What will you do when the end comes?

//What will you do when the end comes?

QUESTION: Jehovah’s Witnesses expect there to be opposition from Satan and his agents, but given that the Watchtower’s leadership is making decisions contrary to God’s just and loving principles and likely to result in harassment from the authorities Jehovah has in place to punish wrongdoers, and given that the typical brother and sister has no knowledge of these high-level decisions, how does one discern whether harassment is due to simple opposition to the work, and NOT due to resistance to the authorities? After all, won’t the Watchtower’s “spin doctors” simply say that Satan is increasing his efforts in opposing Jehovah’s Witnesses?

That is a very good question. Back during the time of the judges of Israel Jehovah allowed certain undesirable situations to develop in order to put his people to the test, as to whether they would obey and rely upon him. For example, when the Israelites were at peace and enjoying prosperity they tended to stray off and forget God. So, God would allow their enemies to oppress them. Bringing them to their proper senses, though, usually required that they first be brought into dire straits. Only then would they cry out to Jehovah for relief. And he, as usual, would raise up a savior for them.

Although we are separated by time and culture and language from the history of the people recorded in scripture, human nature hasn’t changed appreciably. Humans still have a tendency to rely upon themselves and forget God. Except, unfortunately, hypocrisy is also very much apart of sinful human nature too. So, the forgetters of God may put on a pretense of righteousness and faithfulness.

During the end of the time of the kingdom of Judah the Jews became powerful and prosperous and also very corrupt, so much so that God allowed the kingdom of the Chaldeans to destroy Judah. There was no healing then. No savior. And the prophets make plain that those judgments really apply to the time of the end –the conclusion of the system. 

Through Jeremiah Jehovah said of them: “‘For among my people there are wicked men. They keep peering, as when birdcatchers crouch down. They set a deadly trap. It is men whom they catch. Like a cage full of birds, so their houses are full of deception. That is why they have become powerful and rich. They have grown fat and smooth; they overflow with evil. They do not plead the legal case of the fatherless, that they may gain success; and they deny justice to the poor. Should I not call them to account for these things?’ declares Jehovah. ‘Should I not avenge myself on such a nation? Something appalling and horrible has occurred in the land: The prophets prophesy lies, and the priests dominate by their own authority. And my own people love it that way. But what will you do when the end comes?”’ Jeremiah 5:26-31

The leadership of Jehovah’s Witnesses has come to be more and more dominated by wicked men as well. They do not plead the case of the “fatherless.” Quite the contrary, “they set a deadly trap” for the whole organization, by convincing elders judging child abusers that they must suppress the existence of such criminals within the organization in order not to bring reproach on Jehovah’s name! How absolutely treacherous and deceptive! 

Because in the past Jehovah has obviously blessed them and given them victories over their political and religious persecutors, the “prophets prophesy lies” by attributing their success to the fulfillment of biblical prophecy. For example, Isaiah 54:17 states: “No weapon formed against you will have any success, and you will condemn any tongue that rises up against you in the judgment. This is the heritage of the servants of Jehovah, and their righteousness is from me,’ declares Jehovah.”

The Watchtower’s prophets boast that nothing can stop the worldwide work of the Watchtower because they have Jehovah’s unequivocal backing. And they use the verse above to back it up. That cocksureness has emboldened their anointed priests to “dominate by their own authority” in the assumption that they can do no wrong. As a consequence they have turned their attack dog lawyers on the victims of child abuse, to suppress their voice with legal gag orders and hush money. In the view espoused by the institutional prophets and priests all that remains is for God to sic the UN upon Babylon the Great. Then they are home free.

But the Watchtower’s prophets fail to understand that God had used Babylon as his weapon against Judah. And the Chaldeans completely destroyed the city where Jehovah had placed his name. By means of Nebuchadnezzar’s sword, famine and pestilence, Jehovah annihilated the wicked from among his people. It was by all accounts a smashing “success.” In the aftermath of that catastrophe God repurchased a chastened remnant of his nation. It was only after bringing them back from their humiliating captivity in Babylon that Jehovah assured them that any future attack upon them would not be by his order, as Nebuchadnezzar’s attack had been.

