Thursday, October 15

All Scripture is inspired of God and beneficial.2 Tim. 3:16.

By skillful use of God’s inspired Word in our ministry, we give others the opportunity to gain everlasting life. To help us in this work, each of us relies on yet another provision from Jehovah—his holy spirit.  What an honor it is to share in this work to the praise of our Father and Provider! In view of all that God has provided, we do well to ask ourselves: ‘Am I doing all I can in my ministry to show Jehovah the depth of my appreciation for his provisions? In what ways can I improve and become a more effective preacher of the good news?’ We can demonstrate our gratitude for God’s wonderful provisions by keeping Kingdom interests first in our lives. If we do so, Jehovah will see to it that our needs are cared for.  Because of God’s love, we surely want to do as much as we can to please him and make his heart rejoice.


The preaching work is really what defines Jehovah’s Witnesses. It is the reason for the existence of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. From the very beginning the Watchtower began recruiting “colporteurs” to carry the message published by C.T. Russell.

Now over a million pioneers are in the forefront of the worldwide work. God’s spirit has always moved those who wish to obey Christ.

Some of Jehovah’s Witnesses have expressed reluctance to continue on preaching knowing the truth about 1914. But, here is something to consider: If God allows a “deluding influence” to exist in order to test our love of the truth when the time comes, and yet Christ still uses his ministers who are under the delusion to accomplish the greatest evangelizing work the world has ever known, who are we to object?

Did not Jesus say that “whoever does not gather with me scatters”?

However, the day will come when the preaching work will suddenly end. Then what? The book of Joel explains.