I will certainly sanctify my great name, which you profaned

//I will certainly sanctify my great name, which you profaned

Friday, September 16

Offer to God a sacrifice of praise, that is, the fruit of our lips that make public declaration to his name.Heb. 13:15.

Our lips should make public declaration to Jehovah’s holy name. Deaf brothers and sisters use sign language to render such praise to God. Housebound Christians praise him by letter writing, telephone witnessing, and preaching to attendants and visitors. Our sacrifice of praise—our giving praise to Jehovah by making known his name and proclaiming the good news—should be commensurate with our health and ability. It ought to be our best.  Our sacrifices of praise are personal offerings voluntarily made to God because we love him.  You surely want your sacrifices of praise to be acceptable to Jehovah. Do you find that you are allowing television programs, video games, sports activities, or hobbies to distract you and interfere with your spiritual progress?


Since the time of Christ until the 20th century the name of God has gradually receded into the background, being virtually replaced by Jesus, so that in the minds of most churchgoers today Jesus is God.

But since Jesus and the apostles frequently quoted from passages where the YHWH appears and it is inconceivable that they would have omitted speaking or writing God’s personal name, there is little doubt that early-on the copyists of the Greek Scriptures removed YHWH from the so-called New Testament. The original King James Version of the Holy Bible furthered the practice in English, removing the name of God —except in four verses. (Modern versions of the KJV have removed it entirely.)

No doubt, though, the appearance of the name JEHOVAH in those four places was due to divine providence, serving as a sort of placeholder until the Bible Students brought the name to the fore —becoming Jehovah’s witnesses long before being officially named such and before the New World Translation was even conceived.

Now the Watchtower has introduced the name of God into nearly 800 languages, with JW.org becoming the most translated website in the world, far surpassing websites like Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, Wikipedia and even the United Nations.

Some persons who object to the specific name Jehovah do so on the grounds that the word is an invention, fabricated by a Catholic monk back in the 13th century. Although that is not exactly true, such persons fail to realize that the name represented by YHWH is translated with various spellings into hundreds of languages and dialects. And while some scholars claim the Name should be translated into English as Yahweh and the Catholic version called the New Jerusalem Bible uses that rendering, Yahweh is not used in everyday parlance among Catholics.

The inescapable fact is, only Jehovah’s Witnesses are associated with the personal name of God in the minds of the public, whether the public knows it or admits it. Surely God knows.

That being true, publicly praising God’s name and bearing the name of Jehovah, in all of the hundreds of languages wherein Jehovah’s Witnesses preach throughout the world, brings with it a heavy responsibility and an unavoidable accountability to the Bearer of the sacred Name.

As Jehovah’s Witnesses well know, the Watchtower has interpreted the prophecies of Ezekiel in such a way as to project God’s condemnatory judgments onto Christendom, while interpreting the post-exilic portion of prophecy to spiritual Israel. For example, the destruction of Jerusalem is said to symbolize the end of Christendom; whereas, the restoration of “Israel” from Babylon represents the advent of the Kingdom of Christ. That is made plain by the fact that the Watchtower teaches that the “Israel” that comes under attack by Gog in the 38th and 39th chapters of Ezekiel applies to the restored Christian congregation and the end of Gog coincides with the battle at Armageddon, which is surely true.

To be sure, the final confrontation between Satan’s seed under the authority of Gog of Magog and the seed of the woman is to occur during the final part of the days, as Ezekiel 38:16 states: “Like clouds covering the land, you will come against my people Israel. In the final part of the days I will bring you against my land so that the nations may know me when I sanctify myself through you before their eyes, O Gog.”

But immediately prior to that grand finally the prophecy of Ezekiel foretells that Jehovah will mercifully gather back his people and forgive them of their sins. What sin is that? The sin of having profaned the name of God before the nations. Here is what Jehovah has said: “Therefore say to the house of Israel, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah says: “Not for your sakes am I acting, O house of Israel, but for my holy name, which you profaned among the nations where you have gone. I will certainly sanctify my great name, which was profaned among the nations, which you profaned among them; and the nations will have to know that I am Jehovah,’ declares the Sovereign Lord Jehovah, ‘when I am sanctified among you before their eyes.’” —Ez 36: 22-23

As already established, only Jehovah’s Witnesses are associated with the name of God. That being true, only Jehovah’s Witnesses can cause the Name to be profaned among the nations where they are preaching. (The Watchtower teaches that the restoration foretold in Ezekiel occurred in 1919. But that is not possible, since the International Bible Students back then had only just begun to preach and teach and be associated with the name of Jehovah. Furthermore, the restoration comes after the desolation, not before – contrary to what the Watchtower teaches.)

