Monday, October 6

[Abraham] was awaiting the city having real foundations, the builder and maker of which city is God.—Heb. 11:10.

Are you resolved to stand out as being different from this wicked world? Granted, doing so is not always easy. But with God’s help and with support from your fellow Christians, you can succeed. Remember, you are not alone.All who want to serve Jehovah have a fight on their hands! (Eph. 6:12) Still, it is a fight we can win if we trust in Jehovah and make him our secure dwelling. Also, imitate Abraham by keeping your eyes on the prize. (2 Cor. 4:18) The “city” that Abraham awaited proved to be the Messianic Kingdom. In a sense, we do not have to await it. It is now ruling in heaven. What is more, mounting evidence indicates that it will soon take full control of the earth. Is that Kingdom real to you? Does it influence your outlook on life, your view of the present world, and your priorities?—2 Pet. 3:11, 12. w13 3/15 4:13, 14


Jehovah’s Witnesses constantly receive contradictory messages such as in the Daily Text. ‘The Kingdom is here!’/ ‘The Kingdom is coming!’ ‘God’s Kingdom now rules!’ / ‘Wait on the Kingdom.’

In the very same letter of Hebrews the apostle Paul contrasted the earthly city of Jerusalem with the symbolic city of heaven to which Christians aspired. In the last chapter of Hebrews Paul reminded the Hebrew Christians of a vital point, saying: “for we do not have here a city that remains, but we are earnestly seeking the one to come.”

It was especially important for the Hebrews living in Jerusalem and its environs to grasp that truth; namely, that the earthly city of Jerusalem was due to suffer desolation. And according to Jesus, Christians living during the conclusion will face a similar test of faith when a disgusting thing brings desolation on a symbolic Jerusalem.

Jehovah’s Witnesses seem ill-prepared to face that test, seeing that they have been conditioned to believe that the earthly, city-like organization will remain, even providing ‘life-saving instructions’ during the critical time to come.

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