As a more vivid display of the lies the Watchtower’s prophets publish, for some unknown reason in 2016 Bethel decided to overhaul their long-held teaching that the Bible Students briefly went into captivity to Babylon the Great during the First World War. Now the organization’s seers claim that Christians went into captivity to the greater Babylon sometime way back in the fourth century. Supposedly the Bible Students ended centuries of captivity after Rutherford reorganized the work after the war.

But the Watchtower’s new interpretation is more absurd then their original. At least before there was some recognition that the Bible Students were being punished. Fred Franz was intelligent enough to realize that was in keeping with the inescapable fact that when the Jews went into captivity in far away Babylon they were in no doubt that they were being punished by Jehovah. The prophets had forewarned them and when the hammer fell they knew it was from God. But how does that compare with the subtlety with which Constantine slyly inserted himself as the head of the congregations and made Christianity the new religion of the Roman Empire? Would Christians in the fourth century have realized they were being punished by God for their transgressions? Of course not, that is because they were not being punished by God.

As I have made them aware over the past 20 years, God’s judgements, including captivity to Babylon the Great, is destined to be unveiled in the future. And that is what Bethel’s prophets are trying to nullify with their self-serving interpretations of prophecy. But when it comes they will know it just as surely as did the Jews when Babylon conquered Jerusalem. 

The Watchtower, with its corporate board of directors and stable of lawyers, have “become powerful and rich.” They hobnob with the wealthy hedge fund managers and bankers. They wheel and deal in multi-million dollar real estate transactions. Their princes live in luxury condos in an idyllic country setting and drive shiny new luxury automobiles. They have “grown fat and smooth.” No mere human can call them to account.

And Jehovah’s Witnesses love it that way.

Still, the question remains: “But what will you do when the end comes?”

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  • black curtain


    I just did a check to see whether WT’s fund manager, JP Morgan Chase
    and Co, has shares invested in Raytheon. Indeed they do. I would think that WT via that fund manager that WT has just made some money from the rockets that the US military fired into Syria.
    59 of them as I recall. They US navy will need another 59 replacements so that should be a cool, $83 million order from Raytheon. No wonder investors are making money from war. Wt will get a nice return.

    Cruise Missiles: The Million-Dollar Weapon | The Huffington Post

    Mar 25, 2011 – In the opening days of the assault on Libya, the United States and … Each missile cost $1.41 million, close to three times the cost listed on the Navy’s website. … A year ago, Raytheon boasted of its 2,000th Block IV delivery to the Navy. … The Tomahawk, which is guided to its target by GPS, has tended to

    • I’ve tried to share some of this type of info, including the WT’s UN NGO info, with my wife but she blindly & angrily dismisses it all as apostate lies. Told her it’s all on the internet to check for herself. She just says she refuses to look at any apostate propaganda on the internet because it’s all lies aimed at discrediting Jehovah’s organisation. I wish I could convince her who the real liars are but it just leads to arguments so I keep my opinions to myself now.

  • black curtain

    Sorry about the fact that I used an old costing, the Tomahawks probably cost mush more now than they did in 2011. Donald Trump has a share holding in Raytheon. Wonder if he worries about the company he keeps??

    • Apple Pi

      I heard on InfoWars that those Tomahawks have problems with their guidance systems and that only 3 of them hit their intended target. It’s as if they were ‘getting rid’ of faulty missiles so that they can justify ordering replacements. I wonder how many more weapons the military has that they would like to ‘dispense of’ in order to get brand new, shiny replacements with the latest tech.

  • Max

    Another opening aye article. The part that strikes me the most is “And Jehovah’s Witnesses love it that way” and that small but saying a lot sentence tells the truth. What a rude awakening it will be for the brothers and sisters when their ayes are finally open and they’ll see the judgement Jehovah will bring over His people. I can see the devastation this will bring to the brotherhood for the only reason that most of the brothers see the GB as untouchable so high over the regular JW that is unthinkable they could do wrong, and that same sentiment of infallibility is passed on to the overseers in charge of districts circuits and congregations so publishers can not dare to raise a concern against any of them because the culture is set that if you do you are speaking against Jehovah Himself so you better “love it that way” or you are out.

    • Daisy

      Here we have Jeremiah expressing that the governed are as much to blame as their governors…my own people love it that way… they are pleased with the lies of the false prophet, not being able to bear the truths from God.
      No different in fact to the blinded millions who put their heads in the sand over the coming calamities on the earth.

      • Joel

        Hi Daisy! How have you been dear?

