Expressions Inspired by Demons

//Expressions Inspired by Demons

Saturday, September 24

As for the tree of the knowledge of good and bad, you must not eat from it.Gen. 2:17.

After Eve was created, Adam informed her of God’s command. She knew it well and was able to repeat it almost verbatim. She did so to someone who presented himself as a serpent, a cautious creature. The one behind the serpent was Satan the Devil, a spirit son of God who had allowed himself to nurture a desire for independence and personal power.  To achieve his evil ends, he accused God of lying. He assured Eve that reaching out for independence would result, not in death, but in becoming like God. Eve believed him, asserted her independence by eating of the fruit, and persuaded Adam to join her. The Devil had lied. Still, Adam “listened to [his] wife’s voice.” Though the serpent might have seemed to be a friend, Satan the Devil was in reality a cruel enemy who knew the fatal consequences of his suggestion to Eve.


Modern people dismiss the story of Adam and Eve and the serpent as a fairy tale. Little do they realize that the same evil spirit that first used the serpent, much as a ventriloquist projects his voice through a dummy, lives to this day. He is the one whom Jesus called the father of the lie. No one does it better.

His lies are many and manifold and are woven into the very fabric of society; so pervasive, so insidious, the apostle described the demonic influence over the world as “the ruler of the authority of the air, the spirit that is now at work in the sons of disobedience.” In other words, Satan’s spirit motivates the whole of Society from top to bottom.

Besides the most common lies intended to distort the nature of God and his wonderful purpose, such as the all-pervasive lies of evolution, the trinity and the immortal soul, etc., ultimately Satan intends to mislead those under his influence into outright war with Almighty God. Here is what the inspired word says: “And I saw three unclean inspired expressions that looked like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth of the wild beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet. They are, in fact, expressions inspired by demons and they perform signs, and they go out to the kings of the entire inhabited earth, to gather them together to the war of the great day of God the Almighty.”

Just as the Devil used a literal serpent in Eden to disguise his identity, the demons cloak their vile expressions as frog-like croakings. The question is, have these symbolic frogs gone forth to the kings of the inhabited earth in order to gather them to the situation called Armageddon? The answer is no. That is because the final gathering occurs after the wild beast suffers a catastrophic death blow and then miraculously recovers. Both Daniel and Revelation depict the last king as standing up against God and uttering swelling expressions and great blasphemies. Regarding the recovered beast the 13th chapter of Revelation states: “It was given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies, and it was given authority to act for 42 months. And it opened its mouth in blasphemies against God to blaspheme his name and his dwelling place, even those residing in heaven.”

So it is, that the frog-like demonically inspired expressions will be uttered during that 42 month period. The reason a showdown will then be inevitable is because the offspring of the woman foretold in Eden will be brought into position to crush the serpent’s head. That is indicated in the verse preceding, which says: “The sixth one poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up to prepare the way for the kings from the rising of the sun.”

The kings from the rising of the sun are the sons of the Kingdom, who will then shine as brightly as the sun in the Kingdom of their Father. Regarding the significance of the Transfiguration as a fore gleam of the parousia, Peter wrote: “So we have the prophetic word made more sure, and you are doing well in paying attention to it as to a lamp shining in a dark place (until day dawns and a daystar rises) in your hearts.”

As Peter indicated, the written prophetic word is like a lamp shining in the dark and intended to lead us to the point where a lamp is no longer necessary —symbolized by the daystar rising from within.  In other words, the coming of Christ will ultimately result in full enlightenment for the sons of the Kingdom —making the prophetic word obsolete. At that point the Kingdom of God becomes fully operational, provoking and exciting the demons to push the kings of the world into a war with God by maneuvering them into executing the remaining sons of the Kingdom, just as the ancients were maneuvered into killing Christ. 

Although the demonic, frog-like expressions are not evident yet, certainly the telltale evidence of Satan’s propaganda is. Since the Saudis organized the 9-11 attack the U.S. has launched a campaign for global domination. First Afghanistan was attacked under the pretext of avenging terrorists, even though none of the hijackers were Afghani. As a result, although the Taliban had actually outlawed poppy production, after the Anglo-American invasion heroin production has surged, particularly in the British-held province of Helmand and much of the destructive drug was directed to flow into Russia as a weapon to destroy the younger generation, while the hundreds of billions in profits flowed into the global banking system.

