The Watchtower Has Acted Foolishly

//The Watchtower Has Acted Foolishly

Saturday, June 25

The eyes of Jehovah are roving about through all the earth to show his strength in behalf of those whose heart is complete toward him.2 Chron. 16:9.

God wants us to “search for what is good,” “love what is good,” and “do what is good” so that he may “show favor” to us. Think, for example, of the Hebrew midwives Shiphrah and Puah. When Israel was under the yoke of slavery in Egypt, these two women feared God more than they feared Pharaoh, who had ordered them to kill all the male Hebrew children at birth. Evidently, their godly conscience moved them to preserve the lives of the babies. Shiphrah and Puah were later given families of their own.  Their good deeds did not escape Jehovah’s roving eyes. Occasionally, we may feel that no one cares about the good we do. But Jehovah cares. He takes note of every good deed we have done, and he will repay us.


King Asa was the third king of Judah after the split of the 12 tribes – he being the great grandson of Solomon. He was considered a righteous ruler, having spearheaded the removal of idols and high places throughout the realm. You might say he re-established true worship in the land —so much so, that many Israelites from the 10 tribe kingdom began to gravitate to Jerusalem because they had heard that Jehovah was with King Asa. That was especially demonstrated when Judah was faced with a million-man Ethiopian army intent on plundering the kingdom. Asa led his much smaller army out into battle formation, but pleaded with Jehovah for victory, which God provided. Instead of being plundered, Judah took a great amount of spoil from the Ethiopians.

Asa also engaged in a great building program, constructing cities with walls and gates and towers. After the victory over the Ethiopians there was a twenty year period of peace and prosperity.

However, as more and more Israelites came to Asa the the King of Israel blocked them from doing so. This time, though, instead of relying on God Asa took some of the treasures of the house of Jehovah and used them to hire the king of Syria to attack Israel in the north so that he would withdraw from Judah. The scheme worked. However, that is when God sent his prophet, Hanani,  to King Asa. Here is what he said: “Because you relied on the king of Syria and did not rely on Jehovah your God, the army of the king of Syria has escaped out of your hand. Were not the Ethiopians and the Libyans a very great army with many chariots and horsemen? But because you relied on Jehovah, he gave them into your hand. For the eyes of Jehovah are roving about through all the earth to show his strength in behalf of those whose heart is complete toward him.You have acted foolishly in this matter; from now on there will be wars against you.”

Although he had done much good during his 41-year reign, obviously Asa’s heart was not complete towards Jehovah. Perhaps he gave into fear of man. We don’t know. We do know, though, that he did not take the reproof very well. The next verse states: “However, Asa became offended at the seer and put him in prison because he was enraged at him over this. And Asa began to mistreat others among the people at that same time.”

Although the Watchtower Society is an organization composed of many individuals, the course it has taken is very similar to that of King Asa.

The Watchtower has engaged in a program to clear the worldly idols out of the “land,” such as Christendom’s bloody crucifix and nationalism, for example. It has exalted the worship of Jehovah and drawn people to the cause of the Kingdom. God has obviously acted in behalf of Jehovah’s Witnesses in securing legal victories against the organization’s many opponents. The Watchtower has undertaken a massive building program —now crowning the campaign with a brand new headquarters complex in Warwick, New York. And since the tumult of World War Two Jehovah’s Witnesses have enjoyed a prolonged period of peace, at least in the Western world.

But like Asa the leadership of the organization has also made compromises and acted foolishly. The most egregious to date —their secret, 10 year partnership with the United Nations and their lying denial of the true nature of the relationship.

And their response to the rebuke published by e-watchman in a massive mailing campaign, the first of an ongoing series of Kingdom Bulletins, was the same as Asa’s —persecute the messenger. And just as the cited verse states that Asa went on to mistreat others among the people at the same time, through local elders the Governing Body has persecuted any and all who dare to question their honesty. 

