Question: Is the Watchtower Organization setting itself up to be a “false Messiah” or “false Christ” at the true parousia?


Answer: In a word, Yes.

However, we should not suppose it is by human design. Look at the role Israel played in accomplishing God’s purpose. Paul explained to the Hebrew Christians that the Jewish law had served as a tutor leading them to Christ. But how many of the Jewish leaders accepted Christ? Only a handful. The Jewish establishment became the hardened enemy of the Son of God and ultimately condemned him to a horrible death. They were opposed to Christ. Therefore it could be said of them that they were antichrists. 

We may expect the same pattern to play out at the second coming of the Son of man. How so?

Up until now God has used the Watchtower Society as a tutor, teaching meek persons the essential truth necessary to know God’s will and purpose. It has produced the two groups foretold in scripture; namely, the little flock and the other sheep. But these must pass a final test before being granted entry into either the new heavens or the new earth.

The final test will involve abandoning the tutor when it becomes apparent that God is finished with it.

From its inception the Watchtower has promoted a faux parousia. This is the ‚Äúdeluding influence‚ÄĚ Paul warned would emanate from a man of lawlessness with the backing of Satan using every powerful deception and lying sign. For example, pyramidology, coupled with pseudo-Bible chronology, convinced the original Bible Students that a great upheaval would occur in 1914; and Lo and Behold! The Great War erupted right on cue.

But the point is, the parousia delusion occurs as a prelude to the actual parousia. Given the great lengths to which the Society has been driven to prop up the 1914 delusion over the past century, how will the leadership respond when the actual parousia begins? It is hard to imagine that they would humbly apologize for having deceived Jehovah’s Witnesses for so long. On the contrary, just as the Jewish hierarchy refused to accept Jesus, so will the leadership of the Watchtower Society. If any individuals do accept the new reality that will present itself then they will be persecuted Рthrown out of the synagogue, as Jesus forewarned. 

Keep in mind that the man of lawlessness is also called the son of destruction, which is also applied to Judas. Judas likely did not intend to betray Jesus from the beginning. But during the Lord’s evening meal when Satan entered into him he had no choice at that point. Likewise, at the coming of Christ Satan will be allowed to again perform all manner of deceptive wonders for the purpose of deceiving, if possible, even the chosen ones Рusing his modern son of destruction, the man of lawlessness. Those who are rejected by Christ will become the hardened enemies of the true sons of the Kingdom. 

Think about it, the Devil has already misled the whole world. His work is done, for the most part. His intent now is to mislead those who have been called into Christ’s kingdom. But it is not possible for the demons to deceive the chosen ones except through the agency that they trust and view as Jehovah’s organization.

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