        • Daisy

          Dearly beloved! WHERE have you been dear? Hope you’ve been lurking
          We’ve missed you and Joseph of Arimathea called out for you here recently! (That’s JS btw)
          I’m really well, waiting a ct scan result to see if those little cauliflowers inside me have taken a hike, then small op to remove scaffolding holding up a ureter then I’m heading over to Burt to join him hiding under his school desk. That’s what I’m doing when the end comes…
          Warm hugs Joel. Love you 😀

          • Joel

            Good to know that you are not doing too bad. Thank you Jehovah! Are you gonna try and make the Memorial this Tuesday, April 11? Remember, no matter how we feel about the Organization, we always want to give respect and honor to our Lord and Savior. Jesus Christ. Yeah?

            • Daisy

              Yes I’m going 9pm session with husband if he’s well enough. If not, alone but I’ll be thinking of everyone here so no problem.
              I was reading Jeremiah 22-24 prep for meeting just now feeling very sad that this will be read at the kingdom hall midweek meeting without a jot of discernment that the words apply to to the organisation leadership.
              Expecting emphasis on governing body members on this special night rather than Jesus but I know what you mean…

        • hey Joel, thought of you too. Jehovah sure has sped up this war agenda with Russia. things looking bad

          • Joel

            You bet! With Donald “chump” er, sorry, I meant Donald TRUMP in office, I still believe that he is “the final TRUMP,” as prophesied. Look out!

            • yeah there aint going to be another president unless hes removed or assassinated. king of the north is next in line

            • Joel

              So true! Even as we wish assassination on no one, in TRUMP’d case, however, well . . . you know what I mean!

      • Max

        That is very true Daisy, We humans are made followers we love for somebody to tell us what to do what to eat and how to live. Just look at the world today people do live and even eat the way they’ve seen on TV the movies the
        , commercials and live how they are tough to by the leaders of this world. We at the organization are no different… as is it difficult for us to convince people we have the truth it is very difficult to even show the friends something that has not been sanction by the GB. Over the years I have came to think that unless Jehovah changes the hearts of people to accept the truth there is not much we can do to put it in their heads. It is Jehovah Who needs to put it first in their hearts for them to at least weak up and start making changes. The same I think is applying to the friends unless Jehovah himself opens their hearts to this new changes they will not see it as the truth. A good example of that is brother King I believe it was Jehovah whom put in his heart to see the doings of the man of lawlessness and was He whom compelled him to exposed him. And this denunciation work is not new, Jehovah has always denounced His people wrongdoings in the past and has used special people for this job. So my point here is that unless Jehovah makes it happen nothing really happens. So it might be just not the time yet for our brothers and sisters to awaken to this new light.

        • Burt Reynolds

          I have pondered the same point, often. I agree that it seems we need Jehovah to open our hearts if we are to see and understand. But then I think, ‘Jehovah is impartial’, and so I get knocked back to square one. Sometimes I feel that in my life, first I used to Dispair of the evil in others because it hurt me and I felt insecure and a longing just to be left alone etc etc. Then I just felt lost and found inspiration and wonder at creation. Then wondered about the maker, found the maker, found the lies surrounding the worship of the maker, then found the truth about the maker. Which came first,…the need, or the help? I really just don’t know. All I know is, is that I eventually found it. That in itself is my little miracle!

  • Francis Bencharles

    The leadership of the Watchtower will no doubt convince the average JW that it is Satan that is bringing the disciplining. How could it be any other way? It has been drummed into them that they are God’s People and their leadership have already been given the title of “faithful and discrete slave” and Jehovah will have an obligation to protect his covenant people. Look out folks because that is not how it’s going to play out. The Watchtower is the Anti-typical Egypt, Nineveh, and more importantly Jericho that was the first city conquered during the conquering of the promised land (the Kingdom on Earth). Just as the wall came down during Joshua’s time, it will come down when the angels come to destroy this system. Unfortunately for the Watchtower, the judgment starts with the error prone House of God. Look out folks, here it comes

    • Joel

      Here here!

    • Max

      Well said brother!