As a result of Asa’s foolishness wars sprang up against the kingdom. In a similar manner, since the Watchtower’s NGO partnership was exposed in 2001 Bethel has been embroiled in one legal battle after the other, fending off lawsuits, paying out-of-court settlements to abuse victims and appealing adverse judgments against it. Now Russia is consider liquidating the organization completely in all of the nation, which would mean the Watchtower’s branch facility would be confiscated. Given their tendency to compromise, I would not be surprised if they try to bribe their way out of it. In any case, the “wars” are going to keep on coming, culminating ultimately in complete desolation. Such is the price to be paid for acting foolishly.

King Asa was given an honorable burial in Jerusalem and was still considered a righteous king in spite of his end. And no doubt individuals from the organization will be approved too. However, at some point they will have to stand before God and answer the question:   “Whom did you dread and fear so that you started to lie? You did not remember me. You took nothing to heart. Have I not kept silent and withdrawn? So you showed no fear of me.” —Isaiah 57:11

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  • This is a spot on comparison, WOW.

  • Bobby 6343

    This is the best why to describe the Organization and their dealings. I will print out a few copies and send them to some of my brothers. I could not have explain it in this LIGHT! Thank you.

  • Song of Hannah

    Wow, amazing antitype! ?

    • silly

      • Song of Hannah

        Haha ?

        • Song of Hannah

          I hope everyone understands I was poking fun at the WT, and not Robert.

          • duh ha. it was true. made me laugh cause that type anti thing made things confusing at first, as in, i had to learn what it even was when it really wasnt anything new but just a way of describing something into confusion. so yep i guess thats why some things are funny cause its true. plus those cute little smiley faces get me; help making it funny

  • Joel Sherrod

    Good day to all! Very good type analogy. There is no doubt that the Watchtower Society through its Governing Body has indeed acted ‘foolishly’ by persecuting any and all who dare speak out against them. They are arrogant and defensive when qualified individuals or religious groups point out any number of their doctrinal errors pertaining to the end-time. One quick question though . . . it seems to me that this current group of 7 Governing Body Members are younger than previous GBM of past generations. Correct? And if so, is it just my imagination, but does this younger group of Brothers seem to be more “open” to new doctrinal interpretations and understandings than their predecessors? Give me your thoughts on this please.

    • ewatchman

      You are right. The old guard has died off. Younger members have made a few updates, like readjusting the appointment of the slave over all the master’s belongings to a point in the future.

      I think the old guard was probably reluctant to go too far with the Internet. But now the younger GB are full in on There are into making movies now too, like the Hezekiah feature drama at this year’s convention. I applaud them for finally utilizing the Internet.

      Heck, this current group of GB have me feeling old. I must be 10 years older than Sanderson. ;~(

      • Joel Sherrod

        You are right Robert. If I am not mistaken, I think Brother Mark Sanderson is 55 years old. I remember the late Raymond Franz once saying that he believed (or at least hoped) that when the then (1993) crop of old Governing Body Members, like John Barr, Lloyd Barry, and even Fred Franz, died off—finish their earthly course—that the newer, younger GB Members would take a hard look at some of the doctrines of the Organization, and make the needed adjustments. I think he was right . . . to an extent.

        • Leighton Williams

          It seems that way…but the big change hasn’t hit yet…am still waiting to see exactly what will be the reaction when this all comes full circle. Imagine the reaction of sincere JWs when the prophecies that are obscured and applied towards Christendom is really towards the true Christian congregation, imagine when they realize that even though the preaching work has accomplished so much, the true beginning of the end hasn’t even begun, imagine…when the final choice is squarely placed before all humanity..which side they are on..
          So yes, a few changes have been made..but the major ones are still yet to be…we will very shortly see

          • Joel Sherrod

            Ummm . . . interesting . . .

          • its like saying that Jesus’ thousand year rain already began since 1914

        • Kevin b

          Mark Sanderson is 51, he was born February 4,1965. According to an article on

          • Joel Sherrod

            Thanks for that update friend!

          • Kevin, that site, as you know already, is apostate. do you think it is a good idea to advertise it here.

            • Kevin b

              Sorry. I edited it.

