Thursday, October 9

Have love for the whole association of brothers, be in fear of God.—1 Pet. 2:17.

Jehovah’s Witnesses have a healthy fear of displeasing God, and this provides them with added motivation to do his will. They are happy to be serving Jehovah as part of a worldwide association of brothers and sisters who have the same desire. Therefore, it is only natural for them to “have love for the whole association of brothers.” Such brotherly love, which is so rare in today’s selfish society, comes at times as a surprise to non-Witnesses. For example, a tour guide working with an American travel agency was amazed at the affection and assistance shown by the Witnesses to foreign delegates at an international convention in Germany in 2009. She said that in all her years of serving as a guide, she had never seen anything like it. Have you heard similar reactions of people who observed the Witnesses at a convention that you have attended? w12 12/15 3:18


The real test lies ahead. Will Jehovah’s Witnesses continue to have love for one another when things go terribly wrong? Jesus foretold that during a time of tribulation “many will be stumbled and will betray one another and will hate one another.” He also said the love of the greater number will cool off due to the increasing of lawlessness. This is certain to come about in the near future, when the world is plunged into war and chaos. The coming global tumult will completely shatter the Watchtower’s credibility. 

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