Tuesday, November 29

Do not be afraid. I will help you.Isa. 41:13.

Jehovah purposed that his people proclaim the good news on an unprecedented scale in our day, and nothing can prevent him from accomplishing that purpose. Just as he delivered the ancient nation of Israel from Babylon, Jehovah has rescued his present-day servants from “Babylon the Great,” the world empire of false religion.  He has taught us for our own good, has blessed us with peace, and has helped us to impart his teaching to others. This does not mean that Jehovah exercises his foresight so that he knows and then influences every development on earth in order to advance the Kingdom-preaching work. Some conditions have favored our witnessing activity, but only with Jehovah’s help have we been able to endure such situations as persecution and other hardships that make it difficult to carry out our commission in this world that is lying in Satan’s power.


There is nothing miraculous about a person requesting to have their name removed from a church registry. People leave the churches all the time. It is nothing extraordinary. Yet, that is what is required for people to heed the command to “get out of her, my people” —at least according to the Watchtower.

Having already written a fair amount on this topic debunking the Watchtower’s myth of having gotten out of Babylon, what’s one more article?

Babylon was a great empire in its day. The city itself, with its immense double walls encircling, was considered impregnable. Although Marduk was their primary god, Jehovah God acquisitioned the fearsome Chaldean military to use as his own in order to execute his judgments upon numerous nations —Judah and Jerusalem in particular.

Jehovah not only announced his intentions to use Babylon as his weapon to smash the nations, he also foretold how he would also dispose of mighty Babylon afterwards. The prophets recorded God’s judgments long in advance so that the demon gods of Babylon could not take credit for having conquered Jehovah’s nation. Nor could Babylon hold God’s people in captivity after they had paid off their debt.

The Babylonian invasion of Judah was described as a great tempest descending from out of the north. By means of sword, famine and pestilence, Jehovah’s judgments were carried out. Throughout the prophecies of Jeremiah and Ezekiel, sword, famine and pestilence are used, in that order, which is also exactly what Christ foretold would make up the sign of his coming —wars, food shortages and pestilence. And the opening of the seals of Revelation envisage the same sequence of events.

Although the Watchtower proclaims that the symbolic seals of the scroll of Revelation were unsealed in 1914, there is no evidence that the Great War or the Spanish Influenza accomplished God’s judgments.

However, the nations of the world have arrived at a critical turning point. For the past two decades since the USSR was dissolved the Anglo empire has been furthering a scheme for world domination. The destruction of Iraq, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia went according to plan, but Russia has intervened to prevent Syria from meeting the same fate. Not only that, the war party has been dealt a serious set back with the election of Donald Trump. Other populist movements threaten to sweep aside the war parties in Germany and France. As it stands, the Chinese are poised to become the dominant economic power. The window of opportunity for Anglo world domination is closing.

But a cornered beast is a dangerous thing. We ought not expect the British Empire to go quietly into the night.

War, famine and pestilence is what has been determined, even a great storm. The anti-typical babylonian juggernaut —the king of the north —is certain to be unleashed in order to carry out Jehovah’s judgments. Although the Governing Body boast that Jehovah’s Witnesses are beyond the reach of Babylon the Great, they are not beyond the reach of Jehovah’s great, end-time military force.

During that bleak time the words of God will finally be appreciated: “Do not be afraid. I will help you.”

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