Then came the invasion of Iraq under the pretext that Saddam was developing weapons of mass destruction. This was proven to have been a lie concocted by the war hawks. The result? After a million deaths the once stable nation of Iraq has become a festering breeding and training ground for terrorists.

Then came the attack on Libya and the murder of its president. Same result — A once prosperous and stable nation was destroyed and used to incubate more jihadists who have been embedded into the flood of refuges inundating Europe.

Syria was the next nation on the list of those slated for destruction. (Iran is scheduled for destruction after Syria) Rather than an outright invasion, though, the Empire deployed its army of terrorists —rebranding them as freedom fighters. In reality ISIS is a private army of mercenaries who are paid by the very same Saudis who financed and trained the 9-11 terrorists, who themselves – along with Israel and Qatar, Bahrain  and the like, are merely a satrapies of London’s centuries-old, but dying, imperial apparatus.

But this time Russia intervened and would not allow it. The result? The beast is preparing for war with Russia and China under a blizzard of lies that permeate the media. The just-activated missile shield in Romania is a sure indication that the empire intends to launch a preemptive nuclear strike against Russia.

As an example of the lies that permeate the Western media, Americans are under the impression that Russia invaded Crimea. In reality the people of Crimea held a referendum and overwhelmingly voted (95%) to return to Mother Russia. (Crimea is mostly ethnic Russian and had been apart of Russia for centuries until it was ceded to Ukraine in the 50’s when it was part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.)

While no sane person would consent to launching nuclear war it is obvious that the demons have their own plans and are fully capable of imposing their will on the puny humans who do their bidding.

We can be most grateful that Jehovah will not allow them to destroy all mankind. God promises to cut short the tribulation before Satan’s lies destroy us all. 

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  • Tony Garcia

    The Beast. Satan and his demons released from Tartarus. These are only the beginning of birth pains.

    • ewatchman

      Actually, no. The demons are not released from restraint. Jude tells us they are in bonds under dense darkness, reserved for the judgment of the great day.

      • Tony Garcia

        As the days of Noah so it will be in the last days my friend.

        • Please8834

          The Demons released from tarter suace? Sorry bub, there still locked up ,rather restrained from out right materializing and thumping your skull for ya, taking you and your kids friends and family if you will, just to cover everyone, namely anyone they would chose and having there way with you or anyone else..That being said, there still in the sauce.!.

          • im still lacking understaning how being in “chains of dense darkness” keeps getting translated ‘cant materialize’ or ‘cant manafest’.
            i know Jehovah only allows so much.

            • Please8834

              The bible is quite clear on there dwelling place. There removed from Jehovahs eternal life giving force and since the Almighty is the one giving power to his creatures that means he has the power to remove or overshadow what he gives to each one of his creatures …

            • demons dweling place will be earth for short time and Satan already has the ability to rome through the earth and walk around it. post-flood – Exodus 7:11…

            • Please8834

              Sorry reply was meant for tony didnt see your name up there

            • 1914for100Alex

              Are you referring to materializing as an actual human? If so, I also think that’s where Jehovah draws the line. Jude mentions that they’re restrained, but there are plenty of stories about them being cast out of people, and actually talking to Jesus. So it appears they have limited powers at the moment, but when they become unrestrained, who knows what they’ll have the ability to do. I’m stocking up on Depends just to be safe though.

            • im sure they are limitied. at the same time we can look around and think of Job’s experince. 2-Peter 2:4 tells me they (former sons of God) are no longer able to do what they are being punished for doing pre-flood.

            • Burt Reynolds

              You can use all the ‘depends’ you want, just don’t rob the watchtower of all their ‘evidentlys’, as they need as many as they can get.

            • 1914for100Alex

              Maybe I’ll send them a box of “oopses” and “sorrys”to hand out too.

            • Joel

              Very good! Lol!

          • Burt Reynolds

            Hello Rev, can you translate this for me please? Thanks.

        • Burt Reynolds

          Hello Tony, what do you mean by ‘as in the days of Noah’ please. Can you show from the bible where Jude’s writing is contradicted? Thanks.

  • LW

    What a time to be alive.

  • “Although the demonic, frog-like expressions are not evident yet, certainly the telltale evidence of Satan’s propaganda is.” coverd part of my thoughts….

  • Sam

    Robert, are you planning on writing about the WT’s new position on 1918 no longer being the time of release from Babylonian slavery? I’m seeing all these back and forth changes actually taking a toll now. Our brothers are starting to grow tired and see through the whole “new light” facade at this point.

