Well, the moment has arrived. This is it!

At least that’s what Anthony Morris said at the 2018 annual meeting. And that was a theme of his talk introducing the new king of the north, which as you probably know, turned out to be the old king of the north. It’s kind of like that old rock song: ‘meet the new boss same as the old boss.’

But after 20 years since 1998, when the Watchtower published the Pay Attention to Daniels Prophecy book, who, when the Watchtower said, who is the king of the north now since the dissolution of the USSR? We don’t know. But after 20 years now, it’s out there; it’s Russia and Russia’s allies. And they mentioned that several times. But we never do get a clear picture of who Russia’s allies are. Nor do we hear who the king of the south is.

But anyway, I thought, I would play a few segments, I had to sit through the whole thing to sift through it, … but, … and, … it was a, … I must say rather excruciating. But, if you’ll pardon me, I’ll play a few segments and comment upon them. So, let’s give our attention here to Brother Anthony Morris. 

All of you would agree how much we enjoyed the museum video and hearing Brother Fred Franz ‘s voice talking about the assassination of the Archduke. The brothers said: yeah ah, there, it is, there it is, what we’ve been waiting for. Well, that’s very stirring and then we would have the critics saying: you haven’t, you people, had other expectations, that were not realized and etc , you know.

But it’s amazing that even the world recognized, this was unique. 1914, they …

In fact, I’ve had this for many years on the shorter, yeah, it’s the new world magazine. and it was widely read at the time. And I guess, I remember about 1931, they went out of business. But here end of all kingdoms, in 1914 millennial donors 25-year prophesy. Widely read. Other newspapers covered it. They made comments here about: the terrific war outbreak in Europe has fulfilled an extraordinary prophecy. For a quarter of a century passed, through preachers and through press the International Bible students best known as millennial donors, have been proclaiming to the world, that the day of wrath, prophesied in the Bible, would dawn in 1914. Look out for 1914! – has been the cry of the hundreds of traveling evangelist. 

Well yes, I would, I would have to concur with those words—look out for 1914. It is the biggest fraud, that has ever been perpetrated upon a trusting people. It’s interesting that Brother Morris must have had that newspaper laminated that when he mentioned the … I think he said New World Magazine. But I researched it on the internet, it is the New York World magazine. And it indeed carried this article in the August 30th edition. I think he mentions that later on, so withhold that comment.

However, looking up New York World on Wikipedia, one can see that it was the originator of yellow journalism. In other words, sensational journalism. It published articles, that were not so well researched. It was the beginning of what is called tabloid journalism. It’s, what you know, is fake news. It was, it was one of the fake news magazines. And it had this sensational article, and Anthony Morris is not embarrassed to hold this up as proof that the Bible students were right about nineteen fourteen. And there are the headlines. The End of All Kingdoms. That was a hundred years ago, one hundred four years ago. The end of all kingdoms, well? Can you think of any kingdoms that ended? Well yeah, the Austro-Hungarian Empire ended in World War One, and the Ottoman Empire. But the world has gone on evidently. Nations have developed in ways that were unimaginable in 1914. The nations haven’t ended, there. They’ve gained power. But what kind of a con job (?) are they trying to pull?

Well, I’ve spoken so much about that issue. I, I won’t go into the man of lawlessness. Or the fact that when Jesus spoke of the of Jerusalem being trampled on by the nations until the appointed times of the nations have ended, he wasn’t speaking about the trampling of Jerusalem by Babylon and at five centuries earlier. He’s speaking of a future trampling. I don’t know why Jehovah’s Witnesses can’t understand that. But that’s for them to sort out, I guess.

Well, anyway, he’s developing his theme here. That this, was the aha moment. This is it – 1914. Let’s see a show of hands how many were there to realize, that this is it. How many of you out there? None, right? If you were alive and aware of what was going on in 1914, I congratulate you. And you’re no doubt in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest living human being. In reality, there’s no one among those Bible students anyway, who witnessed this, and could say: aha, this is it. So that generation, that saw – this is it, they’re all gone. So it wasn’t “it.”

Brother Morris poo-poos the idea that the critics said: “Well, not everything you said was gonna happen, happened.” And I guess I’m one of those critics because … Well, the Bible students, as we know, we’re expecting Armageddon. They actually believed in the rapture. They thought that we’re gonna be taken home in 1914.  Brother Macmillan wrote in his book about how they sold their winter coats in the summer of 1913, I guess, or 14, I don’t know, yeah. I’m sure they had to find some new apparel as that New York winter set in. 

