When Is the Hour of the Judgment?

//When Is the Hour of the Judgment?

Wednesday, July 6

Why do you judge your brother? Or why do you also look down on your brother? For we will all stand before the judgment seat of God.Rom. 14:10.

It would be wrong to entertain baseless suspicions about our brothers and sisters.  What is more, having a tendency to distrust the integrity of others in the congregation would be harmful to our own spirituality. Each Christian should “examine his own actions.” Because of our sinful inclinations, there is always the potential for inadvertently adopting traits that are less than sincere. So from time to time, we might examine our motives for serving Jehovah. We may ask ourselves: ‘Do I worship Jehovah out of love for him and in recognition of his sovereignty? Or do I place more emphasis on the physical blessings I hope to enjoy in Paradise?’  Surely we can all benefit from examining our own actions and removing any vestiges of hypocrisy from our heart


Does the leadership of the Watchtower really believe that “we will all stand before the judgment seat of God”—as a congregated people? No, not really. Perhaps in their esoteric allusions it could be said that they do, such as their recent “adjustments” related to the faithful slave, ten virgins and the sheep and the goats, but straightforwardly there is no scriptural basis within the Watchtower’s teaching for Jehovah’s Witnesses to expect Christ to judge the institution that lays claim to being Jehovah’s exclusive, earthly organization.  The reason is because Bethel has long taught Jehovah’s Witnesses that the judgment of the house of God has already occurred. Below are a few quotations from various Watchtower publication over the years:

Shortly after the beginning of the last days, or the “conclusion of a system of things,” the judgment started for those who claimed to be genuine Christians—whether they were actually “sons of the kingdom” or “sons of the wicked one.” “First” Babylon the Great fell, and “then” the sons of the Kingdom were gathered together at the start of the harvest….How long does the judgment last? Jesus referred to the harvest as a “season,” so it continues over a period of time. The judgment of the individual members of the anointed continues throughout the time of the end. It will last until they are finally sealed. —3/15/ 2010 WT (paragraphs 11-12)

The prophecy of Malachi foretold that Jehovah, “the true Lord,” accompanied by his “messenger of the covenant,” his newly enthroned Son, Christ Jesus, would come in judgment to inspect His “temple,” or spiritual house of worship. “The appointed time” for the ‘judgment of the house of God’ to begin evidently arrived in 1918. —4/1/2007 WT (Paragraph 4)

The parable continues: “After a long time the master of those slaves came and settled accounts with them.” (Matthew 25:19) In 1914—certainly a long time after 33 C.E.—Christ Jesus began his royal presence. Three and a half years later, in 1918, he came to God’s spiritual temple and fulfilled Peter’s words: “It is the appointed time for the judgment to start with the house of God.” (1 Peter 4:17; Malachi 3:1) It was time to settle accounts. — 3/1/2004 WT (Paragraph 15)

When judgment started with the house of God in 1918, the sectarian clergy of Christendom were giving open support to World War I, urging Catholics and Protestants on both sides to slaughter one another. — Revelation – Grand Climax

On both sides of the war, which was fought mainly in Christendom, the clergy preached the young men into the trenches. Millions were slaughtered. By the time that judgment started with the house of God in 1918, the United States had also entered that bloodspilling, and the clergy of all of Christendom had incurred a bloodguilt that still cries out for divine vengeance. – Grand Climax

From 1914 to 1918, these suffered greatly at the hands of Babylon the Great, but in 1918 the Lord Jehovah and his “messenger of the

[Abrahamic] covenant,” Jesus Christ, began judgment with “the house of God,” those professing to be Christians. Thus apostate Christendom was brought to trial.

Jehovah and his “messenger of the covenant,” Jesus Christ, came to inspect the spiritual temple in 1918 C.E. Judgment then began with the “house of God” and a period of refining and cleansing commenced. (Mal. 3:1-3; 1 Pet. 4:17) Something else also occurred. Men manifesting the marks of an “evil slave” came forward and figuratively began ‘beating’ their fellow slaves. Jesus Christ had foretold how such ones would be dealt with. — Grand Climax

As regards the recent aforementioned “adjustments,” particularly as regards the appointment of the faithful slave over all the master’s belongings being reset to the future, the master comes to his house at an hour his slaves do not think likely and judges his slaves as to their faithfulness.

Although the New World Translation uses the expression “body of attendants” to describe those who are fed by the slave, the American Standard Version uses the word “household.” And the NWT marginal reference for the 12th chapter of Luke indicates that “household” is the literal meaning of the original.

