After the Second World War the United States emerged as the greatest nation on earth. But no sooner had the war ended a new war began —the so-called Cold War, which pitted the former allies during WWII, the USA and USSR, against each other in rivalry. Proxy wars were fought in Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan in the late 80’s, but the Cold War antagonists never entered into direct conflict.

kennedy_address_of_the_cuban_missile_crisis_by_nuclearwar3-d78kypyThe closest they came was in October, 1962, when the Soviet Union began to install nuclear missiles in Cuba, 90 miles from Florida. On October 22nd President Kennedy addressed the nation and explained that the U.S. was going to place an embargo on Cuba to prevent the delivery of more missiles that were on ships in the Atlantic heading for the island. Kennedy make it clear he was prepared to invade the island to neutralize the threat.

At the time Americans were terrified that there was going to be a nuclear war. Some people stated building backyard bomb shelters. But war was averted when the Soviet leader, Nikita Khrushchev, backed down and had the missile sites dismantled. Kennedy also secretly agreed to dismantle U.S. missile installations in Turkey.

osama-bin-laden-gettyBut then in the early 90’s something unexpected happened. The USSR was suddenly dissolved. For a decade it seemed that the world might enjoy a prolonged period of peace. But that was not to be. A new enemy emerged in the form of radical Islam. A character named Osama Bin Laden was presented by the media as the new poster boy of evil, a villainous creature intent on destroying America. Then on September 11, 2001 came the attack that demolished the Twin Towers —the very symbol of American economic power and prosperity.

The mainstream media never informed the public that Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda were actually created by US and British intelligence agencies for the  purpose of fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan. After the dissolution of the Soviet empire the Islamic terror apparatus was simply redeployed. The 9-11 attack served as a pretext for a new war —a war without borders —a war against the very Islamic radicals that the West had created.

In reality, the British Empire has had a longstanding scheme in place for world domination. The demise of the USSR and a weakened Russia presented the opportunity to implement the scheme. But because London cannot muster the necessary forces within the UK or even Commonwealth nations, the British subverted the U.S. political, military/industrial complex to do the heavy-lifting. Paul H. O’Neill, the Secretary of the Treasury in the Bush administration, which came into office in January, 2001, was stunned when the subject was brought up of how to attack Iraq at the very first cabinet meeting. Clearly, by 2001 London was ready to use their dumb giant to terrorize and conquer the world.

First came the invasion of Afghanistan, where the phantom bin Laden was supposed to be hiding in a cave. Then came the destruction of Iraq, which had no connection to 9-11, whatsoever. In fact, under the rule of Saddam Hussain there were no jihadists in Iraq. Now the country lies in ruins and has been a virtual training ground for terrorists. Then Libya got the same treatment. It too had been a progressive, prosperous and stable nation. Now it is in ruins and is a recruiting ground for more terrorists. Then using the jihadists who had been recruited and trained in Iraq and Libya, the well armed mercenaries were turned lose on Syria, which had been slated for destruction just like the others.

But in September 2015 something unexpected happened. Russia entered the fray, invited by the nation’s embattled president, Bashar al-Assad, to save the country from meeting the same fate as Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Over the course of the strategic bombing campaign the mercenaries have suffered terrible defeat. The Russian bombardment has destroyed their oil fields and supply lines, their ammunition depots and headquarters. As a result some of the jihadists have no more stomach to fight against the Russians. The Russians have made Syria the proverbial line in the sand.

In response to the turn of events the Anglo-American war machine has gone hysterical. The media, many of which are outlets for MI6 and CIA propaganda, have replaced Osama bin Laden as the face of evil with Vladimir Putin, because he dares to kill the Empire’s mercenaries. And as the Russians have shown no inclination to back down preparations are underway for a direct conflict between the two-nuclear blocs.

In some respects this is October, 1962, all over again. Only this time it is the U.S. that has installed missile systems a few miles from Russia’s border.

putin-s-military-officials-anger-over-raf-go-ahead-to-shoot-down-russian-military-jets-611401Not only that, but the U.S. is provoking war with China over some tiny patches of sand and rock in the South China Sea. And it is highly unlikely that the Empire is going to back down either. Just this week London has escalated tensions by giving RAF pilots the green light to shoot down Russian aircraft over Syria if they feel threatened in any way. So, just as when a lone assassin plunged Europe into war in 1914, a single RAF pilot who might not even come under fire himself, has been authorized to down Russian planes at his own discretion —knowing full well the consequences may be World War Three.

Driving the Empire’s headlong flight into destruction is the certain knowledge that the financial system, over which London presides, is on the verge of total collapse.

Where is the Watchtower at this critical time? It has nothing to say. The visionaries of Bethel see no significance in the present strategic situation that has brought the world to the brink of nuclear war.