There is a war wracking the world today. It is not a conflict between individual nations or even blocks of nations. It is not so black and white as that. It is not confined to national borders, as wars of the past typically have been. It might best be described as a war between the rulers and the people. But that does not really tell the whole story either, because in the USA the government is “by the people” – ostensibly. More specifically, the conflict is really between two systems of rule – the empire and the republic, or neo-colonialism and the nation-states.

The empire today is what has been identified by Lyndon LaRouche and the EIR as a monetary empire, which as one might surmise, is a system of control based upon the control of the value of money. The headquarters for the monetary empire is the City of London, with satellite centers on Wall Street and the British Cayman Islands. The rule of the people is embodied in the American republic and exists in various expressions in all nations.

Since the original 13 colonies broke free from British colonial rule the empire has been relentlessly working to conquer America and prevent other nations from developing along similar lines. The first war fought between the empire and the republic was the so-called Revolutionary War. After that the British Empire and America fought the War of 1812, during which the White House was burned down. When that war failed to topple the break away republic the British Empire promoted and supported the Confederacy and the Civil War as a means of fracturing the United States in the time-tested strategy of divide and conquer. That scheme also failed, due in no small part to the threat of intervention on the part of Russia on the side of Lincoln.

After the Civil War the USA emerged as the greatest industrial power on earth and other nations began to aspire to the American system of economy and development – particularly Russia, Germany, China and Japan. Although he did not live to see it, in response King Edward VII orchestrated the First World War. And in 1917 London sponsored the overthrow of Czarist Russia with the Bolshevik revolution. WWI and Sovietism succeeded in preventing the spread of the American system internationally. And in 1913 the financiers also succeeded in their scheme to gain a foothold in America’s financial system through the European banking cartel known as the so-called Federal Reserve Bank. 

Then, through financial chicanery the City of London brought about the Wall Street crash of 1929 and the Great Depression, which led to the Second World War. During the throes of that Great Depression Franklin Roosevelt spoke of the American patriots war against “the economic royalists” – likening it to the Revolutionary War. Wall Street has despised Roosevelt’s legacy to this day, and for the past 60 years the money powers have fought to overturn the nation-saving regulations Roosevelt imposed upon the “economic royalists.” The last of those regulations to be dismantled was the Glass-Steagall in 1999. The deregulation of the financial system is what led to the collapse in recent years. And if there is any doubt what the issues presently are, last year when lawmakers proposed re-instating Glass-Steagall London is reported to have issued a dire warning that they would consider the reenactment of the law as a hostile act.

That brings us to the present: Now the financiers and their lackeys are going for the kill. Nation after nation is being forced to cough up billions to prop up the blown-out banking system. In return the financiers are forcing vicious austerity upon the people. And with the central banks pumping money into the system non-stop hyperinflation is forcing food and commodity prices to record highs. This of course, enriches the hedge funds and speculators, while driving hundreds of millions of impoverished people to the brink of starvation. The underlying impetus for the uprisings in Northern Africa in recent weeks is the skyrocketing price of basic foodstuffs.

Instead of shutting down the speculators and the bankrupt banking cartel that is looting the world, and then reorganizing the system in order to save people from despair, the financiers are moving swiftly to shut down cities, states and entire nations – virtually forcing the entire nation-state system into bankruptcy. 

According to Bible prophecy the concluding phase of history is marked by the conflict between two rival kings designated as the king of the north and king of the south. Those two kingdoms are also symbolized as the feet of iron and clay comprising the metallic image. The king of the north is the Empire. The iron in Daniel’s prophecy also symbolizes it. The present monetary empire is really the British Empire, which is a continuation of the Roman Empire. The king of the south is the United States; also symbolized by the clay in the iron and clay amalgam. The Bible’s symbolism of the iron and clay not sticking together is the perfect analogy of the incompatible mix of the American and British systems today.

