I know I know the light keeps getting brighter and in order to stay up to speed with God’s earthly organization they have to accept that much of the fulfillment of prophecy has been reset to the future. But wait Mom…why do you still hold o on to 1914 then??? I mean what really is its significance if you take away all of the prophecy that you use to believe it fulfilled that has ben reset them to the future? Can’t you see that it makes no sense!!! Wake up!
    Sorry…I got carried away there. I can’t talk about it to her (cause she turns a deaf ear of course) so I had to get it out somewhere. LOL. I know you all can understand the frustration felt when trying to reason with a JW about these matters…

    • LW

      Soon all shall be revealed.

  • Anderiega

    Robert, that’s a really really good video. I wish I could share it with all my friends….but right now I don’t think my friends would even be able to “get it” and I’d be shunned. But I still appreciate it.

  • Please8834

    What is the love -about -the- truth that we must accept to get saved that will keep us from perishing?? Please ..

    • Bklyn Kevin

      A conversation I had with Leonard on face book concerning your question.

      Leonard:8:07am .
      its funny how when we are talking this happens my phone just went dead again lol I’m gonna put it on charge and call u later on.

      heres is the question that asked Robert 15 hours ago.
      Robert.. What is the love -about -the- truth that we must accept to get saved and that will keep us from perishing?? Please help if you will..8:15am

      I think it is our faith in the truth and the choice of excepting Jehovah and Jesus when he comes and to love one another just as Jesus’s loved us, to either choose the wild beast or GOD’s kingdom to come a truly wicked heart will not change but a heart with real love can change
      but Jehovah will take away there heart of stone and give them a heart of flesh.

      The love of the truth has to do with rejecting the 1914 lie that Jesus had already came and excepting Jesus in his authentic parousia or presence, and yes you’re right that will take faith…

      but the ones who refuse to except the truth will remain with a heart of stone loving the lie rather then the truth – yes a huge test of faith Jehovah will see who truly believes, in other words who really loves GOD will reason and see the truth.

      You said it better than I could have… You’re absolutely right….. a heart of stone or a heart of flash depends on our faith when Jesus does come.
      I guess that’s why the scriptures say “who will be standing.

      like Moses separated the people, “who ever is on the Lords side come to me.

      Kevin: yep !!!

      yes who will be able to stand on the day of Jehovah.
      well here we are about to see what kings and peoples long ago bagged to see but have not heard nor seen.
      I will say this if we live we will truly be a witness to the end
      but whatever Jehovah is doing with you and I he has his reasons
      lets just keep praying and learning and being obedient to the faith.

      Lenny would you mind if I use our conversation here as a reply to the gentleman’s question.

      Leonard: nope not at all feel free.

    • e.v.g

      Sorry brother, i don’t to want to be nosey, sometimes i asking me what i have to do to be saved? i am sure jesus words is the key ( i am glad that brother Robert is not like the brothers of bethel with feigned words, giving advice in all respect) jesus said that if we are doing his sayings we shall be like a house with foundation on the rock, when the storm comes this will not come down.

  • e.v.g

    Fred Franz wrote many books in the past, i wonder if someone of the gb wrote this pile of vomit?

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