  • hers what everyone can do when the end come and right now before the end.

    you can speak with Jehovah’s witnesses and let them know the scripture in Deuteronomy 18:22 that says “If the prophet speaks in Jehovah’s name but his prediction does not happen or come true, you will know that Jehovah did not give that message. That prophet has spoken without my authority and need not be feared.” and then tell them the truth, whatever truth you wish, for example that Babylon is about to rise and that the next thing is not the end of faults religion but opppression by Edom, Moab, and Ammon, the three main branches/Harlots of Babylon the Great. regardless they belive you or not, you have brought out the scripture in Deuteronomy first and then when the end comes they will see that scripture come into effect on your behalf and they will either see reason to believe you and be judged by Jehovah or not and be judged

    • in fact since the WT has most witnesses writing letters, we who all read e-Watchman can write a short letter of our own and drop it off with anyone at this upcoming memorial. something about the
      delusional influence with the above scripture. maybe Robert can wip something up we can copyinour own hand writing or print out. or just simply try talking with anyone at the memorial about the truth and see what happens

      • Joel

        May I respectfully disagree D.A.

        The Lord’s Evening Meal, or The Memorial of Christ’ death, is NOT THE TIME OR THE PLACE for letters of protest. No, no, no!

        Remember, Jesus’s death was so important (both to our salvation–and–to the vindication of Jehovah’s name) that he said to “keep doing this in remembrance of me.”

        D.A., the Memorial is NOT a Jehovah Witness invention. It is a “command” to ALL people’s everywhere—regardless of religious affiliation—to “keep doing this,” until the Lord comes back.

        So may we never use this solemn sober occasion to ‘make a statement’ . . . get our personal political view across . . . or to air our grievances.

        Let as ALWAYS honor Jehovah—how? By honoring the death and resurrection his Son, our Lord and Savior. For it is only by his death, that we have a shot at eternal life.

        I hope this has helped you to ‘readjust’ your thinking in regard to using the Memorial as a “platform” to protest the Watchtower Society. That is neither the time or the place for such things.

        • i will be dropping off a short letter or asking and elder if they like to talk after the meeting for a min. i approch brothers and sister in the street and at Hall’s from time to time. they listen or they dont care to listen. example: my last responce was good. i said my part, wheather they belived me or not they were polite in hearing me and i was on my way.

          sometimes they listen or they hear and dont care to listen or dont want to listen or know anything as one elder said to me he prefers to be ignorent. blew my mind just as the scripture said. willfully ignorent and the other scripture, they love it that way.

          the Memorial isnt a reason not to tell the truth

          • Joel

            I hear you D.A. But remember this, as I said in my last post, the Memorial IS NOT a Jehovah Witness invention!

            Whether it is called “Communion” in the Church, or the “Eucharist” in Catholicism, or the “Memorial” in JW talk . . . the point is that the partaking of the emblems (for some), or the observation of the Wine and unleavened bread (for others) is a holy command from our Lord! It is holy. It is sacred. It is a solemn occasion for everyone and anyone who chooses to share in this great and godly event.

            So again, D.A., the point is not that you don’t have a “right” to distribute flyers, placards, cards, letters, or whatever you feel to a JW member. No! You have that right—and it may even be a necessary thing! The point is must you do it on the most HOLY NIGHT, the holiest occasion on the entire Christian calendar?

            Think about it D.A. Think hard about it.

            Also, please read the Apostle Paul says about doing something simply because it’s “my right.” —See 1 Corinthians 6:12.

            • idk why youre telling me obeying the commandment of Jesus is not a human invention. you lost me.

            • Joel

              No, no, no! You misunderstood me!

              what I said is that celebrating the Lord’s death, or the Memorial, that is not a Jehovah Witness invention! What I mean is that the command of Jesus to “keep doing this in remembrance of me,” is not monopolized by the Watchtower Society! It is a command for any and ALL believers—no matter the Christain denomination—to adhere to and follow. Thus, JW’s don’t have a monopoly on the Memorial!

              So when you say that you are going to use this particular event to hand out letters and in a sense PROTEST against the JW religion, you are not only protesting against one religion—the JWs—but in reality you are disrespecting the “day” of the Lord’s death!

              Because, once again, memorializing Jesus’ death IS NOT A JEHOVAH WITNESS invention! No! It is a command of the Lord to ALL people’s of faith.

              I hope I have explained it better this time D.A.

            • im not protesting dewd. im just talking to people about the truth man. chill out.

            • Joel

              Just a little “Brotherly” advice.

