First, I want to thanks all those who have made monthly pledges to support this website. You may or may not have noticed, however, but I canceled my Podbean pledge subscription. I had noticed some irregularities between what the site showed were pledges and what was actually transferred to my bank account. It was not easy to contact the site management either. So, I  shut it down. In place of it, I have gotten set up on Patreon.

As explained in more detail on my Patreon page, my reason for asking for your patronage, I am looking to start broadcasting over shortwave to Europe and Africa and the Middle East. Assuming my application is approved, next month I intend to broadcast a weekly half-hour program. But, depending on the amount of financial support I can get, it is possible to repeat the program on multiple days throughout the week to try to reach a broader audience –or, there is the option to extend the broadcast frequency to reach further into Asia and Russia. Of course, I will publish the programs on the Internet as well. 

I guess we’ll see what comes of it. 

I am not entirely new to shortwave, as back in 2008 I bought airtime and probably produced a dozen programs. The idea has never left me. And with the world on a knife’s edge, it seems timely to get back on the air.

It baffles me why the Watchtower, with its vast resources, does not get into shortwave. They could own their own transmitters and towers and not have to buy time from someone who hosts all kinds of crazy religionists. There are probably a billion or more people who do not have internet. And there are many places they do not allow Jehovah’s Witnesses to preach openly. Oh well, there is a lot of things the WT does or doesn’t do that baffles and disappoints me. Maybe I can shame them into getting into shortwave. I am just rambling. Sorry. 

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