Twitter is at it again. I had not planned on writing anything today. I just wanted to tweet a link to an article on Natural News regarding the activation of an elite contingent of the military made up of army rangers and navy seals, etc. I thought it was a newsworthy item. But I got this little pop-up denying permission to share, notifying me that Twitter has deemed this information to be dangerous. That set me off. The Empire considers truth to be dangerous. Do you get that? Here’s the article by Mike Adams.

These so-called Special Operations forces, numbering about 70,000, are being deployed within the US and are not under the direction of the deep state. I would expect that there is going to be massive roundups and arrests related to the rampant voter fraud that took place. So, I get why this information is dangerous.

This deployment also comes on the heels of Trump sacking the Secretary of Defense and immediately withdrawing US forces from the endless wars promoted by the Empire. 

Also, there has been an unusually high number of military aircraft flying over America and a number of contractor aircraft going to and from Guantanamo Bay where the US has maintained a detention facility. This guy on YouTube tracks this kind of stuff in real-time. Pretty interesting.

Because the Dominion voting machines and software were developed and are owned by foreigners and the Dominion servers that counted votes were actually located in Germany and Spain, which is mind-blowing in itself, the election fraud now involves foreign entities deemed hostile to the United States. Evidently, special forces seized the servers in Europe and there was even a firefight which resulted in the deaths of several military personnel. Again, media blackout.

Keep in mind that for the entirety of Trump’s time as president there was the constantly repeated story of Russian election interference —all of which was proven to be a hoax pushed by British intelligence. Now, though, there is proof of foreign election interference, for which the same media empire claims there is no evidence —even though no one has even bothered to investigate, which is what journalists used to do. It is laughable, except this is some serious stuff.

Apparently, the Dominion algorithms were programmed to swing the vote 2-3%. It was designed to do so without detection. The problem arose when it became obvious that Trump was winning by a landslide —far more than could be fixed by the Smartmatic system. That is when the vote count mysteriously stopped on election night in a number of key states and truckloads of mail-in ballots were brought in to fix the count. Paul Craig Roberts, one of the few honest guys around, explains it here.

Because foreign interference in a national election may be considered an act of war Americans who are supporting foreigners hostile to the nation may be deemed as enemy sympathizers and treated accordingly. That is especially true of the media. Look out Twitter, Facebook and Google! The president is required to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, which means he may declare martial law and unleash the Special Operations forces.

By the way, there are rumors that the director of the CIA has gone missing. Probably nothing. 

Some people may not know that during the Civil War Abraham Lincoln had newspaper editors and reporters arrested and imprisoned for undermining the war effort. America is at that point again. 

Even less known, the same British Empire that supported the Confederacy in an effort to break the union has also been running the ongoing coup and election fraud. London has made it clear that they will not tolerate Trump remaining in office. The Empire has given their drones marching orders. They must have a New Green Deal to save the planet from CO2.

If Trump remains in office we may expect a social explosion and pushback from the British Empire. Perhaps they will be forced to scuttle the bankrupt financial system in order to sink America for good. In any case, something BIG is about to go down.

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