The household is the congregation of Christ, which he comes to inspect. And even the Watchtower now teaches that the coming of the master to inspect his household has not occurred. Except, as is demonstrated by the few quotations above, the Watchtower also teaches that Christ has already come and inspected and judged the “household.”

Without dispute the Watchtower holds two contradictory points of view. On the one hand, the messenger of the covenant came in 1918 to initialize the judgment of the house of God and simultaneously the Watchtower teaches that Christ is coming at an hour nobody expects to judge the household of God. But both statements cannot be true.

Sadly, I doubt if any of Jehovah’s Witnesses are even aware of the blatant mis-handling of God’s word. No doubt that is why Bethel continually reinforces their dire warnings about “independent thinking.” “Independent thinking” is anything that does not originate with the Watchtower. And the Watchtower reserves to itself the sole authority to determine what is true. Even if what is taught is glaringly erroneous Jehovah’s Witnesses are required to accept it unreservedly until such time as the “slave” says what it previously taught is no longer true.

The prophecy of Ezekiel addresses this sort of double-talk, saying at Ezekiel 12:24: “The people will hear no more useless warnings and false messages.”Contemporary English Version

But it is not just the judgment of the house of God. The Watchtower even teaches that the foretold “hour of the judgment by God” began in 1914. That hour of judgment includes all peoples of the world, not just the household. This in itself is also a contradiction, since it is an established principle that judgment begins with the house of God.

The hour of judgment no doubt coincides with the one-hour reign of the eighth king. However, that is theocratic history too. And although Jehovah’s Witnesses most likely have no idea that people of the world have already received the mark of the beast, that is exactly what the Watchtower teaches.

At Revelation 14:9, 10, a further aspect of ‘the hour of judgment’ is described. Another angel says: “If anyone worships the wild beast and its image, and receives a mark on his forehead or upon his hand, he will also drink of the wine of the anger of God.” Why? “The wild beast and its image” are symbols of human rulership, which does not acknowledge Jehovah’s sovereignty. Alert Christians are careful not to allow themselves to be influenced or to be marked — 10/1/2005 – WT (Paragraph 15)

If alert Christians are able to avoid getting the mark of the beast just how is that done? By avoiding saluting the flag or joining the military? But have not many of Jehovah’s Witnesses at one time been patriotic supporters of the political system? Since that is the case, how is it that they expect to escape condemnation since everyone who receives the mark do not have their names written in the book of life?

The fact of the matter is, the judgment of the house of God has not begun, neither has the hour of judgment arrived. The initial phase of that judgment will involve the burning down of the “house” —at least accord to the 4th chapter of Isaiah.

That is “When Jehovah washes away the filth of the daughters of Zion and rinses away the bloodshed of Jerusalem from her midst by the spirit of judgment and by a spirit of burning…”


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  • Burt Reynolds

    For me and my family during our time in the congregation, I do not think we served Jehovah out of love, but out of fear, out of being unworthy, out of being a worthless slave doing no more than he should. That was compounded by the fear of man, the condemnation of the brothers, the back-biting, the jealousies, the grand use of some over the more lowly of the congregation. It was not, much to my regret, until I had left the congregation and educated myself as to the meaning of Jehovah and his purpose, that I found an abiding love for him, and an inward ache of this world of men. I found Jehovah in the leaf of a tree that turns light into food. However, Part of me wants to see the Judgement of the haughty ones of the watchtower, but the other half tells me to leave it alone as it is not mine to judge, and besides, I have more than enough sins to be judged. I have just watched Roberts you tube talk from 2014 about the retribution of Jehovah and his jealousies and it brings into focus, the ‘likeness’ with which we are made where we can equate the feelings we have, with the righteous indignation Jehovah has for our disloyalties. So better to look to ourselves and our standing before Jehovah and to take the opportunity to learn to love his ways, and leave the judging to Him before the time comes.

    • ewatchman

      No doubt your troubles in the congregation back then were exacerbated by your tendency to slouch. lol

      • Andres Felipe

        Hermano robert ,gusto saludarlo, en su email deje una pregunta que me gustaría tener su opinión…
        Perdón si causo molestia.entiendo que responder a todos los que le escriben es un trabajo agitador.que jehova lo bendiga siempre . Con amor andres

        • google translated –

          Andres Felipe ->

          Robert brother , greet taste in your email leaves a question I would like to have your opinion …
          Sorry if I cause trouble. I understand that respond to all who write is a stirring work.

