Jehovah’s Witnesses used to be heard saying “these are interesting times.” Being somewhat out of the loop these past few years I cannot say whether that phrase is still bandied about. If not, I recommend that it be resurrected, because these really are interesting times.

Having come of age during the so-called Cold War, the USSR and to a lesser extent China, were the mortal enemies of America and the West. Oddly, though, both China and the Soviet Union were allies of the Anglo-America alliance during the Second World War. Germany and Japan were the Axis of evil then. But just as soon as the war ended Germany and Japan became America’s closest allies and the USSR and China flipped into the Axis of evil category. How crazy is that?

When the USSR was dissolved in the early 90’s hope arose that the world might finally unite and overcome the divisions that lead to war. It was not to be. Instead of mutual cooperation the Anglo empire implemented a scheme to encircle Russia with hundreds of military bases and missile installations. The goal being total world domination.

As part of that scheme London sponsored the 9-11 attack via their Saudi satrapy, using the MI6 trained Osama bin Laden as the mastermind. Bin Laden, whose family was spirited out of the United States by the FBI during the days immediately following the attack even though all commercial flights were canceled, was projected by the media to be controlling a vast global network of terrorists from a cave in Afghanistan. Turns out he was living in a walled compound in Abottabad, Pakistan —another British satrapy —just down the road from the Pakistan Military Academy and a combat battalion headquarters in a community of retired military men. Whatever.

Even prior to 9-11 the Pentagon had already drawn up an action plan and schedule to attack Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Iran. After a false flag operation in which the president of Syria was accused of using poison gas President Obama was ready to perform another regime change. This time, though, Russia intervened. Putin began destroying the terrorist networks Anglo-American intelligence had created. From that point on Putin became the new face of evil.

Even prior to the election of Trump, who said in his campaign that peace with Russia would be a good thing, the British have implemented a “get Trump task force.” The fact that a “retired” MI6 agent was instrumental in producing the now-discredited dossier, which was the legal basis for spying on the Trump campaign and empowering a special “investigation,” is quite telling. Rather than Russia meddling, it is more like British meddling. Meanwhile, the mainstream media, which is to say the CIA, FBI, MI6-linked fake news outlets, have run a round-the-clock campaign to demonize Russia and destroy Donald Trump. It is amazing to watch.

Also, because China is dramatically enabling Third World nations to develop via their One Belt-One Road program —nations that have been crushed by centuries of colonialism and City of London financial terrorism —China is also on the imperial hit list.

In case there is any doubt what is going on, the British Empire, which has called the shots for 250 years, is seriously threatened. They are losing control. And they know it. Of course, since most everyone has been deluded by decades of propaganda and misinformation, the masses have no idea the British Empire even exists. But it does. It simply goes by different names —the most common being globalism. And the so-called “deep state,” which are institutions within the United States, such as the CIA, NSA, FBI and various media conglomerates that have their own secret agenda, have essentially been subverted to function as arms of the British Crown, while Wall Street operates as a subsidiary of the City of London.

Keep in mind that the central banks, including the so-called Federal Reserve Bank in the United States, are actually privately-owned. Large banks are the actual shareholders. And, of course, the mega banks have the same shareholders. The scheme allows a handful of ultra wealthy individuals to profit from controlling interest rates and loaning money to the governments of the world and Wall Street banks. It is the scam of the century. Worse, it gives those handful of men the power to collapse the whole thing if they wish.

In response to the rise of Russia and China an all-out war mobilization is underway. First, though, comes the propaganda blitz, which is what is going on now —coupled with economic sanctions. But Russia and China, Iran and Venezuela are working around sanctions. In fact, they have set up their own financial system and are in the process of dropping the Dollar.

Over the past couple of decades the military industrial complex has spent trillions and trillions of dollars developing all manner of killing machines, from massive floating aircraft carriers, smart bombs and anti-ballistic missiles. However, as of March 1, 2018, per the announcement by Vladimir Putin at his state of the union address, virtually all of the West’s vast military has instantaneously become obsolete.

Working in secret over the past few years Russian scientists have developed a nuclear-powered, hyper-sonic missile that is invulnerable. It can easily penetrate the defensive shields that the US had assumed would be effective when they launch their first strike on Russia. It is being described as a “Sputnik shock”. (Sputnik was the first manmade craft to be put into space back in the 50’s.)

No doubt because of Russia’s having neutralized the Anglo war machine, in response North Korea now says it is ready to abandon its nuclear weapons program.

How will London respond? Spokes-people for the beast have mocked, belittled and dismissed Putin’s masterful move. More than likely the Empire will accelerate its scheme to prevent the rise of Russia and China by unleashing a wave of false flag attacks, assassinations and crashing the financial system. We may expect, though, that they will be saying “peace and security” before the coming crash.

Interesting times, indeed!