As we near the end of the 2020 Service Year (September) there is no indication that Jehovah’s Witnesses will resume their public ministry any time soon, which has been suspended for nearly a half year now. Nor is there any apparent move to reopen the thousands of shuttered kingdom halls around the world.

This is especially odd given the fact that most churches in the United States are reopening following recommended safety guidelines. Given the extraordinary emphasis the Watchtower has placed on the importance of meeting attendance over the years it is astounding that Bethel seems content to pretend Zoom fulfills the mandate not to forsake meeting together, as some have the custom, but all the more so as you behold the day drawing near.

Even more astonishing, the worldwide work, the very reason for the existence of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, has been shut down, even though it is not mandated by the state either. Just think, Vladimir Putin liquidated the Watchtower throughout the Russian federation. He closed every kingdom hall and outlawed the preaching work —impacting maybe 200,000 of Jehovah’s Witnesses and interested persons. And now the Governing Body has pretty much done the same thing —only their decision has effected 8 million Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide and millions of others besides.

Suspending the house-to-house ministry is especially tragic now that millions of people that would ordinarily be at work or school are at home. And many folks are in desperate need of help. Alcohol and drug use are skyrocketing among the unemployed and shut-ins. There is great anxiety about the future. Suicides are on the rise. It is quite likely that some would be receptive to a visit by one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. 

But the Governing Body has declared that meeting together and going out in service is just too risky. In the JW Broadcast of Coronavirus Update #4 Anthony Morris acknowledged that even though the lockdown restrictions are being lifted by authorities he implied that it would be stupid and reckless for JW’s to put themselves at risk by going out in service or meeting together at the kingdom hall.

Just what are the risks in terms of numbers? According to this website worldwide there have been 19 COVID-related deaths per million —probably about the same odds as winning the million-dollar lotto. In the USA the ratio is somewhat greater —about 0.5% of the population has died from COVID. By comparison, about 0.1% die every year in automobile accidents. However, there are millions of people on the streets and freeways who routinely take the risk. Avoiding travel is not even a consideration.

But not all people face the same risk factor from COVID. Unlike the much more deadly Spanish Flu that struck down young adults in the prime of life, by far the elderly and those with underlying health issues are most affected by this particular virus. Obesity is also considered a co-morbidity. Young people are largely unaffected by the disease and if they do contract it they recover quickly.

So, why are all of Jehovah’s Witnesses disallowed from meetings and field service? Why not protect those most at risk and allow those least at risk to carry on? What risk is involved if young and healthy pioneers take up the cart work while wearing masks and perhaps surgical gloves? What is the risk of young and healthy people knocking on someone’s door? Parcel and food delivery services are thriving during the lockdown —apparently facing minimal risks as they interact with householders.

Besides, since when is taking a certain level of risk to serve God reckless and stupid? In the past, the Watchtower has lauded Christians who risked their lives in God’s service. For example, an article from a 2003 Watchtower pointed to the courageous Hebrew midwives who defied the order of Pharaoh as examples for Christian women today: 

Are there women like Shiphrah and Puah today? Yes, indeed! Each year, thousands of such women fearlessly preach the Bible’s life-saving message in lands where “the order of the king” forbids it, thus risking their freedom or even their life. (Hebrews 11:23; Acts 5:28, 29) Impelled by love of God and neighbor, such brave women allow no one to stop them from sharing the good news of God’s Kingdom with others. Consequently, many Christian women contend with opposition and persecution. As with Shiphrah and Puah, Jehovah is fully aware of the deeds of such excellent, courageous women, and he will demonstrate his love for them by preserving their names in his “book of life,” provided they endure faithfully to the end.

Jehovah’s Witnesses have always been impelled by the love of neighbor to make every effort to reach as many as possible with the life-saving message of the Bible. And many of Jehovah’s Witnesses have risked their lives preaching in crime-infested and war-torn territories and in lands where the work is banned. Now, though, according to Anthony Morris, love of neighbor is why Jehovah’s Witnesses are staying at home. Now, not preaching the life-saving message is considered life-saving. What a stunning reversal!