    • ewatchman

      The WT still teaches that they were released in 1919. The change is that formerly they used to teach that they went into captivity to Babylon in 1918. Now they teach that Christianity went into captivity to Babylon back in the 2nd century. I wrote an article about this most recent revision

      • Sam

        Yes, i’m aware of that. I was under the impression that there has been a revision since then in a new upcoming study article. Maybe I misheard and it’s just reiterating what you mentioned. Thanks for the reply

  • Daniel 7:19 – Then I wanted to know the true meaning of the fourth beast, the one so different from the others and so terrifying. It had devoured and crushed its victims with iron teeth and bronze claws, trampling their remains beneath its feet.

  • Burt Reynolds

    Hello Robert, thanks for answering my question the other day and the time spent. Most appreciated. In respect of the above, could you elaborate on the statement you make in respect of the Saudis organising the 9/11 attack. I know there was some issues there but the evidence for an ‘own flag’ attack seems fairly consistent with the facts, especially the financial issues and the demolition of WT 7, and the pentagon. Was this done with the USA? It’s not that I am unduly interested in the intricacies and machinations of these governments ….it is more important to endure the outcome than how we got here, yet I would like an accurate understanding on the grounds of weighing these mechanisms in the balance as its part of building faith. The reason being from my point of view, is that if the Saudis organised these attacks in the USA then clearly they are holding the tail of the tiger…..or the beast to be accurate…. and allowing themseleves to be used. How? Why? They must know they will be on the list too, being ignorant of the truth behind these events.

    • ewatchman

      The hijackers, all but two anyway, were Saudi nationals in the USA on visas. Two of the hijackers were staying in San Diego with the sister of Prince Bandar. There were checks cleared through the now-defunct Regis Bank that were written by the Saudi prince, Bandar, that were used to pay the expenses of the hijackers while they were in flight school. On 9-11 every aircraft in the country was grounded (including the one I was booked to fly out of Houston that morning) while all the Saudi elite were spirited out of the country on their private jets. Afterwards all the investigation that implicated the House of Saud was classified and only this year made public.

      But the British Crown is the master of the Saudis and it suited the British to give America a pretext for carrying out the Empire’s agenda for global domination. That’s how the Anglo-American special relationship works. London is the brains and America is the brawn – the Empire’s expendable, dumb giant.

      • Joel

        Interestingly, the U.S. House of Representatives, and the U.S. Senate just recently passed a bill, co-authored by NY Senator Chuck Schumer, that would allow ordinary U.S. citizens to sue the Saudi Arabian Gov’t for monetary damages resulting in the death of a loved one on 9/11.

        . . . but . . .

        President Obama has vowed to veto the bill. Why? Because he does not want to set a precedent that gives ordinary citizens the power to sue any government that a criminal may have come from, causing the death (in any way) of their loved one. But also, by vetoing this bill, the President wants to prevent outside foreigners from also sueing the U.S. Government for killing (even at war time) one of THEIR loved ones.

        It’s a slippery slope indeed!

      • Burt Reynolds

        Thanks Robert. The situation is very well cloaked. The government here is held to ridicule as much as that of the states, being seen as impotent and bumbling, hanging on the skirts of the Americans for protection. The worst it is accused of in the eye of the public is favouring the rich and messing up education and the health system. It’s handlers are invisible and as for the empire, the physical appearance of that died with Victoria. In fact it is so well cloaked, and the government so lacking, it is difficult even to believe. Such is the guile of Satan.

  • LW

    If I can say, while overemphasis on practicality is not a good thing, we should also remember that it is important to be fortified spiritually, no matter what test of faith we will face. It could be that we may be envisioning the worst test imaginable, and yet that test we actually do face may be nothing near that scope, so this is something we should remember.

    What will matter more, just knowing what is coming or being ready for whatever comes?

    • 1914for100Alex

      Proverbs 3:21 My son, do not lose sight of them.
      Safeguard practical wisdom and thinking ability;
      22 They will give you life
      And be an adornment for your neck;
      23 Then you will walk on your way in safety,
      And your foot will never stumble.

