Tuesday, December 29

Keep seeking for wisdom and discernment as for silver.Prov. 2:4.

We can succeed in standing firm against temptations if we let Jehovah’s sayings mold our inner person, if we pray persistently for God’s direction, and if we keep searching for God’s knowledge as if looking for hidden gems. Jehovah gives knowledge, understanding, discernment, and wisdom to those who put forth effort to seek these gifts. The more we look for them and use them, the closer we will be drawn to the Giver, Jehovah. In turn, our intimate relationship with Jehovah God will serve as a protection when we find ourselves confronted with a temptation. Drawing close to Jehovah and having a reverential fear of him will protect us from engaging in wrongdoing.  May the enjoyment of friendship with Jehovah and the application of godly wisdom move all of us to keep on making the kind of choices that will gladden Jehovah’s heart and safeguard our inheritance.


If Jehovah’s Witnesses do an intense search of the Scriptures in order to make sure of the more important things, as the apostle exhorted, what is to become of them if they come to the realization that the Watchtower’s entire foundation is faulty? What if the “gems” they uncover are not accepted as such by Bethel? We all know the answer to those questions.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are not really allowed to  search for the truth outside the boundaries of that the Watchtower establishes as the truth. Doing so makes one an enemy who is dealt with speedily and decisively.

But there is much truth outside the barbed wire perimeter the WT has set up around Jehovah’s Witnesses. Evidently, though, it is simply not time to reveal what God called his “guarded secrets.” Isaiah 48:6-8 explains: “You have heard and seen all of this. Will you not declare it? From now on I am announcing new things to you, guarded secrets that you have not known. Only now are they being created, and not long ago, things that you never heard before today, so that you cannot say, ‘Look! I already know them.’ No, you have not heard, you have not known, and in the past your ears were not opened. For I know that you are very treacherous, and you have been called a transgressor from birth.”

Surely one of the most closely guarded secrets has to do with the fact that the parousia will be visible, as least as far as the chosen ones are concerned.

The truth concerning the parousia has been presented to the Governing Body, but they refuse to accept it. They treacherously prefer to teach lies for fear of detracting from the glory of their gleaming Watchtower oracle/idol.

The point referenced in prophecy as “from now on” is a point in the future after the bombs and missiles start flying. Evidently, it will take the detonation of the equivalent of a few megatons of dynamite to open the ears of the leadership of Jehovah’s Witnesses.


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