      • Beverly kenyon

        Hey DA, hang fire with your thought as the time is coming when the walls of the WT will come crashing down when our King, Jesus Christ comes in his Real, True and Authentic presence and those very same witnesses will most probably be crying out for help and directions as to what is happening! So the Memorial of our King’s death might not be the appropriate time or place and that’s right, I don’t think you needed it screaming in your face! Wow! I know you never intended harm or disrespect and it was more out of love and concern and for that I love you more to bits. Love you loads DA.

        • well thats what im doin. not too often i go to a meeting. find an elder or whoever, hand em the envelope. maybe the latest kingdom bulletin. he can read it and not accept it but then when its correct guess what, they will realize BAM! Ezekiel 2:5/Deuteronomy 18:22
          maybe just stick a e-Watchman.com bisness card under a windshild wipper.

          • Beverly kenyon

            Well DA, if you’re going for it then go for it. Personally, it might be inappropriate but that business card thing is interesting….just don’t get caught! Kept thinking about that Deut 18:22 scripture on and off today. I wonder who that scripture rightly sums up! But I still truly believe only terror will make them understand as they’re a stiff necked people but it doesn’t hurt to try and make a difference in your own way at least you’re not sitting on your hands!

            • usually when i leave pieces of paper with e-Watchman.com written on it, i wear a monkey suit so i stick out like those annoying car salesman type nobody likes or JW’s who people spot a mile away and hide from. (did i just say that?) other then that i just say hi and hand em a letter and go home unless they are willing to chat.

              terror will make them understand. but understand what? what they were told here by Robert and others on e-Watchman.com – Dan 12:4

            • Beverly kenyon

              Wow, Da, you are an activist! I actually saw you in a monkey suit. Lol. Then I realised you meant an actual suit! People do avoid and hide from JW’s….me and my siblings used to hide from them in the living room! You might get through to some DA doing what you’re doing but as a whole it’s going to take terror to make the lot of them understand true knowledge of pure worship. Anyway, Jehovah wants the ‘first fruits’ of mankind the best of the best, starting with the first fruits of the Anointed and then the firstfruits of the rest, the Great Crowd, just like he chose the best with Noah, who was viewed as blameless, akin to perfect, for the new beginnings of mankind.

            • yeah thanks for the reminder

            • Beverly kenyon

              OK Go….Genius. Love it! That vehicle of their’s is like a moving one man band! Ha!

            • Jay

              Hello Beverly, I found that comment very motivating as it makes me want to strive harder to be called a ‘first fruit of God’, just imagine that! Infact if I’m first or last as long as I’m worthy of been a ‘good fruit’ in Jehovah’s eyes, it’s good enough for me!
              Some other example of ones who was chosen to be called ‘firstfruits’ in early Christian times:

              Romans 16:5
              Likewise greet the church that is in their house. Salute my well-beloved Epaenetus, who is the first fruits of Achaia to Christ.

              1 Corinthians 16:15
              I beseech you, brothers, (you know the house of Stephanas, that it is the first fruits of Achaia, and that they have addicted themselves to the ministry of the saints,)

              The harvest of firstfruits is small, for at this time relatively few will accept God’s calling, repent, be converted and remain faithful to His way of life. That is why Jesus said, “Narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it” (Matthew 7:14).

              Revelation 14:4 speaks of God’s people who are “firstfruits to God and to the Lamb.” The preceding and succeeding verses provide insight into the character of those who are the firstfruits and why they accompany Jesus Christ.

              Why are they so valued by God? They are described as having the Father’s name written in their foreheads (verse 1); God is foremost in their mind and thoughts. These have not been seduced by a corrupted religious system (Revelation 14:4), which is depicted as an immoral woman seducing humanity (Revelation 2:20-22; Revelation 17:1-6).

              The firstfruits have come out of and avoided the political and religious system that has dominated the world (see Revelation 17:1-6). When they were called by Jesus Christ, they understood that they were to come out of this system (see Revelation 18:3-4).

              In addition, the firstfruits “follow the Lamb wherever he goes” (Revelation 14:4). They are faithfully devoted to Jesus Christ. They will allow nothing to entice them from their personal loyalty to Him. Since Jesus will use them to assist Him in teaching His ways to the world, it is vital that His firstfruits will always be true to Him.

