Friday, August 28

The kings of the nations lord it over them, and those having authority over them are called Benefactors. You, though, are not to be that way.Luke 22:25, 26.

Because of human imperfection, some of God’s sheep may be slow to understand what Jehovah expects of them. They may fail to take action that is in harmony with Scriptural counsel, or they may act in a way that indicates a lack of spiritual maturity. How are the elders to react? They should imitate Jesus’ patience with his disciples when they were preoccupied with the question of who among them would become the greatest in the Kingdom. Instead of losing patience with them, Jesus continued to teach his disciples and to give them loving counsel about manifesting humility. By washing their feet, Jesus provided an object lesson in humility, a quality that Christian overseers need to display.


Because of their utter blindness the Governing Body and the entire leadership of Jehovah’s Witnesses are slow to understand what Jehovah expects of them. They have certainly failed to take action that is in harmony with the scriptural requirements for elders when it comes to protecting Jehovah’s sheep.

When it comes to being slow on the uptake, after Jesus was resurrected he began appearing to his disciples in various guises. On one occasion he rebuked them for being senseless and slow of heart to believe all the things the prophets spoke. How true that is of the Governing Body.
But it is not just their inability to discern or except the error of 1914 and all that is attached to it.
Jehovah has tasked his overseers foremost with defending the legal rights of the downtrodden and the vulnerable – the proverbial orphans and widows. It is the basic tenet of Christianity. But by means of the recent Australian Royal Commission public inquiry on sex abuse, the Watchtower’s so-called policy on child abuse has been publicly laid bare as an absolute repudiation of Christianity and a denial of Jehovah himself. 
Jehovah has been very patient and tolerant up until now, but there is a point at which he will no longer put up with it. He will not forever allow himself to be treated so disrespectfully or permit his name to be reproached by mere earthlings.

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