Saturday, July 11

The days of my people will be like the days of a tree. —Isa. 65:22.

Will the time come when our days “will be like the days of a tree”? Some trees live thousands of years. Humans would have to be healthy in order to have lifespans of such length. If they could live in the conditions that Isaiah foretold, it would be a dream come true, a paradise! And that prophecy will be fulfilled! Reflect on how the promises point to a future paradise: People of the whole earth will be blessed by God. No one will face danger from animals or beastlike humans. The blind, deaf, and lame will be cured. People will be able to build their own homes and enjoy growing wholesome food. They will live longer than trees. Yes, we find indications in the Bible that such a future is ahead. Still, some might claim that we are reading more into those prophecies than is justified. What solid reason do you have to look forward to a real paradise on earth? The greatest man who ever lived provided a solid reason. —Luke 23:43w18.12 5 ¶13-15

There is a grove of bristlecone pine trees in the high desert in California that has trees dated older than 4,000 years. They do not grow that large and are all gnarly and twisted by the ravages of wind and snow, but they survive. At 4,000 years old, that would mean the bristlecone seedlings sprouted right after the waters of the Deluge drained from the earth. The giant redwoods and sequoias live thousands of years too, but because they grow so large they eventually topple over. Oak trees can become quite old as well —living many hundreds of years. 

Did you know that some creatures basically live forever? Take the so-called immortal jellyfish for example. If injured or sick the creature reverts to its polyp stage and over the course of three days it regenerates itself and then grows to adulthood again! (Check out some other strange, long-lived creatures.)

The ability to regenerate on a cellular level is built into every creature God created. How many times have you been injured with minor burns or cuts and bruises? Depending on the severity of the injury, likely it was “magically” healed in a few days and forgotten about. Maybe a scar is the only evidence of having been injured. So, the potential for perpetual self-repair is there for humans that would allow us to live much longer, even forever. It is just a matter for the Creator to tweak the process and allow regeneration to continue indefinitely.

Before the Flood humans lived much longer— hundreds of years. So, the potential is there.

Paradise really is not that far away. Although Jesus spoke of the recreation it is not as though God needs to literally recreate anything. The earth, sky, and sea are still perfect. The original creation is still intact. The problem is everything has been mismanaged. What is needed is the removal of wicked persons— including Satan and the demons. And that is exactly what Christ intends to do. In fact, if you read the entire 65th chapter of Isaiah God states his intention to permanently remove those who refuse to do his will.

When the angels escorted Adam and Eve out of Eden God posted an angelic guard at the gate with a flaming sword. No sinful humans were allowed to sneak back into paradise. Likewise, the angels will not allow one wicked or faithless person to travel on the Highway of Holiness that will come into existence during the conclusion, which will lead into the new world.

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