Going back to that New York World magazine. You know, back then, Pastor Russell used his millions to promote the Watchtower’s message. And his articles were published in hundreds of magazines, and newspapers, daily newspapers. So I’m wondering if he didn’t pay the New York World … for a little publicity. I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t put that beyond them at all.

But maybe I’m, will speak a little bit about, that you know, when Paul spoke about the man of lawlessness he warned not to believe these sensational claims, that the day of Jehovah is here, the presence has begun. Do not be shaken from your reason. It will not come until the apostasy comes. And he spoke about the man of lawlessness. And how that is an operation of Satan, that Jehovah allows to go to those who know the truth. And Satan joins in with every powerful work and lying signs and every unrighteous deception.

Do you think it’s beyond the power of Satan to whip up this, this… hysteria as it was among the Bible students, that the world was going to end? And of course, they believed that Christ parusia had already begun in 1874. And they were not disabused from that folly until 1930. So, Brother Morris is not being sincere. Because nothing that the Bible students expected to be fulfilled was fulfilled. Okay, there, there was a war. Well. Are we saying that there cannot be another war? One that would be much worse than the First World War? The Watchtower says: no, there can’t be. But, here we are on the edge, as I’ve been preaching about.

Well, let’s get into this next segment and see what else he has to say here:

And I appreciate very much how they in Year book in nineteen seventy five considering our modern-day history, made this beautiful quote: “disappointments about going to heaven in 1914 really were very minor, compared with the great expectations realized in connection with that year. And it’s amazing, during the first six months of 1914 nothing happened. and they were being ridiculed. And then the Archduke was assassinated. This one was particularly released on August 30th, 1914, with millions dying in World War One.” 

So, it’s Brother Franz’ statement that really is the idea for the theme here – this is it! The question arises: will we have one or more times in the future, or even not when we can say – this is it? So, you can have that same exciting fervor because of Bible prophecy. Well, let’s begin with this one here, find Daniel chapter 11. Daniel chapter 11. And we’re going to read here, verse forty, or half of it: “In the time of the end, the King of the South, here in Daniel 11:40, will engage with him in a pushing.” So, the Governing Body has been prayerfully considering recent events. And we know, that in 1991 the Soviet Union came to an end. So, who is the king of the north?

Well, after prayerfully considering it, on the matter of the pushing, we’re assuring you, that what we see, after prayerfully considering it, is, that Russia and its allies, king of the north

Now, here’s some reasoning, see, the Soviet Union disbanded. Russia came up from the rubble of the Soviet Union along with its allies. And here’s some of the facts: Two things have become apparent. Russia and its allies are continuing to engage in a pushing with the king of the south, and we’ll get to that, pushing points shortly.

And the second: They are taking the lead in persecuting and opposing God’s people. Now notice what the pushing includes:  electronic espionage, computer attacks, trade wars, and that’s what they call them (?) and the hostile flooding into surrounding territory. These are recurring features of the news headlines, you’re aware of them. So, someone well, as the king of north been inactive well, No, it appears, he’s never been this busy with the pushing with the king of the south. 

So, this is it! At this point we’re confident to share with you, Russia and its allies, are the king of the north and they’re engaged in this pushing. In fact, last month they had the largest war games, Russia did, since the Soviet Union was in existence, way back in the eighties. And they had their allies with him in the war game. So we’re confident, this is it! ….

Well, there you have it! …

About that New York World magazine. He mentioned it was published on August 30th, 1914. Archduke Ferdinand was killed on June 28th, and all the nations of Europe were allied with opposing alliances. And one after the other, they declared war on each other. The war didn’t really begin then. Millions weren’t killed in August. The troops were on the march, that’s true. So, this New York World magazine came out going on about this extraordinary prophecy before the bloodletting had even begun.

So, that article was based solely upon this chronology, the seven times chronology, that Jehovah’s Witnesses cannot get dislodged from their minds. It is the proof of everything. But as I said, it just doesn’t work with the appointed times, it … anyway …

Well, you notice that Anthony Morris cited recent events. And he cited electronic espionage. I’m sure he was alluding to the supposed election meddling and trade wars. Russia did not instigate any sort of trade war. In fact, Russia’s economy is in no position to instigate a trade war. Those trade wars were orchestrated by London and Wall Street. And became official US policy to punish Russia and China.

It wasn’t something, that Russia invented. The United States is trying to block off Russia from even selling oil and natural gas. They want to choke off Russia. They want to conquer Russia. They want to bust it up into smaller nations. And this has been the goal of the British for many, many decades. It’s really disingenuous on the part of the watchtower. 

