Since the last world war update a few weeks ago the longstanding geo-political hotspot in the Middle East has violently erupted in flames. The border with Israel and the Palestinian concentration camp known as Gaza is the most heavily guarded border in the world, yet somehow hundreds of Hamas terrorists easily crossed it and massacred over a thousand Israelis. While partygoers at an outdoor rave were being slaughtered it took the Israeli army five hours to show up. One could drive the length of Israel in five hours. The hand of the intelligence agencies is obvious.

To get a better idea of what is going on it is well to take stock of the fact that NATO’s war against Russia has been a colossal failure. Not only has the Ukrainian army been wiped out with some estimates as high as a half million dead, which is more men than America lost in World War Two, but the many sanctions that were supposed to ruin Russia’s economy have utterly failed too. Russia is actually in a better position now than when NATO launched its proxy war.

Back in September at the annual BRICS meeting several strategically important nations in the Middle East and Africa were accepted into the bloc; namely, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. With the proxy war in Ukraine all but lost the Anglo empire has opened up a new front in their war against the BRICS.

No sooner had Hamas set off the new war talking heads and politicians in the Anglosphere began calling for war with Iran. In case some are unaware, London’s war planners came up with a list of targeted nations more than 20 years ago. Among the nations listed for destruction was Iraq. Check. Syria. Almost done. Libya. Check. Afghanistan. Done. Yemen. Check. And Iran. Hmmm. That is a hard one.

The reason Iran is on the list is because China’s Belt and Road is coming through Iran. It is a hub for transit to Europe, Asia and Africa. Sitting alongside of the vital waterway known as the Persian Gulf, where approximately 30% of the world’s oil is transported, Iran can easily shut down the Strait of Hormuz chokepoint. The war hawks know that an attack on Iran would send the price of oil into the stratosphere and blow up the world’s economy. It seems that is their intention. But who is the real target?

Given the flood of millions of illegals into Europe and America, many of them from the Middle East, no doubt some of them trained terrorists, it seems that these are already formed into sleeper cells. At the appointed time they will be activated and given their targets. Coupled with the fact that the greatest nation on earth is being deliberately bankrupted, it is becoming apparent that the intent of the invisible empire is to push the United States into a war to bring about its downfall.

Perhaps one more hotspot will blow up in East Asia and then it will be nation against nation and kingdom against kingdom.

“Listen! A crowd in the mountains; 

It sounds like a numerous people!

Listen! The uproar of kingdoms,

Of nations gathered together!

Jehovah of armies is mustering the army for war.

They are coming from a distant land,

From the extremity of the heavens,

Jehovah and the weapons of his wrath,

To bring ruin to all the earth.

Wail, for the day of Jehovah is near!

It will come as a destruction from the Almighty.”

Isaiah 13:4-6

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