              I like the community on this website as you all seem very different to quite a few in a congregation who want to be seen as, ‘proper’ ‘Jehovahs Witnesses’, self righteous, ”clubby’ ‘clicky’
              1 Corinthians 1.28: God has chosen what is insignificant and despised in the world–what is viewed as nothing–to bring to nothing what is viewed as something

            • Beverly kenyon

              Hiya Jay, you’ve described beautifully in your post what I was trying to say, a fantastic read with all the relevant scriptures. Wow! I love it! I’ll say it again, Jehovah only wants the best for himself and for the Paradise Earth. Especially liked your second sentence as you come across as a humble person…the meek will inherit the earth as Jesus promised. Thank you again for replying to my post and yes, the community on this forum are all unique, real, truth seekers, interesting, lively, clever, spiritual, feisty, extremely humourous, caring and loving individuals who I’m fortunate to know. This forum is a real lifeline for ones who want truthful answers about God’s purposes. Really pleased to meet you and I hope you continue to join in the discussions and get to know ones here on this forum. Many thanks.

  • Joel

    Anyone going to the Memorial this Tuesday, April 11, 2017?

    We may disagree with the Watchtower Society on many issues, but we LOVE Jehovah and His Son Jesus. Let us always show that we appreciate what he (Jesus) did for us on that torture stake on Calvary 2000 years ago.

    • Arvid Fløysand

      Hi Joel…if you happened to be in Norway at Knarvik congregation for the Memorial..than you will see me there..back in the corner 🙂

      • Joel

        Very good indeed!

    • Max


      • Joel

        Yes, jeep it comin’ . . .

    • a watcher

      I’m going.

      • Joel


    • yeah, just like Arvid i’ll be somewhere on the peripheral. i think its 1,984 years ago now

    • I intend to go.

      • Joel

        Very good Brother King. As you set the proper example, others are sure to follow.

    • Rafaela

      I’m going!!! ?

      • Joel

        Wonderful, Rafaela!

    • Richard Long

      I have made plans to attend.

      • Joel

        Good, good, good!

      • Joel

        There you go! All righty then!

  • Francis Bencharles

    Since the coming of the Christ marks the beginning of the conclusion of a system of things particularly this one, I suppose I will be following the direction of the 1st new covenant saints that will be ruling with Christ in the Heavens, but will be here on earth to finish off what they started with Satan in the Heavens. We will absolutely know just who they are during the “unveiling” after the Marriage to Christ during cakes following a properly celebrated Passover Celebration. It is a celebration, not a wake.

  • Noe Namely

    You article put a new spin on a few things for me. You shed more light on how “Alike” JWs are to the Israelites and how they have always strayed and came running back to Jehovah when times turned hard for them…. I am not as well educated in Bible history and such like most here. But…Yes….I think it will be getting more like this again…Thank You for the fine article.

  • Marisa Gomez

    You are wrong in that point,,,because I’ve always wondered,,, “why all of them are so rich ” However Jesus had nowhere to put his head…..and if they go to another country to an international convention they demand absolutly perfection and the best of the best. So….I do not like in this way.

  • One thing I started to wonder about before I disassociated 2 years ago was if the end is “So close” “Just around the corner” then why all the relocating everything to Warwick? Why the building necessity of so many new KH’s, wouldn’t rented halls be good enough seeing as the end is so close. Doesn’t seem like the GB really believes what they preach

    • Burt Reynolds

      Hello Tony, nice to see you here….love the cartoon! As to your question, we here wonder the same thing. The answer appears to be a mixture of serving self and corruption but there are biblical answers also. There is an article written here recently that answers that very question. Would someone please leave a link to it so that Tony can find it? I don’t know how to leave links. I’d better find out.

      • Jamie Mac

        Hi Burt, the way I do it is follows.

        Go to the article you want to link to

        Place your cursor in the location of the url. The url will begin with this https:// and is always located at or near the top of the page

        When you place your cursor there the text will be highlighted

        Press ctrl key and c at the same time. ( ctrl key normally located at the bottom left). This will take a copy of the url.

        Go back to the place where you want to insert the link and press ctrl and v at the same time.

        This should copy the link into your comment.

        Others may do it differently but that should get you started.

    • Brian

      Hi Tony, it would have to do with them still thinking they are the “administration at the full limit of the appointed times” and they would have justification in doing anything to further the “cause” as if God needs it. The main problem is that they aren’t the administration and it isn’t the appointed time as yet.

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