QUESTION: As we are aware, your main objections that led you to leave the “theocratic” side of the truth and take up the role of a Watchman sounding the alarm, were 1) The Whole NGO partnership malarkey. 2) The fact you don’t support the 1914 doctrine. Granted you’ve mentioned before that you couldn’t possibly go back at the present time, but if the whole 1914 thing was shredded and they came clean with the whole NGO partnership (that’s a long shot, I know LOL) would you feel your work has came to an end in its current form and feel inclined to start associating with the brothers again?


ANSWER: Some may find it difficult to believe, but I have no personal objections to the Watchtower. Nor do I have any personal grievance with any of Jehovah’s Witnesses. There are those who are out to expose it. They profess to want to save Jehovah’s Witnesses from a dangerous mind bending cult, while others endeavor to reform it. Neither of those are my intention.

I believe the Watchtower Society has been used by God – as advertised, as his so-called earthly organization. That being the case, why would I want to expose it merely for the sake of exposing it? As far as reforming the Watchtower, if it is Jehovah’s organization, who am I to act as a reformer? I don’t claim to have wisdom superior to others who have sincerely dedicated themselves to the work of the Society. And if it were not Jehovah’s organization, why would anyone even bother trying to reform it?

Ironically, the would-be exposures and reformers and others, have something in common with the leadership of the Watch Tower Society. And what is that? None of them have any insight into the prophecies. And God’s prophetic word is the foundation of my entire perspective.

Even at that, my view is not so far out. The Society has, after all, interpreted many prophecies to itself; but, of course, they have cleverly tied everything to 1914, 1918 and 1919, and so forth and so on; thereby, effectively nullifying and concealing many aspects of Jehovah’s judicial decisions. Whereas, I have undertaken to overturn the Watchtower’s erroneous prophetic interpretations, and reset the beginning of the judgment of the house of God to a future date. True, like the original prophets, I have also published the reasons for God’s coming denunciation, which some may misconstrue as mere criticism or “objections”

As far as them abandoning their 1914 doctrine though, that is simply not going to happen. And I can say that authoritatively, based upon what the prophets say. For example, as I’ve written about in a number of articles, the Watchtower’s 1914 doctrine is undoubtedly the expression of what God allows to go forward as a operation of error, ultimately emanating from a man of lawlessness within the Society. And according to the apostle Paul, the man of lawlessness will remain within the temple of The God until the manifestation of Christ reveals and totally destroys him.

So, that’s what we’re dealing with here. It is not simply a case of some well-intentioned, but imperfect men, who might make mistakes but who are reasonable and open to being persuaded to change their policies or change their doctrine, or whatever.

Although I am certain there are many well-intentioned men in the organization, there is also a submerged element of evil; and again, my perspective is solidly based on God’s prophetic word. For example, Jeremiah 5:26-28 states: “‘For among my people there have been found wicked men. They keep peering, as when birdcatchers crouch down. They have set a ruinous trap. It is men that they catch. As a cage is full of flying creatures, so their houses are full of deception. That is why they have become great and they gain riches. They have grown fat; they have become shiny. They have also overflowed with bad things. No legal case have they pleaded, even the legal case of the fatherless boy, that they may gain success; and the judgment of the poor ones they have not taken up.’”

The Governing Body has even inadvertently validated my position on this issue by their recent revision of their understanding of when it is that the faithful and discreet slave is appointed over all of the master’s belongings. Although they didn’t explain it, certainly anyone who reasons upon their latest revision will surely recognize that if the faithful slave has not been appointed over the master’s belongings yet, as is surely the case, that means that there is still an a evil slave who is yet to be distinguished and exposed and expelled from a house of God.

But since Jehovah’s Witnesses are blind and do not recognize this to be the case, it is exactly as Jehovah stated in Jeremiah; namely, that there are wicked men among his people, who are concealed – crouching down like cunning birdcatchers. And they come from the very leadership of the organization.

And that is why the Watchtower will never change— not for the better anyway. The only solution is the judgment of Christ, which will destroy the wicked and faithless men within.

As it stands presently, if I were to seek reinstatement in the organization I would have to renounce the things I know to be true. I have to take down this website. I have to stop publishing the book, Jehovah Himself Has Become King. And I can assure all that that is simply not going to happen.

When will my work end then? The prophet Isaiah asked Jehovah a similar question as regards his work, and God’s reply was: “Until the cities actually crash in ruins, to be without an inhabitant, and the houses be without earthling man, and the ground itself is ruined into a desolation; and Jehovah actually removes earthling men far away, and the deserted condition does become very extensive in the midst of the land. And there will still be in it a tenth, and it must again become something for burning down, like a big tree and like a massive tree in which, when there is a cutting down of them, there is a stump; a holy seed will be the stump of it.” – Isaiah 6


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