Wednesday, February 24

Look out not only for your own interests, but also for the interests of others.Phil. 2:4.

Paul urged all Christians to “look out” for the interests of fellow believers. The essence of Paul’s counsel is that we should observe the gifts that others have and acknowledge them.  How do we feel when someone shows interest in the progress that we have made? Usually, it stimulates us to make additional progress, bringing out the best in us. Likewise, when we acknowledge the value of our fellow believers, we help them to thrive and grow spiritually. All of us need special attention from time to time. Still, young or newly baptized brothers really need to sense that they are involved in the congregation’s activities. This will help them to understand that they do have a place among us. On the other hand, failure to give fitting recognition to such brothers may stifle their desire to reach out for more responsibilities.


Jehovah’s Witnesses consider it their Christian duty to try to reach people in their community for the purpose of teaching them the truth —warning them of God’s coming Judgment Day. Here is what the January 15th, 1974, Watchtower had to say:

Do you believe that lies should not go unchallenged? Then what about falsehoods told about God, misrepresentations of his announced purposes? Surely this is, not less, but more serious than lies of a general kind. Perhaps you agree that wrongdoing should be exposed. But what if the wrongdoing is done by religious people, perhaps persons in your own church? Will faithfulness to God cause you to speak out for what is right? And if we would naturally feel guilty about failing to warn our neighbors of some threatening disaster, such as an approaching flood or violent windstorm, should we not feel greater guilt if we failed to warn them of approaching destruction that God’s Word positively shows as now threatening people everywhere?

The Watchtower made that comment over 40 years ago. And since then the Watchtower itself has sunk deeper and deeper into hypocrisy. So now the questions posed to Jehovah’s Witnesses are more relevant than ever.

Do you believe the Watchtower’s lies should go unchallenged? What about the glaring falsehoods they have promoted in regards to 1914; more specifically, that Christ came a century ago as the foretold refiner? Doesn’t the Watchtower’s teaching misrepresent what the coming of Christ is all about? Is that such an insignificant thing?

Sure, Jehovah’s Witnesses have been exposing the evils rampant among churchgoers for decades, but what about when wrongdoers are Jehovah’s Witnesses themselves? “Will faithfulness to God cause you to speak out for what is right?” 

For a realistic scenario, what if the Watchtower covers for a man whom you know is a pedophile in your congregation? Will you risk disfellowshipping to expose him and help parents protect their children? Doesn’t looking out for the interests of others require that we intervene in some way if at all possible? 

If we would bear guilt for not warning our friends of some imminent disaster, “should we not feel greater guilt if we failed to warn them of approaching destruction that God’s Word positively shows as now threatening people everywhere?”

Some of Jehovah’s Witnesses realize the Watchtower has dealt treacherously with us and has betrayed God himself. But they have not allowed that to cause them to  become embittered towards God, nor have they abandoned their faith. They feel the obligation to make Jehovah’s judgment known. After all, what gives the Watchtower the right to deceive Jehovah’s Witnesses?

Some have been moved to translate all or portions of Jehovah Himself Has Become King as a way to present a valid interpretation of prophecy to Jehovah’s Witnesses who do not read English. Presently, there are complete French and Spanish editions. There are also editions in Italian, Dutch, and Russian underway. A website with a few articles from e-watchman in Tagalog has also recently come online. 

I appreciate all of their efforts. And more importantly, I am confident Jehovah does more so. 

I know what many are thinking, but the scriptures admonish us not to despise the day of small beginnings. Such individuals display the true spirit of Jehovah’s slaves. 

As the system becomes more and more unstable; as the financial system comes unraveled and the nations lurch toward world war, Jehovah’s Witnesses are going to become more open to alternative explanations of prophecy. True, many are going to be stumbled, but others will not be. The truth will always prevail, no matter who stands in opposition.

So, while at the present the vast majority of Jehovah’s Witnesses have had their minds locked down by the Watchtower’s subtle tyranny, the coming of Christ will absolutely shatter their whitewashed enclosure wall. Then the Watchtower will have nothing to say. But Jehovah willing, I will and so will you! 

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