      • Burt Reynolds

        Ha! Yes they were, you are absolutely right. I had to ‘sit up straight and be an example to the congregation if I wanted to be a ministerial servant’. And when I actually was a ministerial servant, I was told to arrange the seating no less, just to rub it in, and tend the garden…bathroom for the local cats. Some may say I was being taught humility by Jehovah but in truth, he didn’t need to, the elders had already given me a university degree education in it. (Which of course I failed on purpose because we are not encouraged to do further education so I thought I would show them how much I took their advice to heart) So really, I was a shining example to the congregation…..I’m so obtuse aren’t I.

        • 1914for100Alex

          I haven’t set foot in a Kingdom Hall since I was a little kid, but as a kid I picked up on everything you said. How sad is that? I can’t imagine what it must have been like for the adults. If I felt like I was walking on eggshells, you guys must have felt like you were navigating a minefield.

          • i still fill im in a minefild, with my body parts blown off

    • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

      Hey that’s exactly right here is my support. Me too the same case,back in 2010, but e-watchman’s website helped me otherwise by this time I would have been an atheist.

  • e.v.g

    Thanks brother Robert for this excellent article, Independent thinking means rebellion for the watchtower, recently I’ve been listening to this in the congregation , something about rebelling and all that, complete loyalty to the watchtower. Heil watchtower!!!! just joking.

    • Sam

      Pretty accurate lol

  • Revv_zone@gmail.com Please8834

    Eh…This whole business model about not thinking independently is another way of saying ,dont be testing what the Org says against bible truths because again there answers are spiritually directed and written in stone .Until such a time as we get NEW spiritual direction to overturn our millstone of what was formerly written in stone until the millstone is in place to grind it home that the last stone was only wrong a little bit , but in case the new stone is partially wrong we will then go back to the other stone. And grind it home that the spiritually directed new stone was what the old mill stone said in the first place.yep! Thats it I got it now..

    • ewatchman

      Yes, I believe you’ve got it. ;~

    • Revv_zone@gmail.com Please8834

      And the end result is a finely ground bag of peppered Chaff!

    • Burt Reynolds

      You certainly have your nose to the grindstone.

    • Alexandra Bogolin Bautista

      I tried to have a faith strengthening biblical conversation with a local brother a couple days ago centering around Psalm 146:3 and how we don’t FOLLOW men. When I shyly said “we imitate the faith of the governing body but we don’t follow men,” the brother said “the governing body isn’t a man because they are only the governing body when they all meet together.” !!!!!! At that point I realized I had nothing more to say…..there’s no logical or critical thinking going on there ….a group of men don’t qualify as “men.” My brain hurts. The Trinity sounds more logical! (I do not believe in the Trinity FYI)
      Thank you for these sound articles supported by God’s word. Im very grateful for this refreshment.

      • Christian Obadiah

        LOL. Now that is funny.

      • my God :/ what is wrong with people

      • Sam

        Rather you than me. I would not be able to keep my cool under that kind of stupidity lol

  • Andres Felipe

    Muchas gracias mi hermano robert! !! Exelente artículo. La gran mayoría de los hermanos no se dan cuenta del adoctrinamiento en el que somos sometidos en la Watchtower. Algo que realmente me ofende es el hecho que hayan utilizado nuestro tiempo sagrado en la predicación de las buenas nuevas para hacerle publicidad a la ONU. Esto ha hecho mucho daño en mi y estoy tratando de no juzgar a mis hermanos ,pero también me ofende que sean tan ciegos que no se den cuenta . Pero estoy también de acuerdo con Burt Reynolds , son tantas las ofensas de mi que tengo que quedarme callado.jehova me perdone por mis errores algún día. Ojalá ….los amo a todos…ustedes son mi nueva familia espiritual

  • man Robert; lot of hard work went into typing all that

  • Alexandra Bogolin Bautista

    Does anyone have a comment on the theme of circuit overseers and critical thinking? I happen to like our new circuit overseer as a person….he has high energy, enthusiasm, and he seems to take a personal interest in people by his questions…..BUT after having a private meeting with him, an elder, and my husband last year (before I knew how corrupt and committed to IMAGE the org is) re the UN and Royal Commission (because i genuinely wanted his take on why JW.org doesn’t simply put these things in the “news section” of the website…..lol….I was so naive!!) The meeting was basically an hour of circular reasoning….”the media can’t be trusted” “we don’t know that these allegations are true.” “Don’t be like Miriam and speak against God’s mouthpiece.” “Wait on Jehovah.” “Don’t be like Korah.” When I assured the CO I fully trust in Jehovah, Jesus, and the Bible I was urged to “strengthen my faith in the organization.”