The coming days will see the conflict between these two entities reach a conclusion. By the light of Bible prophecy it can be seen that the empire is going to crush the nations. In the prophecy of the kings of the north and south, in verse 42 the king of the south is portrayed as “Egypt,” since Egypt was the original king of the south following the break of Alexander’s empire. So, the American kingdom will not prove to be an escapee. The American king is going to be netted by the financiers.

In the 32nd chapter of Ezekiel Egypt is depicted as a great marine monster that gets caught in the trapper’s net. Then in grisly imagery the prophecy states: “This is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah has said, ‘I will also spread over you my net by means of a congregation of many peoples, and they will certainly bring you in my dragnet. And I must abandon you on the land. Upon the surface of the field I shall hurl you. And on you I will cause all the flying creatures of the heavens to reside, and off you I will satisfy the wild beasts of the whole earth. And I will put your flesh upon the mountains and fill the valleys with the refuse of you. And I will cause the land to drink up your discharged matter, from your blood, upon the mountains; and streambeds themselves will be filled up from you.’”

The beasts of the earth feeding upon the blood and discharged matter of the fallen kingdom must portray the complete economic dissolution of America. A few years ago such a thing might have been considered as laughable. Now many sober-minded persons think it is inevitable.

Even more interesting, in the 19th chapter of Isaiah Jehovah chides the advisers of Pharaoh for acting unreasonable and stupid. That span reads: “The princes of Zoan are indeed foolish. As regards the wise ones of Phar′aoh’s counselors, their counsel is something unreasonable. How will you men say to Phar′aoh: ‘I am the son of wise ones, the son of kings of ancient time’? Where, then, are they—the wise men of yours—that they may now tell you and that they may know what Jehovah of armies has counseled concerning Egypt? The princes of Zoan have acted foolishly, the princes of Noph have been deceived, the keymen of her tribes have caused Egypt to wander about. Jehovah himself has mingled in the midst of her the spirit of disconcertedness; and they have caused Egypt to wander about in all its work, just as someone drunk is made to wander about in his vomit. And Egypt will not come to have any work that the head or the tail, the shoot or the rush, can do.”

Presently, the keymen in positions of power in the United States, congressmen and senators, including the presidential cabinet, are foolishly allowing the bankers to rob the nation of not just trillions in taxpayer funds, but the very ones who are lauded as wise men and the cream of society, are themselves so cowardly, stupid and corrupt, they are failing to protect the very sovereignty of the nation they swore to defend. Just as  Jehovah foresaw centuries ago, the princes of modern Egypt have been deceived by a cunning tyrant! As a result the entire nation is now reeling like a drunken man destined to go face-down in the gutter! 

The significance of this is that the imminent take-down of the Anglo-American system will signify that Christ has initiated Jehovah’s judgments.

Unfortunately, Jehovah’s Witnesses have no knowledge of the prophecies in this respect because they are under the influence of those whom Jehovah regards as the stupid prophets. The leadership of the Watchtower Society, in spite of all of their boasting about being an Ezekiel-class of prophet and so forth, really is best described as stupid prophets.

At this most critical juncture the Watchtower has nothing to say regarding world events in the light of Bible prophecy. The oracles of Bethel have convinced Jehovah’s Witnesses that virtually all prophecies have already been fulfilled – most of them in the 1914-1919 period. For example, The Watchtower steadfastly teaches that the seventh head of the beast received the sword stroke during WWI and the eighth king has already come on the scene, first as the League of Nations and now as the United Nations.

And when it comes to the identity of the king of the north, since the unexpected collapse of the Society’s Soviet king of the north nearly 20-years ago the Watchtower hasn’t uttered one word – except to warn Jehovah’s Witnesses not to speculate on the king’s identity.

Meanwhile, the king of the north is maneuvering to administer the coup-de-grace upon the present ordering of nations and usher in a time of tyranny like nothing this wicked old world has ever experienced before, nor will ever occur again.


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