A couple of years ago, a Watchtower article was bemoaning the fact that they received such bad press coverage. No doubt about their child abuse cases and their out-of-court settlements at all that. And they were sternly rebuking Jehovah’s Witnesses for believing these stories from the press, that’s controlled by Satan the Devil. The Watchtower boldly, confidently told Jehovah’s Witnesses, though, jw.org has a website and they have press releases on there and that’s all the information, you need. It’s all right there  for you. If you go to press releases on jw.org, do a search for child abuse. You will not find one article, not one article. So, child abuse doesn’t exist Orwellian world of the Watchtower. Don’t believe the news, believe what we say. It didn’t happen.

But now, Anthony Morris is saying: well, you read the news. These are headlines. So they’re basing their understanding of world events on a source, which by all accounts is propaganda. And we’re talking mainstream media: BBC, Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC. They are outlets for Imperial propaganda

Apparently, the Watchtower doesn’t accept that even though they say this is Satan’s media, ‘don’t believe it.’ Now they’re basing their interpretation of prophecy, upon what the media says Russia is doing.

For instance, Anthony Morris said that Russia was and her allies were invading other countries. Really? What countries has Russia invaded? Can you name one? Oh, they invaded Ukraine. Did they? Everybody has, you know, handheld phones and cameras. Let’s see some footage. Can someone show some footage of Russian tanks and army men in Ukraine?

Let’s see some war footage. There isn’t any. In reality, Ukraine was taken over by a Nazi coup backed by the United States. They immediately declared war on ethnic Russians, mostly in eastern Ukraine. Russia sent troops to defend them because the government of Ukraine was shelling its own people, who happened to be ethnic Russians.

And then Crimea, which had always been part of Russia and was given to Ukraine by Kruschev in the 50s. They had a referendum and voted overwhelmingly, 96 percent, to return to Russia. And It was spun by the Western press as an invasion. They claimed they believed in democracy but they didn’t accept what the people of Crimea voted to do. No, that was a Russian invasion and we’ve got to punish them. And Anthony Morris believes this nonsense and propaganda. And so do Jehovah’s Witnesses, because they have to believe what this Governing Body says.

The most ridiculous aspect of this: He read the verse there, from Daniel: During a time of the end, the King of the South will engage with the King on the north, end up pushing. And he insisted that this confrontation between the United States and Russia is the fulfillment of that prophecy – they’re locking horns, they’re pushing”.

Well, for one.

This confrontation is totally contrived by London and the US. If you recall, when Donald Trump was merely running for the president he said: What’s wrong with having peaceful relations with Russia?

There’s a lot wrong with it.

If you’re part of the British oligarchy. They’ve always tried to divide the United States and Russia, going back to the Civil War, when Britain backed the Confederacy. I’ve spoken about that I don’t go into it. But again, This entire confrontation is manufactured by the British Empire. Because they know, that since, …

Well, Anthony more spoke of Russia and her allies. He didn’t mention who they were.

How about the BRICS? It was formed about five years ago—an acronym for Brazil, Russia, India, South Africa, and China. That organization is developing into a rival organization of the decrepit, dying British imperial transatlantic system. It has its own Bank to rival the IMF. It’s developing this new Silk Road. It’s uplifting entire nations out of poverty, particularly in South Asia and Africa. That is why the British are fomenting war to destroy the BRICS and they’re going to use the United States, drag the United States into yet another war. I read a quote the other day from Randolph Churchill. He was the son of Winston Churchill, who, of course, was the Prime Minister of Great Britain during the Second World War. And he was speaking with a fellow journalist, Walter Lippmann. And this is right after World War two, he said: “You don’t understand the British Empire.” And I don’t think, very many do. He said: “We drug you into two world wars and we’ll drag you into a third.” Walter Lippman being an American.

So, that’s the dynamic here. London has always been the king of the north. Since, well, back to the Queen Victoria…When the United States broke away in 1776, there was this constant war to reconquer America to take over its foreign policy mechanism and its economy, which it did. To use it as its dumb giant to further the aims of this Imperial beef stead quartered in London.

Well, anyway, going back to Anthony Morris’s interpretation here. In the time of the end there’ll be this pushing. No —the time of the end, according to the Watchtower is 1914.

So, this pushing originally began during World War I. Presumably, Kaiser Wilhelm and the Germans were pushing. But the prophecy goes on to say: but the king of the north will storm and he’ll overrun and subjugate the king of the south. The pushing doesn’t continue, the pushing triggers this flood and ultimate victory for the king of the north. Yeah, why sure, don’t even get into that.

They say that this flooding over occurred with Nazi expansion, and then it occurred again with Soviet expansion, and then they went belly-up, and now we’re back to pushing again!