    • Leonard k

      I agree with you I have come to learn that no matter what the situation is in our daily lives remaining fortified spiritually and in faith is of the most IMPORTANCE. I just recently started up my studies and attending the meetings but I must admit there were times I was sitting through the meetings and studies and some things came up like 1914 and how they believe christ had returned and started ruling and I felt next to limp for a moment and felt as if being in a shell trying to break out if that makes any sense. and then after the meetings while I was speaking to some of the brothers and sisters i just kind of looked around at the reactions of those around me just watching there interactions and so forth I felt a sort of split Congregation I could not quite put my finger on it but I could feel a separation and a kind of distrust around me. maybe it was just me or maybe I could sense that things within Congregation were not quite right. another strange happening was at my personal study with the elder I had stated that I am fully aware of much of the reproach that has been brought on Jehovah’s holy name by all the abuse trials but I knew that they are Jehovah’s people in other words I just wanted to alert him to the fact that I was aware of much but I would still go by my faith and spiritual food. I assured the elder by saying i know this is gods house and that you are his people. and I had also said it is written that man must live on every utterance out of the mouth of Jehovah.

      Matthew 4:4
      4 But he answered: “It is written: ‘Man must live, not on bread alone, but on every word that comes from Jehovah’s mouth.’”

      he then said to me my knowledge was very advanced and that I could go very far within the Congregation he said this to me a few times and I thought to my self I’m just happy and blessed to even know of Jehovah and to be blessed with any knowledge at all I had no interest in anything else other then planting seeds and reaching whom ever would listen and reason. you see I knew the elder could tell I knew a lot about the current state of affairs within the watchtower G/B but at the same time I felt like I was being bribed about how far I could go if I just followed every utterance out of the mouth of the G/B and didn’t make any waves. the only reason I started to think this way was because the elder kept on assuring me about how far I can go but I was thinking I although I have some knowledge I only just started my studies doing everything from scratch. i must admit that the elder was a very loving and respectful person and so were many in the Congregation but at the same time I knew of the deluding influence.

      2 Thessalonians 2:11
      11 That is why God lets a deluding influence mislead them so that they may come to believe the lie,

      Jeremiah 23:16
      16 This is what Jehovah of armies says: “Do not listen to the words of the prophets who are prophesying to you. They are deluding you. The vision they speak is from their own heart, Not from the mouth of Jehovah.

      please do not misunderstand me I was not judging any one I did not think I was greater then any other but I can not ignore some of what I had heard and felt. was it just me? it may very well have been just my own thinking but I am not convinced of that just yet.

      • many here relate in some fashion im sure

        • Leonard k

          you are correct I am sure that many of us if not all can relate to this.

          • thats why im so glad Jehovah understands and can read our hearts. my life, thoughts an being is a open book to him. also why i hate sin because he knows how wicked i am and knows our “inclination” isnt what we desire either

            • Leonard k

              I feel the same way brother I think we don’t even understand how imperfect we really are lets face it we are not even nearly as close to what Jehovah men’t us to be. only Jehovah our heavenly father knows what we need and where mankind should be so we have to have total faith in Jehovah and put all burdens on his shoulders we must fully trust in Jehovah and jesus Christ if we are to have any hope at all.

            • Burt Reynolds

              You got that right D34. I’m glad I’m not alone!

      • Thinking

        You are a great encouragement and incredibly balanced brother

        • Leonard k

          thank you but balanced no I still have a long way to go I just try and not let the day overwhelm me so I can think as clear as possible. balance is a hard thing to have in this wicked system its a spiritual pushing and shoving every day but I have learned that if you hold tight to your faith it becomes your best friend some one you can rely on daily and if you keep and maintain your spiritual body it becomes easier to hold onto your faith. if you fall and hurt your physical body you may need a doctor to help you heal your wounds in much the same way even more importantly though we need to maintain our spiritual body as well only Jehovah our heavenly father is our doctor and continually taking in an accurate knowledge daily is what gets my spiritual body through each and every day. its hard maintain the correct balance as we are imperfect but if we put Jehovah first in all things he will never let us down we can always trust in him and that he is always there lovingly waiting to help us. we should all make it our routine to have a spiritual breakfast lunch and dinner every day and those spiritual snacks when we need them. the way I see it is Jehovah is our loving father whom cares for us. faith in Jehovah is our best friend. and spiritual food an accurate knowledge is life.

          2 Peter 1:3
          3 for his divine power has granted us all the things that contribute to life and godly devotion through the accurate knowledge of the One who called us by his own glory and virtue.

          I suppose that is a funny way of explaining my balance but that is the routine I try to keep. thank you for your kind words.

