Part two

Under the subheading How the kings of the North and South affect you, paragraph 15 states:

Read Daniel 11:40. Daniel chapter 11 speaks of two kings, or political powers, who struggle with each other for world domination. By comparing this prophecy with others in the Bible, we can identify “the king of the north” as Russia and its allies and “the king of the south” as the Anglo-American World Power.

For an organization that claims to be the mouthpiece for a so-called prophet class they sure are skimpy on explanations. But, let’s read Daniel 11:40, as every congregation will do when this article is studied. It reads:  “In the time of the end the king of the south will engage with him in a pushing, and against him the king of the north will storm with chariots and horsemen and many ships; and he will enter into the lands and sweep through like a flood.”

Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany -1902

As all of Jehovah’s Witnesses are aware the Watchtower adamantly insists that the time of the end began in 1914. Of course, the Soviet Union did not exist when the Great War erupted in Europe. According to the Watchtower Kaiser Wilhelm’s Germany was the king of the north then and the pushing is supposed to have begun after the war ended when the victorious Allies imposed the punitive Versailles Treaty on the vanquished German state, which ultimately gave rise to Hitler and the Nazis. But that was not the end of the “pushing.” After the Second World War ended the Watchtower claims the USSR took over as the king of the north and the pushing continued in the form of the Cold War. Evidently, with Russia now the new king of the north the pushing is still ongoing.

And strangely, coincident with the century-long “pushing” for the past 80-plus years the various kings of the north have taken turns flooding the lands. First, Hitler’s failed Blitzkrieg of Europe and then the USSR’s communistic expansion, which also ended in failure.

Speaking of Russia and its allies, I wonder if anyone at Bethel is aware of the fact that the United States and the Soviet Union were allies during the Second World War? The USA generously supplied Moscow with weaponry and supplies in order to defeat the Nazis.

Winston Churchills Iron-Curtain-speech -1946

Immediately after the Allied victory, the British moved to drive a wedge between the USA and USSR. Winston Churchill came to America to announce that an Iron Curtain had descended upon Europe and a new enemy was created to prevent any future cooperation between America and Russia. (I suspect the British shared America’s atomic bomb formula with the Soviets to seal the deal.) 

It should be pointed out too, one of the reasons the deep state promoted the Russia/Trump collusion hoax is that prior to his election Donald Trump posed the seemingly innocent question: “What’s wrong with being friends with Russia?”

The answer should be obvious. With the British-orchestrated coup in Ukraine in 2014 a scheme had already been set into motion to push America and Russia against each other in a proxy war in Ukraine, possibly resulting in a nuclear war. A certain senator once remarked that President Trump was foolish for going against the deep state. To quote the senator: “Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.” Indeed it does!

As far as Russia’s current allies, it is a growing list. The NATO-led war in Ukraine and the sanctions and outright theft of Russia’s international reserve accounts have created a situation where dozens of nations are rethinking their dependence on the Dollar and the SWIFT system of exchange. As of 2023, 80-some nations are interested in joining the economic alliance known as BRICS. The United States, once the grand champion of freedom and democracy, has become a global pariah.

But enough history and current events. What about the future? The Watchtower exhorts Jehovah’s Witnesses to delve into prophecy and really study it. That’s good advice. Let’s dive in, shall we? What does the prophecy say about the outcome? Regarding the king of the north Daniel 11:36 states: “The king will do as he pleases, and he will exalt himself and magnify himself above every god; and against the God of gods he will speak astonishing things. And he will prove successful until the denunciation comes to a finish; because what is determined must take place.”

It is wonderful that we all have access to the Bible. Most Christians own more than one version. And, of course, we have access to virtually every Bible online. You know, there was a time when that was not the case. The king of the north used to forbid the translation and production of the Bible. But that’s another discussion. (More articles and videos discussing the prophecy of Daniel)

If we were to take a few minutes and carefully read the concluding span of verses in the long-running saga of the conflict between the kings of the north and south we ought to take note of a very important detail—or rather, the lack of detail. What is that? From the point when the king of the north floods over the lands there is no further mention of the king of the south. If you are especially curious you might wonder why the prophecy concludes with a lone king, the king of the north, coming all the way to his end with no helper to be found for him. What happened to the king of the south?

The prophecy of the two rival kings that began with the breakup of Alexander’s sprawling empire goes into great detail. That being undeniably true, why would the Revealer of Secrets neglect to explain how the king of the south comes to his end? Or, is it not rather the case that the prophets of Bethel carelessly assume that God left out a very important detail? Surely it is the latter.

Return to the verse cited above: “he (the king of the north) will prove successful until the denunciation comes to a finish.” If the king of the north is successful until the finish, doesn’t that mean he succeeds in finally subjugating his rival? Most assuredly it does. And that is why there is no mention of the king of the south.

So, since the Watchtower has declared Russia and its unnamed allies to be the king of the north, are we to expect Russia to conquer the Anglo-American kings? Such an outcome is not out of the question and is entirely possible; however, it is not what the Watchtower projects. The prophets of Bethel claim that neither king will be victorious—even though the Scriptures clearly state otherwise. They simply dismiss the fact that the king of the north will be successful in his campaign against his rival and they pay no heed to the fact that the prophecy omits any mention of the king of the south after the “pushing.” Truly, it is as Jehovah said long ago through Ezekiel in regards to the “stupid prophets”: They “fabricate their own prophecies.” — Ez 13:2

Actually, the prophecy explains the outcome for the king of the south. Because Ptolemaic Egypt was the original king of the south Egypt is used as a cryptic designation for the king of the south during the time of the end. Even the Watchtower recognizes that. Read Daniel 11:42-43: “And he (king of the north) will keep thrusting out his hand against the lands; and as regards the land of Egypt, she will not escape. And he will rule over the hidden treasures of gold and silver and over all the desirable things of Egypt. And the Libyans and the Ethiopians will be at his steps.”

While recognizing “Egypt” as the king of the south the Watchtower inexplicably claims that the Soviet king of the north ruled over the treasury of the United States during the Cold War by forcing America to spend excessively on militarization. This is laughable. Reality is the exact opposite. The USSR was bankrupted because of its excessive military expenditures. And of course, after the dissolution of the failed communist state, the Harvard boys were deployed to Russia to loot its treasures through privatization and outright theft. A certain Vladimir Putin clawed Russia back from London’s pirate bankers and he has never been forgiven by them.

The Watchtower’s grand folly is the delusion that Jesus began ruling the world in 1914. The false belief that the time of the end began then distorts everything. That is why the Watchtower’s interpretation of prophecy is like walking through a funhouse of mirrors.

And there is another factor too. The king of the north has led those acting wickedly against the covenant into apostasy. God has never really recognized Christendom as being party to the new covenant. Ever since the apostate bishops allowed Emperor Constantine to determine Christian doctrine there can be no more apostasy. Worded differently, how could Russia or any other entity lead apostates into apostasy? Reasonably, only those who were once loyal to the covenant can act wickedly against it and allow themselves to be led into apostasy.

The fact that the Watchtower entered into a ten-year secret partnership with the United Nations is certainly a manifestation of an internal apostasy. The Watchtower’s partnership with Wall Street thieves is another indication. And more recently the Watchtower has brazenly partnered with the UN and big pharma to promote the deadly mRNA injections.

Surely, an organization so thoroughly compromised by its friendship with the world cannot possibly be expected to have any insight into the deep things of God’s prophetic word.

To be continued…

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