Tuesday, March 8

Man has dominated man to his harm.Eccl. 8:9.

Some of the worst atrocities have involved the abuse of women. Worldwide, about 30 percent of women report having been assaulted by a male partner. Males are favored in some societies because it is thought that they will grow up to continue the family line and care for their aging parents and grandparents. In certain lands, females are considered undesirable children, and far more baby girls than baby boys are aborted. The mistreatment of women certainly does not please God. He treats women justly and respects them. Jehovah’s regard for women is evident from the fact that Eve was created perfect and with characteristics that made her, not a slave, but a wonderful complement of Adam. That is one reason why, at the end of the sixth creative day, God “saw everything he had made, and look! it was very good.”  Yes, “everything” Jehovah made was “very good.” He gave both men and women a very good start!


The greatest honor that God could ever bestow upon anyone has been bestowed on a select number of women in the Christian era who have been chosen to be part of the Kingdom of God. We do not know the precise male/female ratio of those who will have the unspeakable privilege of being part of what will ultimately be 144,000 Kingdom heirs, but we do know that a substantial part of that final number will be women.

Of course, there is neither male nor female in the new creation. That being true, it would be more correct to say that many of the 144,000 kings and priests were once women. Now that’s what I call transgender!

Unlike in the human sphere, though, God’s selection of women has nothing to do with their physical appearance. It is not a beauty contest. Paul revealed that God chooses the weak and foolish people of this world in order to put the strong and wise to shame.

It is a humiliation for the demons too. They once stood before God as powerful angels, but chose to leave their place in heaven in order to have sex with the beautiful daughters of Eve. And no doubt those handsome materialized angels dominated their harems of beauties.

But Jehovah has turned the tables on them, so to speak, as former women will be among the throng of holy ones who will soon crush Satan and his demons and annihilate their world and liberate mankind from their wicked domination.

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