So the pushing is been going on a hundred years after after the flood … come on … And the king of the south was ruled over by the king of the north, because during the Cold War of the Soviet Union bankrupted the United States???? Reality is completely on its head,  from the Watchtower version.

But that’s their “this is it!” moment. These men declared this great and vital truth and trying to whip up a little excitement among Jehovah’s Witnesses. I don’t think, it’s gonna go over very well, and he said three times, did you notice that, after prayerful consideration. Well, maybe just turn the television off, stop reading the New York Times, maybe do some research into some alternative views of world events in history. That would be my suggestion, because that’s, what I’ve done.

Anyway, I have no expectation of educating them or disabusing them of their folly. But we are witnessing something, I believe, quite extraordinary. I believe that the Watchtower has been used by God to publish the simple truth. The Watchtower does one thing very good. It teaches the basic truths. It does that very well. It’s published information in hundreds and hundreds of languages—Helps meek and teachable people know the basic truth.

They run off the rails with this prophecy, and they accept this delusion that Christ began ruling in 1914. If we really appreciate that, the fact that they are being used but they are deluded, then we can understand some very fascinating prophecy. I would like to direct your attention to the 29th chapter of Isaiah, verse 9. He says: “Be stunned and amazed.” This is Jehovah speaking. “Blind yourselves and be blinded. And they are drunk, but not with wine. They are staggering, but not from alcohol. For Jehovah has poured a deep sleep upon you. He has closed your eyes, the prophets. And he has covered your heads, the visionaries.”

Well, the Watchtower claims to be Jehovah’s prophet, his mouthpiece. They boast, that they are only able, only, they are able to decipher these visions in the Bible, making themselves visionaries. And here God says, “he’s closed their eyes and covered the heads of their visionaries.”

That perfectly explains what we saw there with Anthony Morris. His understanding of who this king of the north is is based upon recent events, he saw on the news. Well… 

Now where is it going?

Well, let’s drive this point home to help us appreciate whom Jehovah is speaking about in this prophecy. Verse 13 goes on to say:   “This people approaches me with their mouth. And they honor me with their lips, but their heart is far removed from me. And their fear of me is based on commands of men, that they have been taught.” 

Isn’t that it? Don’t Jehovah’s Witnesses honor Jehovah? They speak about Jehovah. They declare his name. But God sees what the heart is. He sees that their act of worship and devotion is based upon commands of men. How could any of Jehovah’s Witnesses argue that their faith is not determined by this Governing Body?

Anthony Morris went on and in that talk, went on about peace and security, and he was rebuking Jehovah’s Witnesses again. Saying whenever some politician says “peace and security” then you start emailing each other. And he says : “Don’t do that.” We’re the ones, who say, when it’s it.

Okay well. let me, let me read verse 14, because I think it ties in quite well, He says: “Therefore I am the one who will again do wonderful things with this people.”

That’s a good thing right, if God does something wonderful? He wants to bring them around, correct them.  You’re following men. They’re not really devoted to him. He can fix that.

“With wonder upon wonder, and the wisdom of their wise men will perish and the understanding of their discreet men will be hidden.”

The wise and discreet slave.

He mentioned that a number of times, referring to the Governing Body as the faithful and discreet slave. He boasted about how the Watchtower was so discreet in not proclaiming the fulfillment of peace and security back in 1986 when the UN was talking about peace and security. Well, where will they be when Christ returns?

They say he’s already come. Yeah, then their wisdom will be hidden. They’ll have nothing to say. They painted themselves into a corner. They led Jehova people down a dead-end road. Well it goes on

It goes on: How you twist things? Should the potter be regarded the same as the clay. And should, what is made, say about its maker: he did not make me. And does, what is formed, say about its former: he shows no understanding.?”

While Paul referred to this prophecy and applied it to Christians, that they were the clay, and Jehovah is the potter, the Governing Body pretend, that ‘no we are a full grown. Jehovah doesn’t mold us. We don’t need to be molded. We’ve got it all figured out, where the wise and faithful slaves’, so on, so on.

Well, I won’t go on any more, that I’ve written extensively on the book of Isaiah. You can check it out on my website. Also, I recently wrote an open letter, a bulletin which I send electronically. I send to all the Governing Body members, by the way.

This was just a few months ago, after they.., I had heard, that they announced, that Russia was the king of the north at their annual meeting in October 2018. So, I prepared a paper and sent it out. Has lots of references.

If you want to know my thinking on identifying the king of the north and south, it will require some mental effort, a few hours of reading and studying, and trying to understand the dynamics of this war between the British Empire and the American system. But that’s the dynamic that’s been moving the world and is leading it into the next world war.

So anyway, this is it!

Talk to you later


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