            • i feel its good to point out that its apostate at least if One dares the need to post something that. its like going door to door and handing out a Teach book lased with a 1914 lie that i cant consciously hand to anyone without first pointing out the pages that are incorrect or in error. same goes with drawing people to this site.1-Co 10:24 & 8:13 principle. there is a lot of truth archived on that site but the creator of the site is not serving Jehovah. he left Jehovah. (as much as Jehovah knows) his is agnostic as he states.

              i enjoy your comments Kevin b, and what you share im glad to learn. just looking out, thars all. hope youre having a day thats doable 🙂

      • i hope im as wise as you when i reach your age; even wiser

  • 8675309

    I just read today that the WT org. is being slapped with fines by a San Diego Superior court judge totaling $4000 a day for being in contempt of court for not producing unredacted documents in the Osbaldo Padron sex-abuse case. $4000 a day adds up quickly.

    • ewatchman

      Thank you 8675309. I posted the article on JW News

    • Jenny,Jenny who can I turn to ????

      • ewatchman

        Oh right, I remember that song…something about “for a good time call..”?

  • Shelley.

    Thank you ,Robert King.I have been studying with Jehovahs Witnesses for 9 months.I was drawn to them because of the resurrection hope after loosing my son.i began attending meetings right away but they started warning us to stay away from the internet because of apostate lies.Of course that just made me start researching.I was blown away by the child abuse,UN relationship,and seeing that the watchtower had stocks in several companies that made war crafts and soft porn.I felt so betrayed and the loss of my son became permanent to me with no hope,but I stumbled across your book and I have read it twice now.As I write through tears you have given me that hope back that I will hold my son again.I continue to study and attend the meetings not for an organization but for Jehovah and his precious son Jesus.I can say now that I really have found the truth.

    • ewatchman

      Wow, thanks for sharing that. The thing to keep in mind is that WT hasn’t so much betrayed us as they have Jehovah.

      • Shelley.

        The sad thing is it almost turned me away.The sad thing is how many won’t get to know about Jehovah because of the WT. How many people won’t ever get the chance to hear the hope of Jehovah’s Kingdom because they have tarnished his name so badly.The blood on their hands is unbelievable.I know Jehovah is a loving and merciful God, I only hope that all these people will have the chance during the great Tribulation after the fall if the WT to come to Jehovah.

        • The eyes of Jehovah are roving about through all the earth to show his strength in behalf of those whose heart is complete toward him.—2 Chron. 16:9.

        • Em Aye

          Looks like JWs are the worst reproach of them all. In fact, they seem to be the only reproach out there, and it sure is working well.

          Ironic, enemies of the good news as “governed” by their own “body”.

    • Welcome Shelley to the family of truth seekers, my heart breaks for your loss, may Jehovah give you comfort & a speedy Resurrection.

      • Shelley.

        Thank you

    • Kevin b

      I’m glad you didn’t let the hypocrisy of the watchtower stumble you. You honestly have found the truth.

      • Shelley.

        Oh it did slow me down for a time. I am so grateful that I stumbled across Robert Kings videos and book. If not for that I feel I may have walked away.

    • Ed

      I have respect and admiration for you Shelly ! May Jehovah help you on your journey ! Numbers 6 : 24-26 ,agape & big hugs

      • Shelley.

        Thank you so much for sharing words of encouragement from Jehovah’s word.

    • Andres Felipe

      Hay shelley!! Espero que jehova te dé las fuerzas necesarias para soportar tan duro golpe . Animo !!! Fuerza !!! Sabes una cosa ? Yo he tenido que llorar por tanta decepción que ha tenido al enterarme de todas las cosas detestables que se hacen dentro del pueblo de Dios. De la decepción pasé al odio por la organización,me sentí engañado por todos lo años de sentí utilizado defraudado. Llegue incluso hasta ser ateo,sí ,cupé a jehova. Yo estaba muy mal. Pero tengo que decirlo, el hermano robert me ha dado una tranquilidad y una fuerza espiritual únicas. Gracias a ti u todos por ser parte de mi vida.

    • i hope you continue to make it to meeting because you have outstanding faith and the other wheat in the congregation could always benefit from your association and love for Jehovah

      • Shelley.