While the Watchtower has already brought considerable reproach upon Jehovah, for instance, because of the widely publicized child abuse scandal within the organization – the worst is yet to come. How so? During the time of the end, or final part of the days, the organization will be desolated. That will be the judgment of the house of God. That will result in what is foretold in Ezekiel 36:21: “I judged them according to their way and according to their dealings. But when they came to those nations, people profaned my holy name by saying about them, ‘These are the people of Jehovah, but they had to leave his land.’ So I will show concern for my holy name, which the house of Israel profaned among the nations where they have gone.”

“Leaving the land” in this passage parallels with the disaster Jesus spoke of in connection with the desolation of the holy place during the conclusion of the system, when Christians will abandon their previous form of worship, which was symbolized by the temple in Jerusalem. Then Jehovah’s Witnesses will have to know that he is Jehovah —a God of judgment. And then afterwards the nations shall have to know that he is Jehovah as well, when he restores his people and destroys the would-be destroyers.

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  • Joyce Haze

    Kind of ironic, as yesterday I was at my local book store and out of curiosity looked at a1/2 dozen Bibles. Found one, KJV, going to Psalms 83:18 “That people may know” that you, whose NAME is JEHOVAH,” You are the Most High over all the earth. That scripture all alone, should make any one question, why few use or call on the name of JEHOVAH!! It does call attention to his people, generally in a negative way. How sad that is!

  • Joyce Haze

    I realize many Jehovahs Witnesses bring up how to deal with issues concerning 1914, in explaining those things to a householder or any new one and yet few are familiar with the basic truths such as Gods name. Using and knowing his name, right there to me shoots down any Trinitarian belief. So many basic scriptures if one looks points to only one true faith, if you base your beliefs strictly on the bible we can discount all the crazy stuff that makes no sense whatsoever! We’ve got to know the basics before moving on to the deeper things!

  • LW

    The Big Reveal is coming…

  • T L C

    I was speaking with a friend about the fact that God’s name has been removed from the bible. It wasn’t in the bible he uses but I showed him a few KJV bibles that has it in Ps 83: 18. When he saw it he thought it was interesting but he was still not convinced. He can’t seem to understand how so many bible scholars would not come to this conclusion if it is in fact TRUE considering the fact that they have spent years studying and researching. I try to explain to him that this very fact should make him curious and recognize that something bigger must be going on here. (Ie: Spiritual warfare, Satan ruling this world, etc…)
    Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction…

    • Joyce Haze

      riend know, it’s not a guessing game of should it be or not. It was originally in the Hebrew text, research proves that! Research! It has been men for various reasons, of course, yes, Satan plays a big part, that’s why those in Cristendom have been so deceived in much of the True Bible doctrine! Satan along with his misfits have been on a quest from the beginning in an effort to blind all people to the glory of our Heavenly Father, in the end to no avail!! In the orig. manuscripts The Name of JEHOVAH appeared some 7,000 times.

      • T L C

        Exactly! Well said…

    • Bobby 6343

      The real reasons that the so-called scholors approved of having the devine name removed is because they were not truly honest.

      They are still imperfect men and women. Satan influence is with every powerful “works” and lying signs.

  • LW

    Ever had a surprise that you were definitely not expecting? Then, you would agree that the surprise of a sudden judgement of God’s people would take the cake for the most shocking surprise of all time. In fact, I would like to point out an interesting observation that I saw in the Hezekiah drama at this year’s convention: If you noticed the scene of Jerusalem, the outside walls resemble something most recognizable, and what is that? Would you believe…it was in the shape WATCHTOWER logo! Hmhm, maybe its a subliminal hint or perhaps it is a mere coincidence. Just something to consider…

  • Tamar

    During the American Revolutionary War:

    “He showed me a pair of stairs in the front of the barrack, on the west part of the garrison, which led up a second story in said barracks, to which I immediately repaired, and ordered the commander, Capt. De La Place, to come forth instantly, or I would sacrifice the whole garrison; at which the captain came immediately to the door with his breeches in his hand. When I ordered him to deliver me the fort instantly, he asked me by what authority I demanded it. I answered him:

    “In the name of the great Jehovah, and the Continental Congress.”

    -Ethan Allen

    • LW

      Yep I remember watching the tv show where they used that exact line.

    • Burt Reynolds

      It’s a bit like asking for the garrison in the name of Jehovah and Satan…and to come to the door with your trousers in your hand, well, it may be acceptable for the French, but for the English, it’s not he done thing.

      • LW

        American colonists fought the war of independence against King George III’s Great Britain at the peak of their colonial power partly because they couldn’t afford to pay their taxes in gold, and won. I’m not questioning their courage, just asking how is that possible without a large standing army or navy. King Louis XVI of France was providing some help, but ironically, the Marquis de Lafayette who helped American colonists soon fought against the French monarchy in their own revolution. Jesus said “Governments are ordained by God”, “Love your neighbor as yourself” and “If you kill by the sword, you will die by the sword”, so how does revolution figure in to Christianity and why have so many people fought wars in His name? Satan’s way is rebellion and war, so fight them in his name from now on!

