A Great Tribulation

//A Great Tribulation

Wednesday, May 4

We must enter into the Kingdom of God through many tribulations.Acts 14:22.

Does it shock you that you can expect to face “many tribulations” before you gain the prize of everlasting life? Likely not. Whether you are new in the truth or you are a longtime servant of Jehovah, you know that hardship is an aspect of life in Satan’s world. Besides difficulties that are “common to men”—problems that affect all imperfect humans—Christians face an additional type of tribulation.  What is it? Intense opposition because of their steadfast obedience to God’s laws. Jesus told his followers: “A slave is not greater than his master. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you.”  Who is behind such opposition? Ultimately, it is Satan, whom the Bible describes as “a roaring lion” who is “seeking to devour” God’s people. Satan will use any means he can to try to break the integrity of Jesus’ disciples.


The Western world has enjoyed a prolonged period of relative peace and prosperity. Very few among the present generation were alive during the Great Depression and the Nazi Holocaust.

We can certainly thank Jehovah that the world has not been wracked with continual war. Unfortunately, that is all about the change. The nations are preparing for an inevitable third world war. The London/Wall Street financial system is in a terminal phase and a new system is emerging in the form of the BRICS. There is no way the Anglo lords will relinquish their power. They will blow the world up before they allow the Russians and Chinese to become the dominant players. Of course, behind the scenes it is the demons who refuse to go quietly into the night.

The coming tumult will far exceed the horrors of the previous global conflicts —bringing mankind face-to-face with extinction, in what Jesus referred to as a great tribulation. According to Jesus unless those days were cut short no flesh would be saved.

Just as the tribulation that came upon Jerusalem in 70 C.E. brought an end to the temple-centered Jewish system, the great tribulation that Jesus said would come upon the entire world will bring an end to the Watchtower.

From the ashes will arise a new heavens and a new earth and those who are granted entry into them will sing to Jehovah and Christ a new song.

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  • Leighton Williams

    This is exactly what I had on my mind a few days ago.

  • Luis Meriño Vásquez

    I have a question Robert. As the days in 66C.E. were cut short should we expect in the future that the attack to the holy place will be cut short and in 3 and half years, the holy city ”the watchtower” be completely destroyed? Thank you. That’s what happened to Jerusalem.

  • Luis Meriño Vásquez

    Or should we expect that the tribulation will be cut short and in three and a half years Armageddon comes?

    • Leighton Williams

      ^This. Jesus was more referring to the great tribulation in general. If you look at the immediate context, he was speaking to the tribulation coming in upon the entire planet and so due to the fact that humanity would be faced with an extinction-level event, God would cut the days of the tribulation short for the sake of the anointed.

      Hope that helps. 🙂

    • Bklyn Kevin

      Except From The meaning of the 7 times of Nebuchadnezzar’s madness?.
      So, the seven times may apply to the period of judgment that will commence in the aftermath of the fall of the leading nation of the world. It may be that the seven times are a literal seven years or simply a symbolic period. Time will tell. (No pun intended.)

      But, we may be certain that during that period all people will be forced to know that the Most High is Ruler in the kingdom of mankind. End except.

      I personally think the Tribulation refers to a full seven year period while the “Great Tribulation” refers to the second half of the Tribulation witch is three and one half years.
      Read more https://e-watchman.com/the-seven-times-of-nebuchadnezzar/

      What is the Great Tribulation and Holy Place?
      Read more https://e-watchman.com/great-tribulation-holy-place/


    • Bklyn Kevin

      The great tribulation which is 3 1/2 years or 1,260 day starts in the middle of the week and then gets cut short by five months or 150 days in the second half of the week on day 1,110 at which point the chosen ones will give a final witness for five months only to be put to death on day 1,260 in the second half of the week at this point the chosen ones will be resurrected in a blink of an eye and Armageddon ensues.

      Revelation 9:5/10/11 .Also, they have tails with stingers like scorpions, and in their tails is their authority to hurt the people for five months.
      They have over them a king, the angel of the abyss. In Hebrew his name is A·badʹdon, but in Greek he has the name A·polʹlyon.

      Revelation 16:14 They are, in fact, expressions inspired by demons and they perform signs, and they go out to the kings of the entire inhabited earth, to gather them together to the war of the great day of God the Almighty.
      Revelation 16:16 And they gathered them together to the place that is called in Hebrew Armageddon.
      Revelation 19:19 And I saw the wild beast and the kings of the earth and their armies gathered together to wage war against the one seated on the horse and against his army.

      • i think you got an error there Kevin. they cant die on day 1,260 in the second half. that exceeds the your hypothesis time frame of 2,520. i missing something?


        • nevermind, going over it again i realized its must all be on the last day then.


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