Anthony Morris commends Jehovah’s Witnesses for their obedience to the dictates of the Governing Body. But what about obedience to Christ? Here is what the Lord Jesus said to his disciples that puts things in perspective: “If anyone wants to come after me, let him disown himself and pick up his torture stake and keep following me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” — Matthew 16:25-26

Jesus took risks in his ministry. For instance, Jesus knew that the Pharisees were fanatics about keeping the Sabbath and they attached all sorts of unreasonable laws to it. Nevertheless, Jesus seemed to make it a point to heal and expel demons on the Sabbath and that drove the Jews into a murderous rage.

Paul certainly disowned himself and hoisted his torture stake in following Christ. In his 2nd letter to the Corinthians, the apostle enumerated all the dangers he faced in carrying out his ministry. It was unthinkable for him to shrink from facing the risks involved in his traveling ministry. Paul exhorted Timothy, and by extension every Christian, to “Preach the word; be at it urgently in favorable times and difficult times…” Can Jehovah’s Witnesses honestly claim to be preaching the word with urgency in these difficult times?


As Jehovah’s Witnesses know, recently the Governing Body adjusted their understanding of the prophecy of Daniel regarding the identity of the king of the north. Russia is now the king of the north. But not only that, the Watchtower has basically dissolved most of the activity associated with the king of the north. Incredibly, according to the adjusted understanding, there was neither a king of the north or south from the fourth century until Charles Taze Russell. Whatever. Be that as it may, what does the king of the north have to do with the ongoing global pandemic? Perhaps a great deal.

In reality, the British Empire is presently in the role of the king of the north. This was presented to the Governing Body in the first edition of Jehovah Has Become King (2005). London’s imperial power is largely expressed through its control of the global financial and monetary system, which operates secondarily through the political system. As to the modus operandi of the empire, the British orchestrated both world wars and London is the driving force behind terrorism. Terrorists are the empire’s new mercenaries. (See the Unauthorized Autobiography of George Bush)

Because China outgrew its assigned role in the globalists’ scheme as the workshop for the world and instead lifted hundreds of millions of Chinese up from poverty and began developing into a great nation, in many ways surpassing the West in technology, and through its Belt and Road program is lifting undeveloped nations up from their downtrodden condition imposed upon them by two centuries of European colonialism and IMF austerity, the empire has initiated an undeclared war upon both Russia and China.

It is a known fact that numerous nations have the capacity to manufacture various deadly biological agents. Although it cannot be proven at this time, given the great evils perpetrated by the British Empire down through the ages, including the totally unnecessary destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the atomic bomb as a step towards H.G. Wells’ Open Conspiracy to establish a world government, it is not at all unthinkable that the Anglo beast created the coronavirus and released it in China in order to drive a wedge between the budding alliance of President Trump and President Xi.

Although ridiculed by the mainstream press, which has revealed itself more and more to be an outlet for Anglo-American intelligence propaganda and a tool of psychological warfare specialists, President Trump initially suspected that the so-called deep state was responsible for the creation and release of coronavirus.

In context, it makes perfect sense. The British-orchestrated Russia-gate coup against Donald Trump failed. The impeachment plot failed too. Trump was dismantling the globalists’ setup. He ended the endless wars that were part of the British scheme to destabilize Asia and Africa. He broke up the terror networks his predecessor was using to overthrow the president of Syria. He reached out to Russia and China in cooperative relations. He undid numerous trade policies that undermined the United States. The empire was getting desperate. Trump has to be stopped. At the beginning of the crucial 2020 election cycle, Trump’s America was economically booming. Unemployment was at historic lows. Then the pandemic exploded out of its epicenter in Wuhan China and later the empire-sponsored anarchists, funded by George Soros, were unleashed in certain cities to create as much chaos as possible. 

It remains to be seen whether this will end the effort to make America great again, but given the relentless attacks against the current American president over the past four years —with British fingerprints all over the place —the timing of the pandemic is certainly suspicious and very convenient for Trump’s political enemies to use leading up to the election. As it stands, the presidential election may not even take place or the outcome may be contested or nullified. Whatever the outcome chaos is assured.  


It is against this backdrop that we now consider the Watchtower-ordered shutdown of the preaching and disciple-making work.