        I continue to attend meetings.Most times I leave feeling like I’m high on a cloud and other times when it’s all talk about 1914 ,prophesy ,spiritual paradise and GB I feel frusterated and discouraged,but since I have found Robert Kings sites and book it has made it a lot easier for me.I continually remind myself that I am attending meetings and studying to learn about my Heavenly Father and his son Jesus so that my love can grow deeper and my faith stronger.

  • Annie

    wow, that was pretty powerful, Brother Robert

  • Andres Felipe

    Hola mi hermano robert …me alegra saludarlo desde bogota,Colombia.quiero decirle que uste es un alma preciosa a los ojos de gustaría algún día estrechar su mano y agradecerle el equilibrio espiritual que he tenido gracias a uste.que jehova lo bendiga .quiero preguntarle:mi hijo tiene 12 años y le gustan mucho las reuniones y me ha manifestado su deseo de bautizarse.yo ya le he explicado a mi hijo la falsa enseñanza de 1914.y se que no lo dejarán los ancianos si dice qye no cree en esa doctrina.debo entonces bautizarlo yo cuando sea apropiado?me gustaría saber la opinión suya y de los foristas a quien he llegado a tenerles tierno cariño.

    • Annie

      Robert, here is a rough translation of Andres words;

      Hello my brother Robert … I’m glad to say hello from Bogota , Colombia .
      I want to tell you, you are a precious soul in the eyes of Jehovah.
      I would like to someday shake your hand & thank you for the spiritual balance I’ve received that
      Jehovah has blessed you with.

      I want to ask: my son is 12 and likes the meetings and has expressed his desire to be baptized.
      I already have explained to my son about 1914. the false teaching
      (and not to leave the elderly – sorry, can’t translate that properly Robert –
      it could be that he does not believe in the older/false teachings from the WT)

      If he says he does not believe in that doctrine – Is then baptism appropriate ?
      I would like to know your opinion & that of the forum members who have shown
      to have tender affection …………………..

      Hola Andrés , me han tratado bien a explicar a Robert lo que desea decir
      y su pregunta sobre el bautismo de su hijo .
      Soy Inglés y mi español proviene de las Islas Canarias ,
      así que es un poco diferente del dialecto de Colombia .
      Ahora , vamos a esperar una respuesta de Robert o de los otros miembros del foro.
      Saludos , Andrés

      • Andres Felipe

        Muchas gracias anni. Y no te preocupes por la barrera del idioma que aunque no sé inglés trato de entenderlos. Los amo a todos

      • Ken Rosenberg

        The baptism questions don’t feature 1914.

    • Bienvenido Andrés , al banquete de alimento espiritual y el amor , proporcionada por Jehová y presentada por nuestro sabio hermano Robert . Asegúrese de cortar la línea e ir directamente a la mesa de postres @ imaginar el paraíso !

      • Andres Felipe

        Gracias Joseph. Sí, estoy seguro que aquí hay alimento en abundancia .un abrazo

    • Bklyn Kevin
  • Andres Felipe

    Gracias Joseph y a todos por aportar. No saben el cariño tan especial qye les tengo. Les voy a contar lo que me pasó ayer: estaba trabajando y me encontré por casualidad con los hermanos que estaban predicando. Uno de ellos, un hermano muy querido para mi y que conozco hace más de 10 años, se me acerco y me preguntó qye pasaba conmigo ya que no me habían vuelto a ver en las reuniones y la predicación( soy “inactivo “) y me anime a decirle de mi decepción por la que estoy pasando al enterarme de tanta ceguera y borrachera espiritual en la que nos encontramos . Le cite al hermano Isaías 42;19 y el aplicó el texto a la Cristiandad!!!! No podía creerlo.bueno para resumir el hermano quedo muy preocupado por mi y me aconsejo que deberá de leer libros apóstatas jejeje. Supiera él que el verdadero alimento espiritual esta aquí y no en la sw.los amo a todos

  • Since the Society has been run like a worldly corporation since the days of Rutherford, rather than “disfellowshipping” someone, should he not rather be “fired”?

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