      • Burt Reynolds

        Sadly Leonard, that sense of division was there in the 70s too. It’s not new. Brothers and sisters loved the idea of an approaching new system yet there was no cohesion in love. There was a great deal of criticism of youth, of depth of understanding. There were cliques of elders and everyone was marked by their towing the line, and above all, that they should be controlled. There was no boasting in Jehovah, but of themselves and their maturity. There was no kindness, only dominance, no love, only duty, no support, just condescension. The majority stayed not because they knew Jehovah, but because they were afraid and because of a pack mentality. ‘Go well fed’ was the order of the day. I had a sister call on me a year ago. She had learning difficulties that allowed her to speak truth in a way few can, I.e., the lack of inhibition that reserves those more fortunate? ( I wonder?!) She told me directly why the brothers did not call back on me to answer my questions as they promised so to do. ‘They say they will never get anywhere with you!’ Now when you look at the diversity of personalities and thought on this site,….. apart from the occasional outbreak….!, it all comes together in the appreciation of truth, because it is not about us, but about a reasoning on the truth. In the congregation, it is only reasoning on the watchtower, and though they may congratulate you on your biblical knowledge (that is deep and appreciated) that congratulation only encompasses truth to the point where is divides from the watchtower and returns untouched to Jehovah. Thus the love that you have for your brothers in the congregation is what sets you and indeed all the gallant brothers and sisters that return to the watchtower, apart, and empowers you, with Jehovahs strong hand, to lead those willing to the waters of life and open the door to Jehovah’s mercy. Clearly, Jehovah has ‘got somewhere’ with you!

        • Leonard k

          I can not deny that Jehovah him self has changed my life I am convinced of this. It is my hope that some how some way more and more brothers and sisters will come to have an accurate knowledge and build there personal relationship with Jehovah so that there may start to be a real spiritual paradise or as much as it can grow into while we are still in this wicked system of things. I do know this for sure if Jehovah can reach out to me with his infinite undeserved love kindness and mercy and can reach out to any one and change them as well. this I am a witness to the glory of Jehovah god I have seen in his infinite love and mercy he has changed me. I am in awe praise be to Jehovah and his glory and power and my thankfulness for the wonderful of salvation he has made possible to all.

          Psalm 9:1
          9 I will praise you, O Jehovah, with all my heart; I will tell about all your wonderful works.

        • Leonard k

          brother I just wanted to note that I have not always understood all of your comments after reading through them as they are very deep I do not mean this in a disrespectful way brother I’m just pointing out that you seem to have a deep spirituality however I did understand each and every word in your last comment and I can fully appreciate in full your point of view. I encourage you brother to keep on cultivating your spirituality and build on your personal relationship with Jehovah I can see you helping so many.

      • Anderiega

        It’s not just you….I sense the exact same things in my congregation. I like your attitude. Thank you for sharing.

        • Leonard k

          I guess there is much of this going on within the congregations worldwide but it is not surprising to me as many brothers and sisters are under going a lot of suppression and persecution in there private lives actually caused by the watchtower G/B. things really are a mess aren’t they.

    • Burt Reynolds

      Absolutely! I had fallen into that trap, but you’re on the nail here. It’s the subtlety of the test that often works does it not? Christ was asked by Satan to sell his soul for a loaf of bread; to hurl himself off a cliff so that the Angels could bear him up; to inherit the kingdoms of the earth for one act of worship. The latter two tests…to defy Jehovah, to test Jehovah, but the first to satiate the flesh with simple food after forty days starvation. Both the spiritual, and the fleshy desires put to the test, and above all, love of Jehovah. I almost said loyalty, but loyalty without love is worthless. ‘And the greatest of these is love…’ A great reminder LW.

  • 嗨,你好吗?伟大的博主!

  • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

    To Brother Robert King then what does “The sixth one poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried signifies? Is it the destruction of false religion or the last eighth king? Kindly reply me I don’t have the idea

    • Bklyn Kevin

      Aliens, Demons and Scary Monsters!.

      What might these “reports out of the east and north” be? In the 16th chapter of Revelation, the very verse before the verse quoted above about expressions from demons, states: “The sixth one poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up to prepare the way for the kings from the rising of the sun.”