British Freemasonry is one of the arms of the empire which has been deployed to infiltrate and subvert institutions. From its beginning, the Watchtower has given evidence that it has been infiltrated by masons. (See article: The Grand Master Among Jehovah’s Witnesses) Given that the Christ-ordered preaching and disciple-making work has been effectively terminated —its cessation even perversely being presented as a life-saving endeavor and a demonstration of Christian love —it would seem that the prophecy is being fulfilled: “And those who act wickedly against the covenant, he (the king of the north) will lead into apostasy by means of smooth words.” — Daniel 11:32

The covenant that Jehovah established with “Israel,” mediated by Jesus Christ, requires all Christians to preach the good news. Paul said that with our mouths we make a public declaration for salvation. In other words, preaching is a life-saving work —our lives! No preaching — no salvation. What smooth words indeed, that it is too risky to preach God’s word out in the virus-infected world. It is simply too dangerous to stand on a street corner and offer passerby what used to be life-saving information. What smooth talkers who would have Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that not preaching is saving lives and is a supreme act of love! If we listen hard enough we might even hear the faint echo of that wily old reptile: Is it really so that God has said you must go out and preach?


It has been said that Adam and Eve were fruit thieves. They took something that belonged to God. They did so because they listened to Satan. Conversely, not giving something to God that is owed Him is just as bad. God considers it robbery. 

The third chapter of Malachi presents the coming of the messenger of the covenant, which is Jesus Christ. His coming is also known as the Second Coming. He is coming to judge those who are under the terms of the new covenant. As Malachi 3:5 states: “I will come near to you for judgment…”

Interestingly, when Christ came as the Messiah to the Jewish temple he quoted the prophecy of Jeremiah, condemning the Jews for turning his Father’s house into a cave of robbers. 

The prophecy goes on to relate a conversation between God and his wayward people. God says: For I am Jehovah; I do not change. And you are sons of Jacob; you have not yet come to your finish. From the days of your forefathers you have turned aside from my regulations and have not kept them. Return to me, and I will return to you…”

As we ought to know, the sons of Jacob is not a reference to the Jewish descendants of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, whose name was changed to Israel. The anointed apostle explained that the real offspring of Abraham are those who are called to be in union with Christ. According to the words above it is not a few individuals who have turned aside from Jehovah’s regulations. It is the entire organization. That is why the “nation” is implored to return to God.

The conversation now turns to “Jacob,” who says: “How are we supposed to return?” To which Jehovah responds: “Will a mere human rob God? But you are robbing me.”

Jacob retorts: “How have we robbed you?”

Jehovah explains: “In the tithes and in the contributions. You are certainly cursed, for you are robbing me—yes, the entire nation is doing so. Bring the entire tithe into the storehouse, so that there may be food in my house; and test me out, please, in this regard,” Jehovah of armies says, “to see whether I will not open to you the floodgates of the heavens and pour out on you a blessing until there is nothing lacking. And I will rebuke the devouring one for you, and it will not ruin the fruit of your land, nor will the vine in your field be fruitless,” says Jehovah of armies.

Neither Jesus nor his apostles established any sort of tithing as was required under the Mosaic Law. Again, the apostle Paul explained that the primary offerings of Christians are the fruit of lips. Jehovah’s Witnesses know this to be true. God requires that his people shine as illuminators in the world. That is our obligation. And now that the world is being enveloped in fear and foreboding, where are the illuminators? Sheltering in place? 

The prophecy of Daniel speaks of the “constant feature” —or as some translations say “the continual sacrifice” being removed by a fierce-looking king, who corresponds with the king of the north. The eighth chapter of Daniel indicates that God allows for the continual sacrifice to be removed because of transgression. Transgression on the part of whom? Not the fierce king. It is understood that he who tries to usurp the very Prince of princes is an enemy of God. No, the transgression is on the part of those who are attendants in the sanctuary that is thrown down.

The prophecy of Joel goes into much more detail as to how “the northerner” destroys the worldwide harvest. Most notably, in the verse quoted above in Malachi Jehovah said he would rebuke the devouring one, which the footnote explains that the devouring one is in reference to an insect plague.

Tying the prophecies together, God allows the beast to devour his organization because of their transgression because they have not followed his regulations —because those acting wickedly against the covenant have been misled into apostasy and have robbed God of what belongs to him. Even if the preaching work and meeting together were banned globally, as it soon will be, God still expects his people to give him the praise that belongs to Him. Otherwise, we will be partners with the robbers. 

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