        • Burt Reynolds

          Yes I think you’re right. I was just amused at the paradox of someone asking for a surrender in the name of Jehovah and a government in the same breath as though they were equal in status or as though Jehovah cared. During the Great War priests here used to bless the guns of the English Christians going into war to kill German Christians. Of course in those days, God was on both sides. In the second war, he was on everyone’s side except the Russians who were blessed by Stalin. What I really worry about is footballers crossing themselves for God to help them put a ball in a net while thousands of children die every day from starvation. Strange world.

    • Tamar

      Rev 13:11 “Then I saw another wild beast ascending out of the earth, and it had two horns like a lamb, but it began speaking like a dragon. 12 It exercises all the authority of the first wild beast in its sight. And it makes the earth and its inhabitants worship the first wild beast, whose mortal wound was healed. 13 And it performs great signs, even making fire come down out of heaven to the earth in the sight of mankind.”

      And America just keeps bombing the Middle East… “Making fire come down”

  • Yuri Fisher

    Hello brothers
    Name of Jehovah appears 7000 times in Jewish portion of Bible. We read it יהוה. YehovA. I read original Bible in Hebrew. Many years I was in Hebrew congregation in Haifa. We could read and investigate real meaning of words in Hebrew. And I can say that it is much better that to read any translation. Even JW New World translation have many problems with exect translation. So for us in Israel Bible is much more alive. We visit Biblical places we read Hebrew. We live Bible here. Hebrew is much more expresive than English. In this language spoke Jehovah and Jesus and other Christians of first century.

    • Peter Zuccerberg

      I cant agree with you more. This is logic and common sense brother Yuri. Similar to you, at even a hint of saying something that goes against the Watchtower I notice a clannish behavior, they huddle together, point and stare etc.

      Is that rightousness?

      I feel some sincerely believe it is.

      But some like that are destined to wakeup.

      I agree it is strange behavior when you see them condemn pedophilia and pedophiles in general, or if they see a specific case in the news or know someone close personally affected by it. But I have noticed it all changes when it is against a JW or the Watchtower in general. Curious curious thing, denial is!

      Did not an example similar in the bible…I seem to have forgotten the details, so I will do my best to try to recall best I can.

      It was something to do with the tribe of Benjamin raped and killed a young girl. The other tribe, the name escapes me at the moment, asks a prophet to inquire of Jehovah will he be with them if they go to war with the tribe of Benjamin, Jehovah said yes.

      It was a horrible slaughter for the other tribe, repeatedly.

      If you know the recount, please let me know…there were other elements to it.

      Part of it appears that they lost because they were hypocrits…they just wanted to vent hatred for possibly other reasons, perhaps some sort of gratification for a long held hatred.

      Human nature guided by Satan is an ugly thing.

      • Yuri Fisher

        Hello Peter

        I completely agree with you. Human nature guided by Satan is an ugly thing. We see it everywhere. In politics commerce and religion. World did not change in those 2000 years after Bible was written. But specially ugly when the true religion is starting to be ugly. Just like Jewish religion after few years became ugly. After jews came into promised land. Event that you describe happened in time of Judges. In the final chapters of book of Judges. It was really ugly. Jews behaved like animals to each others. They forgot laws of Moses. True religion also can be very criel to it’s members. I can feel it in our congregations. Every one can see it. But no body wants to change it. They continue to be cruel to one they do not like. Even if this one is fellow believer like them. In our congregation elders have no feelings to others not their level. Jehovah and Jesus see it and the punishment is imminent. Just like some congregations in Greece in Revelation book first chapters.

        So keep serving Jehovah and may Jehovah give you wisdom to overcome troubles.



        • LW


          Had the apostles been around for Catholicism, Protestantism, Unitarianism, Mormonism, Islam or any of the many Cabbalist based cults like the Manicheans, Cathars, Bogomils, Puritans, or Quakers, Paul would have written new books of correction. Paul visited churches in Ephesus who worshipped a goddess named Diana (aka Artemis) so he wrote books of correction for them. He visited people who were easily led by false teachers so he wrote Corinthians. He visited with Jews who refused to abandon the old ways of Temple sacrifice and wrote Hebrews to correct them. He visited Romans who refused to abandon Jewish law and paganism so he wrote Romans to provide them the correct Christian path. He wrote Colossians and Thessalonians to be guides for Christian life and provide hope for His return. He wrote Galatians as a Declaration of Independence for Christians, and instructed them to scatter abroad and spread the word.