    My question is: Are these men just company men? Their life (housing, transportation, etc) are all supported by HQ (our donations) therefore, it would be extremely difficult to think critically because your entire life could be turned up side down. The CO arrangement is not modeled after the apostle Paul, because he was self sufficient (and appointed by Christ, which obviously doesn’t happen in our day). I want to trust my brothers, but during CO week I almost feel a sick feeling in my stomach. Don’t worry….I laid pretty low last week during his visit. Am I just being paranoid?

    • 1914for100Alex

      I think the “company man” question is valid. I doubt they look at it that way, but self preservation is human nature, even if it’s subconscious. They don’t want the apple cart upset, and they may state that it’s for one reason, but deep down inside they know their gravy train could end if too many truths were exposed.

      Maybe it’s because I haven’t been a witness for decades, and have forgotten a lot of things, but the whole “God’s mouthpiece” comes off as a bit Pope-ish. Don’t get me wrong, I believe Robert’s interpretation of how the Witnesses fit into prophecy. It just seems, after reading things here, that they’re making the same mistakes as other religions by asking people to put their trust in a man/men. The fact that they asked you to “strengthen your faith in the organization” as opposed to simply trusting in Jehovah, is very telling.

      • forgetting a lot of things may well turn out to be good for you as you are learing truth today. the only hard part i suppose would be having to back-track an learn the WT baloney to get the contrast.

        1-Cor 3:7

        • 1914for100Alex

          That’s exactly how I look at it. I remember the Bible basics, but I actually had to relearn what the Witnesses were taught. Over the years I knew something was wrong about a lot of those teachings, but I left at too young of an age to fully grasp what it was exactly. All I knew was that Armageddon was supposed to have happened a long time ago, so they obviously weren’t right about something. Then, many years later, I started doing research on the JW’s. All I remember thinking was “wow, it’s all about them, isn’t it?”. Especially the book of Revelation. Their interpretation of those prophecies are so self serving. I still felt that they were probably the closest thing to the truth as far as religions go, but not close enough. There had to be more. Eventually I ended up here, and I can say that for the first time I feel like I’ve actually found the truth. It just makes so much sense.

    • Burt Reynolds

      Raymond Franz had it right when he called them, the governing body, and other witnesses, victims of victims. Though it appears that the governing body are sincere, they choose to inflict their regime on the brothers, and refuse to humble themselves before the facts. They appear to have lost the love that we should have amongst ourselves and have invested so heavily in their own lies, they can no longer see the truth. This may be true of some, the majority it seems, but it it’s not for me to say. So you have been faced with this hard heartedness and it makes you sick. Good. If it did not, then you would have cause for concern. Your conscience is in good fettle. Why do you go after goading them? Why not instead find the receptive field? Keep on doing what you are doing but ask Jehovah to guide you to those crying out. You may, but I doubt it, get answers from the organisation, but you have answered the question yourself. They have too much investment and too much pride. Time is running out for them. Find those who will listen. You never know, your c.o. May have heard you and seek you out! I admire you carrying on within the organisation. What a fertile field in which to work and your courage…great. You put me to shame. You cannot repair the organisation, but you can repair those who will listen. Great work. What an example you are.

      • Alexandra Bogolin Bautista

        Good observation….when I asked about UN and RC last year, I was being sincere. I wasn’t interested in goading anybody. NOW that I know better, I need to DO better….I’m going back out in service, BUT I try to prepare “fun” bible trivia for my car group …. gossip and weekend recreation are boring to me, so I try to spice up the conversation. But I have to be careful.

      • amen

    • ewatchman

      Hi Ali

      Circuit overseers have to demonstrate that they are Society men before ever they are appointed. And after being appointed they then become company men. My opinion, CO’s are the glue that holds the organization together. The office is modeled after Paul’s ministry, in that he visited the congregations in what might be called a circuit.