      Who are the “kings from the rising of the sun”? They are the 144,000 kings associated with Christ in his Kingdom. Since the sun rises in the east the reports from the east that will disturb the king of the north will likely be reports that emanate from the then-sealed chosen ones who will be shining as brightly as the sun in Jehovah’s Kingdom. (Jehovah himself is said to rule from the north — as is indicated in the celestial chariot of Ezekiel’s vision coming out of the north.)

      • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

        Dear brother Bkly Kevin I thank you and appreciate for you reply I got your point but I did not get the point what does great river Euphrates, and its water represents.

        • Bklyn Kevin

          Hello Basavaraj, I’m going to research the second part of your question and get back to you.

          • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

            Please okay. I will

        • Bklyn Kevin

          The prostitute / false religion sits on many waters.
          And the waters represent people / nations.
          Revelation 17:15. Isaiah 57:20.

          Now these waters / people and nations are dried up as it were – meaning devoid of any godliness due to their lack of faith in Jehovah’s incoming kingdom through Jesus.

          Now because they had rejected Jehovah’s messianic kingdom
          God will put it into their hearts to carry out his thought,
          yes, to carry out their one thought by giving their kingdom to the wild beast and these will hate the prostitute and will make her devastated and naked, and they will eat up her flesh and completely burn her with fire Revelation 17:16-17.

          Now when the sixth one poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, it represents the waters / false religion being dried up in order to prepare the way for the kings from the rising of the sun.
          Namely- Christ and his 144,000 brothers. Revelation 16:12.
          There’s more meaning than just this but one has to do an in depth personal study along with prayer in order to get a fuller appreciation.

          Chapter 25-Revelation.
          The second woe unleashes four angels that are prepared to kill a third of men: “The one woe is past. Look! Two more woes are coming after these things. And the sixth angel blew his trumpet. And I heard one voice out of the horns of the golden altar that is before God say to the sixth angel, who had the trumpet: ‘Untie the four angels that are bound at the great river Euphrates.’ And the four angels were untied, who have been prepared for the hour and day and month and year, to kill a third of the men.”

          Logically, following the stinging denunciation from the locust-like kings comes the actual judgments from God. Seeing that ancient Babylon sat upon the banks of the river Euphrates, from where the four executionary angels are symbolically unleashed, the second woe appears to be the actual destruction of Babylon the Great. Just as the 17th chapter indicates that God puts it into the hearts of the kings of the earth to destroy the harlot, similarly the four angels at the Euphrates maneuver the armies of the earth (symbolized by the fearsome cavalry) into killing a third of the men.
          Read more>

          Also read. Abaddon – The Terminator.
          What is signified by the four angels bound that the great Euphrates River? Reasonably, the Euphrates River this is a symbol of Babylon – that ancient city having been situated between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. The armies of the Babylonian Empire were used by Jehovah to accomplish his judgments, not only in bringing God’s vengeance upon Judah, but upon many nations round about, including Egypt and Assyria. The four angels who are bound at the Euphrates resemble the previous vision of four angels holding back the four winds of destruction. But with the blowing of the sixth trumpet the angels are no longer bound with restraint and the Terminator leashes his destructive agents upon the world.

          • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

            Thanks a lot brother this is more logical and a thing to be appreciated thanks to you and brother Robert King.

  • Bklyn Kevin

    This article “Doom of the American Republic” help me to get a better comprehension of what inspired expressions of demons mean.
    When the time came to liberate the Israelites from bondage in Egypt Jehovah is said to have entered into judgment with the many gods of Egypt. For example, the Egyptians worshipped Ra, the sun god. So, Jehovah blotted out the sun for three days – in effect, killing Ra. Hapi was the Egyptian god of the Nile; so Jehovah turned the river into blood for a few days. Kuk was a frog-headed god of darkness; so Jehovah caused Kuk to run amok, as the land became overrun with slimy frogs. Nefertem was the god of healing, but it was rendered impotent when Jehovah struck the Egyptians with loathsome boils. Isis, the goddess of magic, was proven to be a fraud when her magic-practicing priests were unable to duplicate Moses’ miracle of making the dust turn into swarms of gnats, as they were forced to concede that it was “the finger of God.”

    But the demons – the invisible force behind Egypt’s gods and goddesses back then – are still misleading the nations at the present moment. (Interestingly, after Christendom became the official religion of the Roman Empire it gradually adopted the Babel’s trinity, which had also been central to Egyptian mythology and promoted in the form of numerous triads, the most prominent being Osiris, Isis and their son, Horus.)
    Read more>

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