A November 2022 Watchtower study article is entitled: How Jehovah Helps Us to Carry Out Our Ministry. The scriptural theme is “They will certainly know that a prophet was among them.” — Ezek 2.5

There is no doubt that Jehovah—or more correctly, Jesus—helps Christians to fully accomplish their ministry. It is, after all, a divinely ordained work destined to be carried out to completion before the end begins. Jesus has given Christians his assurance that he will be with them, guiding them, supporting them, teaching and correcting them, all the days until the conclusion of the system commences. 

Laughably, in their zeal to authoritatively use the Bible to motivate Jehovah’s Witnesses in their ministry, the Governing Body has appealed to the prophet Ezekiel—even implying that Jehovah’s Witnesses are prophets. There is a problem with that though. Ezekiel was not a preacher of good news. Nor was he sent to teach people who did not know Jehovah—quite the opposite in fact. Ezekiel was commissioned as a watchman to the house of Israel—to Jehovah’s covenanted people; to what was at the time Jehovah’s earthly organization. God sent Ezekiel to his people because they had rebelled against him. Ezekiel announced Jehovah’s coming judgments on the nations, that much is true, but it started first with God’s people—even as the destroyers were ordered: “You should start from my sanctuary.” So they started with the elders who were in front of the house. Then he said to them: “Defile the house and fill the courtyards with the slain. Go!” So they went out and struck down people in the city.” — Ezek 9:6-7

The third paragraph relates how Jehovah specifically sent Ezekiel to declare his message. It hardly seems necessary to cite Ezekiel’s commission though, as if it applied to Christians when Jesus very simply commanded his followers to go make disciples. There is no greater authority. The third paragraph goes on to say: 

Further, in the book of Ezekiel, we find this statement numerous times: “The word of Jehovah came to me.” (Ezek. 3:16) Moreover, the statement “The word of Jehovah again came to me” occurs repeatedly. (Ezek. 6:1) Surely, Ezekiel was convinced that he was sent by Jehovah. In addition, being the son of a priest, Ezekiel had likely been taught by his father how throughout history Jehovah assured His prophets of His backing. To Isaac, Jacob, and Jeremiah, Jehovah had spoken the words: “I am with you.”

Since the Watchtower is implying that the word of Jehovah has come to Jehovah’s Witnesses, we might ask in what way? Does the word of Jehovah come directly to Jehovah’s Witnesses? Everyone knows that is not the case. Does the Watchtower still consider all of the anointed as making up a composite Ezekiel class, or has that been discontinued along with the type/antitype approach? (Click here for all the articles discussing the prophecy of Ezekiel)

On the other hand, I have had the word of Jehovah come to me. True, originally I was indoctrinated by the Watchtower. And that doctrinal foundation has served as the basis for what I have been shown. It is as though I have been handed the invisible scroll and I have ingested it. I have digested and internalized the words of the prophets. No man taught me these things. It has come directly to me through the spirit, not through an earthly channel. 

For example, Jehovah has revealed to me that the Watchtower’s invisible parousia is a total fraud. When the real parousia begins Jesus will reveal himself to the chosen. This profound truth has been well-documented. The Governing Body has stubbornly rejected God’s word. I have contacted them repeatedly—over and over. They are, as Jehovah described to Ezekiel—hard-headed and hard-hearted. 

Jehovah has revealed to me that the whitewashed wall Ezekiel envisioned, which was being continually plastered over by the stupid prophets, really pictures the Watchtower’s 1914 doctrine. Who can deny that the kingdom-has-come teaching requires regular maintenance to keep it standing? 

Furthermore, one of the very first things Jehovah showed me is the prophecies against Tyre and Egypt—from Ezekiel chapters 26-32—really pertain to London and America, respectively. The overthrow of Satan the Devil is what is depicted by the covering cherub of Tyre being flung to the earth in flames. I have explained these things in detail, even gifting books to all members of the Governing Body. They are not interested. 

Although Ezekiel was among the exiles in Babylon, God transported Ezekiel through visions back to Jerusalem—the city where Jehovah caused His name to reside. Specifically, Ezekiel figuratively bore through the wall of Jehovah’s temple to see the horrific things being done by the priests. 

Although I am not an insider, Jehovah has brought to my attention the secret things being done in the inner sanctum, as it were. Jehovah has revealed to me the demonic influence that the Watchtower is under through the coven of masons in their midst. To be sure, it is the foretold operation of Satan through a man of lawlessness. 

Jehovah has moved me to expose their eye of Horus congress hall in Denmark and the insidious use of subliminal images and sigils. Bethel has practiced a form of child abuse by allowing pedophiles to slither about and their lawyers have prevented elders from availing the help of Jehovah’s civil ministers—the police and other professionals. 

The princes of Bethel have become partners with Wall Street thieves—dispossessing hundreds of congregations and stealing facilities solemnly dedicated to God. Now Bethel has demanded congregations close their bank accounts and give them all their money so they can pool it and collect the interest. 

Most recently the Governing Body has spilled innocent blood by lyingly claiming that Jehovah has provided vaccines so that all of Jehovah’s Witnesses can remain in the land of the living. How many have died because of following the Watchtower’s guidance may not be humanly knowable but we may be certain Jehovah knows. 

Although I don’t have the proof in the form of a cashed check, the anecdotal evidence has convinced me that the Watchtower accepted money to promote the deadly vaccines. How true Jehovah’s word through Ezekiel: “Within you they take a bribe to shed blood. You lend on interest or for a profit, and you extort money from your neighbors. Yes, you have entirely forgotten me,’ declares the Sovereign Lord Jehovah.” — Ezekiel 22:12

The Watchtower article makes mention of the celestial chariot Ezekiel envisioned. It is claimed that the fiery mobile throne represents Jehovah’s fast-moving heavenly organization and we humans must keep pace with it. That presents yet another difficulty for the would-be prophets. 

In the opening verses of the 10th chapter of Ezekiel the fiery throne hovered over the city of Jerusalem. Ezekiel explains: “As I was watching, I saw above the expanse that was over the heads of the cherubs something like a sapphire stone appearing above them, and its appearance resembled a throne. Then he said to the man clothed in linen: “Enter between the wheelwork, under the cherubs, and fill both your hands with burning coals from between the cherubs and toss them over the city.” So he entered as I watched.

The heavenly throne ordered burning coals to be hurled down on the city and the temple—destroying everything associated with the worship of Jehovah. Since the Watchtower has recently repudiated their long-held belief that Jerusalem represents Christendom and in light of the fact that Jesus also foretold that Jerusalem will be desolated during the tribulation, what does Jerusalem represent? I will leave the reader to contemplate that question. 

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