With the publication of Pure Worship of Jehovah —Restored At Last!, the Watchtower has seemingly installed the capstone. The structure is now complete. The masonic builders have masterfully fabricated, not merely Jehovah’s visible organization, but the very Kingdom of God. By cleverly placing the Watchtower organization as the manifestation of the fulfillment of every restoration prophecy there is really nothing left to expect or hope for with respect to the future and the coming of Christ. The Kingdom has come —or so it would appear. Christ is here, in the midst of the organization —or shall we say, “in the inner chambers”?

For example, the prophecies of Isaiah and Ezekiel foretell that God will create a spiritual condition comparable to the garden of Eden, a sanctuary where Jehovah will dwell among his people —just as he originally walked among the first two sinless humans. The symbolic Eden will be a true sanctuary. A special place where no harmful predators exist. Isaiah specifically says that not even one foolish or unclean person will traverse the Way of Holiness.

Despite the fact that the biblical, spiritual paradise is characterized by the complete absence of unspiritual people, and ironically the May, 2019, Watchtower (paragraph 3) even acknowledges that wicked men and imposters have infiltrated the congregations and preyed upon unsuspecting children right under the noses of the appointed guardian shepherds, in spite of that frank admission the Governing Body still unashamedly boasts that the organization they preside over is the fulfillment of the prophesied predator-free spiritual paradise.

To pull off this astonishing feat of deception without detection the Governing Body has simply modified the meaning of “spiritual paradise.” Instead of being a place of inviolable security, where the wolf and the lamb live together amicably, where no harm is done to anyone, the Watchtower’s “paradise” is redefined as a state where everyone is united by their believing the same thing and there is a virtual cornucopia  of wholesome, spiritually-edifying literature at their disposal to reinforce that outlook. The unstated reality, though, is that this condition of enforced group-think is more characteristic of a cult and is only maintained by a regime of subtle tyranny that punishes any and all dissent. Jehovah’s Witnesses are not allowed to make sure of all the things the Watchtower teaches. It is “believe it or else.”

While it is true that the Scriptures do not specifically use the term “spiritual paradise,” the concept is biblical. Jehovah speaks of such a condition at Ezekiel 34:25, which says: “And I will make a covenant of peace with them, and I will rid the land of vicious wild beasts, so that they may dwell securely in the wilderness and sleep in the forests.”

We know that God is not talking about literal wild beasts. Wild beasts represent unspiritual, animalistic people who are under the influence of vicious, cunning demons. That being true, it is no exaggeration to say that the Watchtower’s “spiritual paradise” is crawling with sexual predators —thousands anyway. Certainly, one is too many. But the point is, the existence of merely one animalistic predator would rule out that God has already created his spiritual, Edenic haven within the Watchtower organization.

Consider an excerpt from the May 2019 article:

In addition, some professing to be a part of the congregation have succumbed to perverted fleshly desires and have sexually abused children. 

Please notice the clever wording implying that sexual predators only profess to be part of the congregation –as if they were not really. The fact is, some abusers have been appointed elders and ministerial servants. Did they merely profess to be Watchtower-appointed ministers? Of course not. Those appointed men used their positions of trust to bring harm to unsuspecting children. Even in being seemingly forthright the Watchtower employs deception. But, again, the point is, contrast that with what is stated in Isaiah: “The unclean one will not travel on it. It is reserved for the one walking on the way; no one foolish will stray onto it. No lion will be there, and no vicious wild beasts will come on it. They will not be found there; only the repurchased ones will walk there.”

If we are to take God at his word how can Jehovah’s Witnesses honestly reconcile the admitted fact that even a relative few among the congregations have succumbed to “perverted fleshly desires”? Is not pedophilia among the grossest of sins —an abominable form of sexual uncleanness and lawlessness? It surely is. Pedophilia is demonic. Like the lustful angels who unlawfully came down to earth to seduce vulnerable females before the Flood, pedophiles prey upon weaker, less experienced babes.

Is it really of little significance that literally thousands of sexual perverts have been found among the congregations of pure worship? Again, how can that be harmonized with the word of God that says no such unclean creature will be found there?