    • “we don’t know that these allegations are true”

      thats what we in reality and in truth call a lie.

      ive been wanting to say for a while now ive been accused of being like Miriam and Aaron as being disloyal to the letership. everyone should take note that is what the Watchtower has been using as a faults accusation in rebuttal to us who tell the truth that conflicts with the WT. ive been wanting to bring that up so maybe Robert could write something and slaughter the accusation anyone here is being rebellious when truth is we are not rebellious against the truth but against the lies by putting up a “fine fight” for Jehovah

    • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

      To Respected Alexandra Bogolin Bautista
      You have commented that why JW.org doesn’t simply put these things in the “news section” of the website…..lol….I was so naive!!). Here is the answer: if they openly put all these things in website, it will openly prove that they have betrayed not the victims or the congregation members but Jehovah and Jesus themselves.

  • Apple Pi

    Here’s how much Bethel is in denial of what the ‘hour of test’ refers to. Using the 1984 version of the NWT, I discovered a cross-reference verse while studying the Revelation Grand Climax book. I contacted the Society about the cross-reference in October of 2009, pointing out how the Bible verses contradicted what they were teaching in the Revelation Grand Climax book. I invited them to respond to me, but they never did.

    The cross-reference is on Revelation 3:10 and clearly shows what the ‘hour of test’
    is. The cross-reference is labeled with the letter j and takes you to
    Matthew 24:21. Because this conflicts with what Bethel currently
    teaches concerning the hour of test,
    instead of changing what they teach they chose to remove the
    cross-reference from the new silver 2013 version NWT so that it will be harder for students of the Bible to understand what the hour of test really is.

    Compare the 2013 version of the NWT with the 1984 version and see how many cross-references have been taken out.

    • Christian Obadiah

      Yeah, I noticed that too. A circuit overseer told me those cross-references would be added to the study edition of the 2013 NWT. We’ll just have to wait and see. I don’t see why they had to remove them in the first place.

      • Revv_zone@gmail.com Please8834

        I personally do not use the new silver Bible. .I simply don’t agree with removing words that were sound .like long suffering. Only to replace it with patients. First of all patients is something that one has when one knows its not to far into the future. Long suffering is when a person is suffering many even a lifetime of hardships waiting over 2000 thousand years thats not patients its call long suffering! . . And people aren’t thrown off a Hill .its call a presipus

        • Christian Obadiah

          I see what you mean. To be sure, the 2013 revision in no way invalidates the 1984 edition. I really like many aspects of the 1984 edition and do read from it every now and then. It was very faithful to the original languages and so painstakingly literal in many ways, such as its use of auxiliary expressions to qualify the type of verb used in the original languages.

          However, I enjoy using the 2013 edition mainly because of its readability. The sentences flow better. One thing I noticed, though, was the 1984 edition put me at odds with people in the ministry who used Bibles like the NIV because of the relatively “older” expressions like long-suffering. This is where the 2013 edition shines.

    • yeah its frustrating at times

  • Everyone should be weary of any individual or group that wants to stifle critical thinking. Hold everything up to the light, to see if it rings true.

    • yeah, the word your saying is suppress*. good point to keep those crazys at a distance

  • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

    The initial phase of that judgment will involve the burning down of the “house”is the saddest thing because many JWs are not aware of this except those who are associated with e-watchman.

    • Song of Hannah

      Dear Brother Basavaraj, please be assured that there must be many other honest-hearted JWs that know the truth about what is going to happen, but don’t yet know about e-Watchman. Because they have his spirit, and his word, he surely must be revealing the same to all those signing and groaning over all the detestable things being done in spiritual Jerusalem, if they are reading and relying on his word for answers.

      • e.v.g

        Sadly most of JW’s are believing the Org is the mouth piece of God, the elder that i was talking told me that “It would be in vain that we were within the organization if any man of lawlessness would be within the leadership of the Watchtower” they believe the Org is pure and clean, It is difficult to get to reason with them , they can even get to say ” Why are you within the organization if you think that is not clean ?

        • Song of Hannah

          Why if it is not clean? For the same reason Anna stuck it out… Luke 3:36-38.

          • e.v.g

            Hi sister, for some JW’s it is very important to consider holy the Org. but, is it really holy the Org? according to Jesus YES, (Matt 24:15)
            but there are many things involved in this as we have learned in this site,

            • Song of Hannah

              Oh my, I am so sorry, I read your post at 4am this morning and totally misread it! I thought you were asking the question. Thanks for the clarification dear brother!

      • Yes!

        The eyes of Jehovah are roving about through all the earth to show his strength in behalf of those whose heart is complete toward him.—2 Chron. 16:9.

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