Tuesday, January 26

If you turn to doing good, will you not be restored to favor? But if you do not turn to doing good, sin is crouching at the door, and its craving is to dominate you.Gen. 4:7.

All of Jehovah’s warnings are really evidence of his loving, watchful care for us as individuals. True, the words of the Bible have been there for centuries, the publications prepared by God’s organization are written for millions, and the counsel at the meetings is intended for the whole congregation. Still, in all these cases, Jehovah directed your attention to his Word so that you could adjust your inclinations. Thus it can be said that this is evidence of Jehovah’s loving personal care for you. To benefit from God’s warnings, we must first realize that he is truly concerned about us. Then we must respond positively to his Word, striving to eliminate any thoughts that are displeasing to God.  If we heed the warnings we are given, we will spare ourselves a lot of heartache.


ominous storm at nightJehovah has also lovingly warned the Governing Body and extended leadership of the Watchtower Society.

As evidence of his personal care, over the past decade Jehovah has seen to it that the relevant issues have been put before the Watchtower Society  through numerous open letters and the book, Jehovah Himself Has Become King —and, of course, by means of The Watchman’s Post on the Internet.

Jehovah is truly concerned about everyone and he does not wish any to be destroyed. If the leaders heed Jehovah’s warning they could conceivably alter his determination to destroy the organization.

If they stop persecuting sexually abused children and make amends, perhaps God may feel regret over the calamity that is now onrushing. Or if they stop deluding Jehovah’s Witnesses with their nonsensical teachings about 1914, spiritual paradise, and a host of other things, perhaps Jehovah will not wreck their publishing company.

But God knows that they are stiff-necked and stubborn. Through Zephaniah Jehovah relates things from his perspective: “Jehovah is righteous in her midst; he does no wrong. Morning by morning he makes known his judgments, as unfailing as the daylight. But the unrighteous one knows no shame.”

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