“And you will have to know that I, Jehovah, am striking you.”Ezekiel 7:9

Chapter seven of the Pure Worship publication is entitled: “The Nations Will Have to Know that I am Jehovah.” The writers cite the many nations that surrounded Israel and the wars and atrocities that took place over the centuries. By the time Ezekiel came on the scene, it was time for God to execute judgment upon all of those nations —but beginning with Jerusalem.

Yes, the nations were forced to know that Jehovah was calling them to account, provided they had some knowledge of the words of the prophets, which is doubtful. However, the prophecy of Ezekiel more emphatically states that the Jews would foremost “have to know that I am Jehovah.” In fact of the 60-some occurrences of the phrase in the prophecy of Ezekiel, more than half are in reference to the Israelites being forced to know Jehovah.

Of course, the Israelites knew God’s name. And speaking the tongue in which the divine name was originally revealed and chiseled into stone on the tablets Moses brought down from the mountain, those descendants of Abraham knew how God pronounced his name in the Hebrew language. Not only that, Jerusalem was the city were God caused his name to reside. So, the Jews knew his name. However, they would have to know Jehovah in a different way. They would have to know he is real, that he is God in the fullest sense —that he is capable of punishing and redeeming.

It is most disingenuous of the Governing Body to emphasize the nations coming to know that he is Jehovah and overlooking the implications of the Jews being forced to know he is Jehovah too. Consider the boastful statement made in the 16th paragraph:

What lessons can we learn from Israel’s dealings with the Philistines? Jehovah’s modern-day people have faced opposition from some of the most powerful nations ever to dominate mankind. Unlike Israel, we have maintained a record of steadfast loyalty to Jehovah.

It is true, Jehovah’s Witnesses have a record of steadfast loyalty in the face of bitter persecution. They have endured persecution by the Nazis, Catholics, and Communists in modern times. But has the leadership been steadfastly loyal? Far from it! They have betrayed God and Christ and refuse to acknowledge any sin or error. Instead, they boast of their victory to come. Consider paragraph 17:

Governments may continue to ban the preaching work, imprison God’s people, and even execute some of us. Should these events cause us to give in to fear or to lose faith? No! Jehovah will preserve his loyal people. We have already seen powerful, repressive governments disappear, while Jehovah’s people have continued to flourish. Soon, all human governments will share an outcome similar to that of the Philistines—they will be forced to know Jehovah. And like the Philistines, they will cease to exist!

Likely the Governing Body is alluding to the recent liquidation of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia. This presents an embarrassing problem for the Watchtower. It is the core of the teaching of the stupid prophets that the Bible Students were set free from Babylonish captivity in 1919. According to the Watchtower, false religion can no longer exert any control over Jehovah’s people. But this is simply not true. It is common knowledge that the resurgent Russian Orthodox Church, which itself was banned during the Soviet era, is behind the liquidation of the Watchtower in Russia. In spite of the fact that the Watchtower called upon all of Jehovah’s Witnesses to assail Vladimir Putin with hand-written letters imploring him not to allow the ban —it happened. Since nothing happens without God’s permission it can be said that Jehovah caused it. Although no one has taken it to heart, surely this is a small scale preview of how Jehovah’s Witnesses will eventually have to know that I am Jehovah. (Has Jehovah Turned Against the Watchtower?)

The Seventh chapter of Pure Worship considers God’s judgment against Tyre, which is considerable –covering Ezekiel chapters 26, 27 & 28. Most profoundly, the 28th chapter likens the human king of Tyre to the covering cherub of Eden —an unmistakable allusion to Satan, the Devil. Claiming to be the voice of the modern-day watchman, what significance does the Watchtower attach to this? None whatsoever would be the correct answer. In the typical, theocratic kindergarten-style lessons for Jehovah’s Witnesses, paragraph 23 states:

What lesson can we learn from the inhabitants of Tyre? Never would we want to allow “the deceptive power of riches” to cause us to trust in material things, viewing them as a protective wall. We cannot “slave for God and for Riches.” Only those who serve Jehovah whole-souled are truly secure. Prophecies about the end of this present system will be fulfilled in every detail just as surely as the prophecies against Tyre came true. At that time, those who trust in wealth will be forced to know Jehovah when he destroys this world’s greedy, self-centered commercial system.

You may be sure that the prophecy of Ezekiel has a far more profound lesson to teach —one that Jehovah’s Witnesses are yet to learn. The fact of the matter is, the judgments contained in Ezekiel regarding Tyre and Egypt relate to the coming sudden downfall of the Anglo-American duo —Tyre foreshadowing the city of London. The reason the king of Tyre is spoken of in terms evoking Satan is because London is the modern throne of Satan. His ouster from heaven will have the knock-on effect of devastating his earthly throne —depicted in Revelation as the head of the beast being slaughtered. These matters have been published in Jehovah Himself Has Become King. (London —Satan’s Throne   Downfall of America)

The crash of the present Anglo-American system will lead to the implementation of a communistic world government —the eighth king, the greater Babylon. Then God’s judgments will be executed against those who boast of practicing pure worship and the stupid prophets will be humiliated. And they will finally understand the true significance of the phrase “and they will have to know that I am Jehovah.”

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