This episode considers a varity of questions. What is the significance of the “justaposition” between resurrection of life and resurrection of judgment? Also, questions based upon August 15, 2015, Watchtower article entitled: Keep in Expectation. Paragraph seven states: 

But how bad do you expect conditions to become before “the great tribulation”?  For example, do you expect that there will be a war in every country, no food on anyone’s table, and illness in every household? Under those conditions, even skeptics would likely feel compelled to admit that Bible prophecy was undergoing fulfillment. However, Jesus said that most people would take “no note” of his presence, carrying on with life’s normal activities until it is too late.  Thus, the Scriptures indicate that world conditions during the last days would not become so extreme that people would be forced to believe that the end is near.Luke 17:20; 2 Pet. 3:3, 4.

Question is, what did Jesus mean when he said “the Kingdom of God is NOT coming with striking observableness? Related article in the Watchtower Review: Keep in Expectation. But in Expectation of What?  Call in questioner asks: Is it appropriate to use the name “Jah” in prayer? Last question, regarding the meaning of the “stars” in Jesus’ hand in Revelation



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