Would any genuine shepherd allow a single wolf or coyote to reside with his flock? Of course not. Yet, the Watchtower has reluctantly, if not inadvertently admitted, that they have allowed Jehovah’s tenderest lambs to fall prey to vicious predators. So, the question for Jehovah’s Witnesses to consider is this: When Jehovah proclaims that not even one unclean person will walk on the Way of Holiness, is that just a nice pie-in-the-sky word picture, or is it absolute? And if we accept the scripture to mean what it says then we must conclude that no such condition exists among Jehovah’s Witnesses –or for that matter, anywhere else.

Worse, the root of the evil is not even the prevalence of sexual predators themselves, as bad as that is, or any mishandling of sexual abuse cases on the part of the local elders. The truth is, the deviants who prey upon and devour the innocence of children are not the only metaphoric wild beasts on the prowl. The lawyers and Pharisees who instruct the elders are actually more animalistic and certainly more reprehensible. They have the power to expose and bring the full force of the law against sexual predators. Instead, they have used their authority to provide cover for the very imposters they now admit exist.

The leadership of Jehovah’s Witnesses value money and the reputation of the Watchtower over the lives of the children whom Jehovah has entrusted to them —all the while immodestly boasting that God has ushered them through the gates into a divine paradise. No wonder Jehovah is going to explode in rage and fury in the near future.

In truth, God created the literal paradise called Eden. Humans had nothing to do with it. They just found themselves there —surrounded by beauty and peace. There was no harmful creature in all the Garden of Pleasure until the once-benevolent angel became a treacherous deceiver. It is the same with the spiritual paradise. It is not something that Christians work to establish or even maintain. 

Jesus spoke of the creation of the predator-free environment in the well-known illustration of the harvest. The Lord explained that the weeds represent individuals planted by Satan the Devil that appear to be the wheat-like sons of the Kingdom. This situation will exist immediately prior to the return of Christ, which commences the concluding harvest.

Just as the Corinthians were unaware that their superfine apostles were actually agents of Satan —false apostles, who had cleverly disguised themselves as ministers of righteousness —the Devil’s ruse is virtually undetectable by humans. Paul was inspired by God’s holy spirit to expose the machinations of Satan —whom the apostle revealed was continually disguising himself as an angel of light.

Surely, the fact that Jehovah’s Witnesses have been led to believe that Satan only operates outside of the Watchtower organization —upon the world, on the clergy –or on a few rank-and-file members who merely profess to be Christian —is the telltale sign of the nefarious influence of the wicked angel of light. Indeed, Paul revealed that Jehovah allows for Christians to be brought under a deluding influence –an operation of Satan, which is very much in evidence in the way the Watchtower has been cast as the citadel of righteousness and the shining beacon of sterling truth. 

According to the Watchtower, the weeds represent “imitation Christians.” While that is undoubtedly true, why do Jehovah’s Witnesses unquestioningly assume that the masses of common churchgoers are the best imitation Christians that the wily Devil can come up with? Given the now-undeniable prevalence of lawlessness within the Watchtower’s faux spiritual paradise and the multitudinous stumbling blocks strewn along the supposed Way of Holiness, it is apparent that the genuine imitation Christians are thriving amongst Jehovah’s Witnesses.

That is why in his illustration Jesus explained that the angels will go out and forcibly uproot all such lawless persons and remove all things that cause stumbling out from his kingdom. Dare the Watchtower boast that no lawless persons or stumbling blocks exist in their spiritual paradise? It is noteworthy that Jehovah’s angel drove Adam and Eve out of the garden and an angelic sentry with a flaming sword stood guard night and day to prevent them or their sinful offspring from sneaking back to Eden. In the same way, we must conclude that when Christ dispatches his powerful harvester angels the removal of faithless, wicked persons will be total. 

In spite of this increasing of lawlessness, the Governing Body obscenely proclaims that the pure worship of Jehovah has been restored at last and is reflected in the phony paradise over which they preside. Because of their dishonesty, immodesty, and intransigence, Jehovah is now obligated to use extreme measures. “Your uncleanness was due to your obscene conduct. I tried to cleanse you, but you would not become clean from your uncleanness. You will not become clean until my rage against you subsides. I myself, Jehovah, have spoken. It will come to pass. I will act without holding back, without sorrow, without regret.” —Ezekiel 24:13-14

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