        • Srecko Sostar

          Hi Yuri!
          You used words “when the true religion is starting to be ugly”. Going back to WT history of doctrines it becomes questionable did WT was “true religion” in very starting days of their existence. Because they rejected much of their past doctrines replacing those “old truth” with “new truth”. Openly said, they rejected false doctrines with new false doctrines, and they doing that periodically.
          And many of today’s JW members became members in some period of WT never ending transitions in doctrines without real feelings and knowledge of what is going on inside WT religion when come to teachings. Because new member “drop” in that muddy river having no clue how water of that river was not been clear before him and is not clear now when he came in it. After some time he will be learned, teaches from platform of needing to accept something different than he learned in time of his “Bible study”-irony!
          Do you by word “religion” thinking about “organization, church with rules” or as “individual acceptance of worshiping God”?
          If you are JW member, as i concluded, than you believe that WT JWorg was “true religion” in some period of time. Can you, please, tell me when, according to your experience, feelings, WT was “true” and in what time point became “ugly”?
          Greetings 🙂

          • Yuri Fisher

            Hello Srecko

            I think JW are still represent the true religion because they woship the true God Jehovah. JW from the start put Jehovah as their God. True religion worships true God. But every religion have it’s errors. False religion completely in error. True religion have many errors but true foundation. Today no religion worship Jehovah 100 percent right. But the errors of true religion are very paiful to Jehovah and Jesus and us. Many come to JW seeking truth. What we get is half truth. Only after Jesus real coming all errors of true religion will be corrected. After Jesus cleans his people no errors will be allowed into true worship. All following wrong teaching even if they come from GB will be punished. We must then to separate ourselves from WT thinking and doing things. Today we are separated mentaly already. We cannot follow WT today completely.

            Warm Greetings to you too


  • Srecko Sostar

    Hi! As i can recall, in past few decades of reading WT publications, Wt magazines twice refereed in study articles with terminology; “collective” and “personal” responsibility. Interestingly, JW members as group have obligation to warning people outside congregation about all wicked teachings and doings of all other “false” churches, religions, politics, trade market system, entertainment industry etc. and against theirs members that is called by JW people as “worldly people”. Would you agree with me, how hypocritically this is, that people, in first place WT leaders because they have information from first hand, and than members (not all have access to such information, but according to their “personal responsibility” to the Truth, God, and neighbors they should make effort to searching, looking, questioning, investigating …. what is happening, and not to be blind and deaf purposely for “worldly” or “apostate”information ) who speaking only “language of truth” covering up all bad things inside JWorg?!

    Little about name JHVH. As Mr Geoffrey Jackson said in TV show, that Organization using Jehovah because that is most common in English language, and not doing so because that pronunciation is correct. Also GB member admitting that Yahweh is perhaps more correct name. Question of vowels, which one to put in consonants, and minimizing importance of that… puting “a” instead “e” is not big deal…. what is matter is to “speak at loud” divine name.
    BUT, I will give example, if you permit me, with my name Srećko, it is Croatian name, literally meaning “Lucky” or “Felix” :)))) Changing letter “E” to “A” in the name making meaning of it funny and little disparaging, derogatory meaning ( to describe that- perhaps as the thing that little birds kicked out of body after digestion, “a little poop”)
    Ok, now I make funny of my self :)))))))))) but do you see what is possibility is to making “funny” of God’s name???!!!

    • Burt Reynolds

      You are absolutely right Srecko, and I love your illustration of the bird. Very succinct but illustrative.

      • Srecko Sostar

        Thank you Burt!

    • Peter Zuccerberg

      You hit it right on the nail. Perfect explanation and comment on JW Watchtower hypocracy!

      How does the GB keep a straight face? I guess the worldly saying is true here, that birds of a feather flock together. They have no problem with it if they keep silent.

      If I am wrong, and I should shutup about the hypocracy and the pedophilia etc. then it is an honest mistake. If they know it is wrong, and turn a blind eye and do not speak up and alert others, then is that not a heavier judgment.

      I would rather be wrong with a good conscious, then wrong with a bad conscious because I know if wrong, Jehovah will correct me in a loving way, and if I respond immediately, he will bless that effort.

      My conscious tells me I, we are correct without a doubt.

      A lot of them clearly show body language of shame…but they seem to be ok with the shame and proceed immediately to continue the coverup and change the subject, which is what the Watchtower does exactly, continue this obvious and plain to see coverup. It would be hilarious if it was not so tragic!

      It is sociopathic behaviour, plane and simple. And I know about sociopaths because I have some sociopathic relatives…They can see what is wrong with you, they can see what is wrong with people around them, and the world, but they cannot see anything wrong with themselves. Period. They are perfect.

      When caught in a lie, they invent another lie to coverup the first lie. And when that lie is exposed, they invent another coverup lie. Finally, you show them a video or picture proving 100% of their lies, at that point I have noticed that they will either storm out of the room and avoid you, maybe permanently, or, invent another lie. Amazing!

      But you now have an enemy.

      • Srecko Sostar

        Thank you Peter!

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